Weekend So Far

My friend Sarah and I went to see a play at the university Friday night, Polaroid Stories. I liked it, because it was takes of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and boy do I loves me some metamorphoses. The performances of Narcissus and Echo were particularly funny and sad and moving. My one criticism: they could do without the pasties. Either go with nudity or leave a bra on. The pasties were so fabulously distracting–why would a junkie on the street who is barely dressed and barely alive have perfectly placed pasties on under her bra and top?
A guy with blonde dreadlocks sitting next to Sarah made loud phlegm-clearing noises throughout, mostly during the most dramatic or quiet moments on stage. It was so distracting, I thought for a minute he was part of the cast placed in the audience, maybe playing Snot, the god of throat-clearing and obnoxiousness. Lucky for us, he left during intermission.
Today Alison and I volunteered at Hands-On Athens and worked at a house off of Peter Street. We scraped and primed some outside areas, very high up on ladders.
There were really neat people volunteering at that house–the guy in charge, Pete, had done all the painting of the T. R. R. Cobb house, which was moved here from somewhere or another, should be open to the public this winter. He said a lot of the wood in the house was from trees extinct now, longleaf yellow pine, or some such. A couple of other guys there had done a lot of carpentry work on the Cobb house. I wished we’d had more time to chat, but we were hard at work.
The children that lived in the house kept us entertained–they were all adorable. The two older girls were completely freaked out by the carpenter bees, which were everywhere, confused and desperate, due to the fact their hole homes had been pulled down, but the girls wanted to be outside where all the volunteers were. Two asked me and Alison to be their mentors, and I think I will look into it, though I can’t imagine I’m really mentor material. We’ll see if the school will allow it, and if it’s something a gal can do when she works full time.
Then tonight I went out with Chip and later met up with Kate, and we did some heavy-duty spying. While at Flicker, Chip said, “Who is that singing?” And we stopped and realized Vic Chesnutt was playing in the half of the bar closed off by the curtain. Some of the REM guys came by and went in too. We sat outside and listened for free. There were three people in black berets standing in front of the bar smoking.
We tried to go to Moxie to buy artsy stuff and to hear a friend’s brother’s band, but the Moxie people packed all their wares up early, and we didn’t want to interrupt the band, so we went to the Manhattan. We had a lovely time then went home. Tomorrow . . . STEPHANIE! Hooray! And also, possibly appearances by Alex and the Jameses.

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    Black berets? Really? I would have like to have seen that. Did they know each other or was it a coincidence?

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