Chili and Willie

So a while back, Jane Kobres, a good friend at work, heard Willie Nelson was coming to Atlanta and was organizing a group of us to go see him. But when we finally got organized and called, tickets were sold out. So I offered to have a Willie Nelson concert at my house. We watched Willie “live” on DVD and ate three different kinds of chili. It was a terrific time.
Marshall and the Bandito with a heart of gold and who is a master at cornbread muffins
Pat–ahem, I mean El Bandito–brought the sombrero with the muffins
The fabulous Anne Marie came! Here she is in her recently finished “Sweaty” sweater. Gorgeous!
The fabulous cohostess is pictured in the middle of the sofa, next to Edgar.
The puppies were the stars of the show. Edgar and Putter flank Alison.
Edgar and Marshall tussle, while Jane looks on.
Emily loves Edgar
I’ve been puppy sitting since mid-day yesterday, and adorable as Edgar is, my status as a non-dog person is reconfirmed. I like him except when he pees and poops in my house and when I have to stay with him all the time or he cries and when I want to sleep but he wants to bark. Luckily, it was sunshiney today, so he kept me company while I worked in the back yard, which is now substantially less leaf covered. He’s sleeping in my lap right now. He’s pretty cute. But I’ll be glad to give him back to Stacey. Soon. Please.

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