Elvis Has Outgrown the Building

Okay, not really, but he is getting quite shaggy.
Here he is in his younger days.
Went to the Albert Goldbarth poetry reading tonight, and it was very engaging. I only wished it lasted longer. I love how he mixes scientific and supernatural and divine references. Tasty World was kinda a weird venue for verse, but it worked. Spied several of my coworkers, the Georgia Review folks, Coleman Barks, Judy Long, and lots of freshman English students in need of extra credit. And Shawn was there, much to my surprise, since I don’t keep up with my blog reading. Afterwards he and I had a lot of fun talking about writing and astrological signs and he gave me relationship advice (in case I ever have one again). He made predictions of the signs of fellows I would do well to date, and fortunatley the net is wide, so I’ll keep that in mind.
Saw a couple of good movies lately. Saw Love Liza a week or two ago. Sad but moving and sometimes quite odd. I’ve been self-conscious about buying gasoline ever since. Then Saturday night I skipped the square dancing and stayed in to watch Rashomon. Definitely worth watching. Very evocative scenery and shots, especially for its time. And it tells one story many different ways, so you’re left unsure of just what happened. My favorite kind of movie.

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4 Responses to Elvis Has Outgrown the Building

  1. Bon says:

    Wow! Those photos are cooooooool.

  2. Sheni Fonler says:

    That topiary is brilliant. It’s a living, evolving Elvis that actually mimics his life. I beleive this stage is early 70s Elvis. Not yet disgustingly fat, but getting there. I can’t wait until June

  3. Anne Marie says:

    Is Elvis for sale? ‘Cause I want that thing for my lawn.
    I loved both of those movies too…but especially Love Liza, it made me cry like a baby.
    It made me seld-conscious about sitting around in my underwear.

  4. Bon says:

    Saw this and thought of you. *giggle*
    Would you EVER wear that? Or knit it as a gag?

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