Nothing to Do at Work This Morning

Wow, trapeze is fun. It’s like swinging on a swingset as a child, but ramp it up several degrees. My hands are raw and my feet don’t like me standing on the bar and I barely have the strength to pull myself up (very ungracefully at that), but that should improve with time. I’m so glad I was let in, because it is more fun with Carrie and Anne Marie and Leslie there too. Also met some new girls who are really nice and interesting, and spied MJ and Allison Ohl there too. Canopy is the place to be.
I called the local CASA chapter yesterday and am going to get training in October. Anybody else interested? It takes about forty hours of training (thirty in actual training, ten observing court cases), then about two hours a week, and they try to accommodate work schedules. You basically stand in at court as an advocate for abused or neglected children. Beforehand you talk to them and doctors and such and learn what is best for the children, then stand in for them in court, being their adult voice, representing solely their best interests. I am really looking forward to this–I’ve been meaning to do it for ages.
I am totally snazzy looking today. This is quite out of character, but I had help from my friend Diane. She helped me pick out this hot pink cardigan with covered buttons and three-quarter sleeves marked down to nothing at Anne Taylor’s. She also taught me it is okay to wear hot pink with pale pink. So I have on a pale pink shirt, this hot pink sweater (the snazz), black slacks, black shoes, hot pink toenails, and green amber jewelry. Thanks, Diane!
I am very shocked and excited by Chip’s surprise visitor. Welcome, Tessa! Y’all have fun (you probably hadn’t thought of that before I suggested it).
No word yet on my house offer, which was supposed to be answered by last night, but the seller is traveling and the selling agent usually does commercial and isn’t really involved. We’ll see . . .

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2 Responses to Nothing to Do at Work This Morning

  1. carrieoke says:

    I am so, so excited about trapeze. You are such a natural! We will have to do a performance art show where we knit as we swing around. Har.
    Crossing my fingers about the house…

  2. Stephanie H. says:

    Ooh, trapeze sounds like fun! Am I starting to regret not joining the cult? Maybe…
    I actually went to the first CASA training session last year, but realized that there was no way I could work the training program into my schedule. I still hope to do it someday though. Seems very worthwhile.
    Good luck with the house!

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