That and a Couple Bucks Will Buy You a Cup of Coffee

So today I ventured into Park Hall again and sat on a panel of professionals with English degrees. We spoke to seniors in the English Department about how we got our jobs, gave them pointers, and tried to give them hope that an English degree isn’t useless in the job market. All of the members on the panel were fascinating and informative, except me, because I have NO ability to speak in front of more than two or three people. Even then, y’all know, I stutter and wander strange tangents, always forgetting my point. I actually believe maybe I had a stroke some years back, perhaps trying to overstuff my brain in grad school, because I wasn’t always this crazy, but I definitely am now, all the time. Eh, I manage, and my friends are kind enough to tolerate me. Anyway, the kids were kind, and I think I conveyed some useful information afterwards when I spoke to smaller groups.
But mostly though, I loved what everyone else on the panel does! The reference librarian at UGA who also gets to pick the humanities books to add to the stacks–I think I’m most jealous of her job. Also, the copy chief at Southern Living! She was such a nice person and interesting speaker. Another very young woman has had great luck at a magazine based in Atlanta called Pink, which may be featured on Oprah one of these days. There was a PR person for the city, and a career counselor. Very interesting. Plus: Presents!
Yes, there’s Bulldog Blend coffee in that gorgeous red mug.
Mmmm, lemon-basil shrimp salad.
Got to spend suppertime with more fascinating women (and one fascinating but tired fella): Anne Marie invited some of us to dinner to sample her fabulous cuisine. I hope she and Carrie will post their pictures of Anne Marie’s finished sweater. Another pattern I want to steal and try, and yet, when?
Anybody got plans tomorrow night? I don’t have time for a lot, but would love to visit with folks. I’ll bring my new presents, if that would help.

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4 Responses to That and a Couple Bucks Will Buy You a Cup of Coffee

  1. carrieoke says:

    YOU ROCKED IT. Seriously.
    And also, I totally should’ve heeded your warning about the Claritin. hihihihihi it’s 2am and I’m upupupup!

  2. Bon says:

    I bet you did GREAT!

  3. Stephanie H. says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about–I’ve never heard you stutter in front of groups of any size–you’re one of the most poised people I know!

  4. Anne Marie says:

    If Carrie says you were fabulous, you were fabulous.
    Period. (Both of thoses sentences are redundant)

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