Orange Food Day

I’m eating lunch at my desk, pepper soup and pimento cheese on french bread. I’m listening to the Range, wearing my super soft self-made shrug, and it is Friday. Life is good.
So what is there to do tonight? Chip, don’t reorganize your house today–the dust will just make you sneezier. Instead do something fun with me! What? I dunno. But it’ll be so fun you’ll want to blog about it!
Tomorrow I’m going to house hunt, then I get to go to a potluck. YAY!
Work has been great this week. I’m really glad to be back, and the things I didn’t like before are all fixed/gone. Everybody here is so fun, and I get to play with books. And I’m famous: scroll down on the site to see my name on the Internet! Which reminds me, to add to my “famous” people whose writing I’ve edited, I edited a brief piece by Sarah Vowell about how people compare themselves to Rosa Parks inappropriately all the time. Apparently she does a show on NPR, but of course I know her from her visits on The Daily Show.
Instead of finishing the numerous knitting projects sitting in my room (baby bonnet, red cabled child’s sweater, Elisabeth Lavold Viking for me) I have started yet another. This one is a knitted dress and purse for a little girl. I’m making one-year-old size so it will fit my cousin’s daughter next spring, and hopefully I’ll be done by then. It is so cute, and the yarn is luxuriously soft between my fingers, baby cashmerino, and lavender. Yarn so good.
Learned that Jo here at the Press actually teaches knitting sometimes, and Kathi also has knit in the past and used to spin and dye wool. I’m foreseeing a Press Fiber Guild . . .

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3 Responses to Orange Food Day

  1. chip woods says:

    I love me some Sarah Vowell.

  2. Bon says:

    Loves me an orange food day. It’s so Courtney!
    And Sarah Vowell does rock. Very cool.
    Glad you’re loving your job.

  3. sm00bs says:

    I absolutely love Sarah Vowell. Check her out in Gigantic. I never knew she was on The Daily Show but then again I never watched it much. I have heard her on NPR, though.I’m so glad you’ve found some fiber fans at work. I couldn’t be more jealous right now. All the people at work think I’m some old fuddy duddy for knitting. Feh. What do they know? They all sit at home drinking soda and playing video games (and they’re not children!).

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