Birthday Plans

Y’all are invited to join the celebration of my birth, this year observed on Friday, February 17. Here’s the plan:
6:00ish. Meet at my house, 140 Hart Avenue, for snacks to sustain us until a late supper.
7:00. Arrive at Skate-A-Round USA (near the East-side Lowe’s) at opening time for skating/falling, your choice ($4 to get in plus $1 for skate rental).
8:30 or so. Supper, place TBD, but TransMet has been suggested as a possibility.
After supper. ???
Bring friends and family too–the more to honor and appreciate my existence, the better! Send the invite around to people I forgot or don’t have addresses for. Help me get the word out.
You can join in on any or all of the portions of the party. I will need a head count for supper, so if you would like to join us for that, please RSVP to me. Then I’ll make arrangements and pass on the word on where to go. If you can think of a better place than TransMet, let me know–I’m open to suggestions.
No gifts, other than your presence, and paying your own way for skating and supper.

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  1. Bon says:

    So wish I could be there! Congrats and happy happy happy birthday, darlin’!

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