The King Lives

In topiary form. If you’re in Athens and want to see him in person, stop by Charmar Gifts and Flowers on Gaines School Road.
And while I’m posting pictures, here’s a bug outside my window at work. The other day one of the lizards managed to get inside. I caught him in a cup and got him outside where now he’s probably freezing but at least not dying from insect poison.
And here is that gorgeous scarf my friend Diane made for me. The picture doesn’t do it justice.
Tonight I went with Chip and Sean to see Jenny’s production of Into the Woods, and it was really fantastic. The costumes and set were amazing, and the students were very talented under her skilled direction. It’s showing tomorrow and Saturday too. Tomorrow I hope to go mechanical bull riding. Or to a piano concert. Or stay home and knit bundled in cozy blankets.

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