Happy Birthday to Me–Day 1

My birthday party last night was so much fun, the best birthday I’ve had in years. First, I got to go roller-skating. Here I am posed on the other side of the wall where I broke my front tooth at age six (before they put on the lovely carpeting).
Lots of folks braved the frightening throng of middle-schoolers in full heat to skate with me–Jenny, Sean, Alison, Jennifer and Liana, Kate, and Chip and Beth:
Then off to Transmetropolitan, where Sarah, Emily, and Stacey joined us, and my amazing friends surprised me with a chocolate chocolate heaven cake, balloons, and my own birthday tiara. I was moved to tears.
Alison and me
Sarah and me
Jenny has fun with birthday hats
Beth and Kate are shocked and amused at Chip without his birthday hat on
Jenny and Alison are photogenic even in silly pointy hats
As are Chip and Beth
This cake was divine. Chocolate inside and out, gooey sugary goodness. I wonder how my friends knew I would love something chocolatey?
We left Transmet and reconvened at my house for Balderdash. Stacey brought Edgar, the cutest puppy I have ever seen, and he was passed around to love on everyone.

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5 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me–Day 1

  1. Bon says:

    Precious!! What a wonderful birthday blast! Great photos too!
    Continued love and best wishes for your b’day weekend!

  2. Sheni Fonler says:

    It was fun, fun, night!! That dog is possibly the cutest dog ever!!

  3. Sheni Fonler says:

    Opps, that was me (jenny) in the previous post on Shawn’s computer 🙂

  4. sm00bs says:

    Yay! Hippie Birdies, Courtney. It looks like you guys had an excellent time!

  5. Anne Marie says:

    That cake looks insanely delicious! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday, I think you should wear your tiara everyday! If you don’t, can I borrow it?

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