No Pictures

I visited Stephanie and Alex this Sunday and had a wonderful time, but in my joy and amazement at the gorgeousness of their home, I completely forgot to take pictures. Phooey. Well, you’ll just have to take my word for it: WOW.
I’m sad to say I just missed Stephanie and Dixon, who arrived later, but Stephanie told me later that they all sat around for a good long while trying to think of guys to set me up with. I’m touched, and grateful. As I told Stephanie, it takes a village–or really, series of villages–to find Courtney a date.
(So it occurs to me, while writing that last paragraph, that Stephanie and Stephanie need new nicknames to distinguish them. They both live on the East Coast now, so that is out. Of course, I could just use their last names, but what fun is that. Any suggestions?)
After I left Stephanie’s, I went to a writing group. I am very excited to report that I have indeed now written a story. It’s a trite, cliche story, but it actually fits (for the most part) story form. Hallelu! I can do it! Now I’m going to put away Crystal for a while and work on a story in Neil’s voice. Unfortunately, it’s turned out he is an alcoholic, so I have to try and think that way for a while, and amazingly, I’ve forgotten most of everything I read in the past few years, since I haven’t thought about it all that much in the last year. I ordered this book, which I’d bought and read before and found infinitely helpful in understanding how addiction is a disease and how it slowly consumes a person. Ordered this book too, since maybe it will help me get in Neil’s head. I also ordered a best of Van Morrison CD, since the addict once in my life lost or scratched my CDs to heck.
Alison and I are planning a fabulous vacation to St. George Island in August. More information once we settle on a time and house. Y’all are invited to join us!

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    A guy asked me out at the dog park yesterday. He was short, but seemed to be gainfully employed. Wanna borrow Petey?

  2. chip woods says:

    I prefer either Baby Genius Stephanie or Next Door Stephanie even though the latter doesn’t really apply any longer.

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