Sunny Day

It’s fun to see the bulbs coming up in my yard, discovering where and what they are. They’re everywhere. Here’s a gorgeous crocus.
And a daffodil.
There were a couple of hawks screaming overhead. If you blow this picture up and look closely, you can see one perched.
I cut my lawn this afternoon with this lawnmower, rusty and dull and all. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked pretty well, was quiet, required no gas. It was left at the house by the estate of the previous owner, along with an antique wheelbarrow, the family Bible, and lots of family photos.
I also raked my backyard, and threw away a lot of junk that had been piled out there, including an old toilet seat. Still a ways to go–one day I need to tackle the storage shed–but it’s a great improvement. I can’t wait to start planting flowers, maybe even vegetables out there!
Tonight, after Edgar went home, I made macaroni and cheese from the Grit cookbook, and I must say, it is awesome. Better than any I’ve had at the Grit. And it’s yellow, so it matches the daffodil and crocus, but I didn’t eat those.

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  1. Bon says:

    Gorgeous! I want yellow flowers!

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