The Best Weekend Since Last Weekend

It’s so nice to have a life again, although the fun is a bit of a shock, a little overwhelming. First, Friday after work Chip and I were Clocked. I then got tired from stuffing myself with so much food and promptly went home and to sleep. Not quite the exciting evening I promised Chip, but it was fun and delicious for me.
Saturday I got to look at a house and had fun doing it. It needs probably $25,000 worth of work, and yet designing new rooms and painting lots of rooms beautiful colors and relandscaping a yard deeply appeals to me. I will probably want to move out once I get it all perfect, start another, like I have in my last two houses. Anyway, it looks okay from far away:
Hart 005.jpg
This is kinda dark, but here’s my Realtor-Momma and friend Lanier looking at a bad crack all along the ceiling, from one end of the house to another. Nice arch though. I’ve always liked arches.
Hart 008.jpg
I treated them and my dad, who also helped, to Cracker Barrel as thanks, then we went to Home Depot and looked at cabinets. They have amazing software to design your kitchen. I would love to have it myself, to just play with. Anyway, my redesigned kitchen of a house I may not get was pretty great considering a slightly awkward space and the fact (which I definitely don’t like) the washer and dryer have to fit in the kitchen too, if I’m going to have them.
It was fun hearing Lanier and my folks talk about how Athens was when they were in college and since. Like King Avenue didn’t run into Prince. It deadended into Cobb, which ran into Prince, across what is now the hospital parking lot. Also, Lanier explained what most of the stuff hanging from the ceiling at the Cracker Barrel was and what it was used for. One was something you’d poke in the ground, then you’d drop a tomato plant through a shoot, then release water from another shoot, then you remove the device and tamp with your foot and plant the next one.
After the house planning excitement I went to a potluck at Jenny’s. Yum! And fun fun people. My face hurt from laughing all night. I overheard Anne Marie talking about taking a beginning class at Canopy, and I have been thinking about this too, so at risk of becoming nicknamed “Tagalong Courtney,” I asked if she’d mind if I join her and Carrie. Then at least four of our knitting group can trapeze. (MJ teaches even!) I signed up via email when I got home. And my nickname for now is Cheap Date.
Also, while listening to all those computer/web-savvy people, I learned that people with web sites can look up how people have searched for them and found them through search engines. It kinda freaked me out. I will be very careful how I phrase my Google searches from now on.
Today I went to a baby shower for my friends Clark and Janet. Jenny (Thomas) Baine and Shannon Emond threw it at Jenny’s house (which was her parents’ house) and it was a gala event. Amazing gourmet food, beautiful decor, flowers, diaper cake, string of sweet blue baby clothes, fun people, adorable baby gadgets. I hope to get together with that crowd more.
Chocolate Cigars.jpg
Now the plan is have Momma-Realtor write up an offer on the house while I make potato leek spinach soup, then help my mother-in-law with her printer if I can, and knit the night away.

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2 Responses to The Best Weekend Since Last Weekend

  1. carrieoke says:

    Hi Cheap Date Courtney,
    I love the title of this post. And that house is so, so cute. And I can’t wait for trapeze!!!! YAY!

  2. courtney says:

    Well drat. The trapeze class is full. Going to go up anyway in case someone doesn’t show and I can steal their spot. Wah!

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