I ate taco stand. Burrito and quesadilla. And a Diet Coke. I’ll probably go back to whole 30-ness after my little dalliance. 

Alternative Facts

So we are a few days in to Trump’s presidency and we are learning all sorts of things like there being such a thing as alternative facts. Those could have come in handy if they had existed before now. I don’t have any real comments other than the next few years are gonna be rough. 

In whole 30 news, we are finishing day 22. Home stretch. 

Whole 30 Day 20

Just checking in. Today is Inauguration Day. Whole 30 hasn’t killed us yet. 10 more days and then we’ll assess the situation.

Still doing this thing.

I’m not really craving things so I almost wonder if I’m doing it wrong. I’ve adjusted to gross black coffee and cooking is fine. I still don’t have lunches down yet but I’m working on it.

We had this for breakfast:


Sweet potato tuna thing, eggs, guac, salsa. It was good.

Whole 30 – Day 8

It’s actually fine. I don’t really enjoy black coffee as much as my usual (half and half, two splendas) but it is tolerable. We’ve eaten lots of sweet potatoes, salads, chicken, etc. I’ve been using the instant pot a lot. We took a zuppa toscana soup over the Jocelyn’s last night and played Sequence.

We had a “snow day” yesterday. Luckily, we all survived.

I hope we can get down our driveway in all the snow!

Survived 2016

This was supposed to publish on the first:

Unlike many celebrities, we survived 2016 intact. Today is Day Two of the Whole 30 and other things are going OK so far.

We ran a race then watched some EastEnders and the third Divergent movie (don’t bother).

We had breakfast at Mama’s Boy yesterday which marks the 10th New Year’s that we’ve seen Tera and Jocelyn on New Year’s Day.

Bread and Milk???

Snow’s coming. We can’t eat bread or milk until February. Do we buy it anyway just because it feels wrong not to?

Aminos and George Michael

I don’t even know what a coconut amino is but I’m on the hunt for some! Tweet me if you know where to buy a bottle in Athens.

Chipotle for lunch. I had the carnitas salad instead of steak because I wouldn’t want to get any RICE BRAN OIL in my body or anything. That stuff will kill you (or do absolutely nothing different to you, the jury is still out). I felt crappy yesterday but feel better today. The gym was harder last night than usual so I might skip that tonight.

I’m listening to the George Michael Tribute Station on Sirius XM (Beth got it in her new car and so I can listen online now). I made a “Careless Whispers” a few years ago so I’ll post this here as my George tribute.

Well, I’ll post these also because Heather’s love for George Michael was a favorite bit of mine on EastEnders.

Outside vs Inside

Outside the door of my office :

Inside my office :

I have warned everyone in my office that I will probably be grumpy for a while. So, pretty much nothing will be different.