To Do List

There are many fun things I need to do. Going to make a list so I don’t forget them all.
Aquarium. Hope to plan an outing to visit Stephanie and Alex in Atlanta and see the new Aquarium.
Knitted Motorcycle. Go to the Georgia Museum of Art to see a knitted motorcycle as suggested by coworker Pat and friend Will Turner of New York.
Twilight Criterium. That’s all weekend. Lara mentioned having a connection through her friend Beverly to meeting some cyclists afterward (or bicyclists as I like to call them, because I like to sound like an idiot). Sounds like Anne Marie has connections now too. I haven’t been to Twilight in years and years. In fact, I think I stopped going when they stopped allowing open containers outside.
Garage Sale. So it’s not exactly fun, but it will be fun if I can get rid of some junk. At least part of my back lawn is cleared now, though it’s still pretty trashy. Someday . . .
Knitting. Need to plan to have it at my house sometime next week.
Biscuit Baking Lessons. My friend Jane offered to teach a bunch of us to bake the perfect biscuit, including making our own baking powder, and I offered my kitchen. Just got to find a Saturday when we are all free.
I know there’s lots more–I already forgot. I want to watch a bunch of movies and read a bunch of screenplays too. I’m hoping to try and write a screenplay, just as an exercise, so I can learn how to make stuff happen in my stories. I hope I will magically come up with something for Alex, since he’s been asking me to write a screenplay for years. I will try!

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3 Responses to To Do List

  1. Not to be nitpicky, but Will’s last name is Turnage. Not Turner. Will’s brother, M. Robert Turnage, happened to marry a lovely woman with the last name of Turner, but this didn’t automatically mean Will adopted his sister-in-law’s name.

    Turnage is a British word meaning “cliffs overlooking the water.” This means that the ancient Turnages were either a fishing people, a farming people who liked watching livestock fall a great distance into a large body of water (no doubt a Turnage thought up the idea of the diving pig), or some strange combination of the above. Although one shouldn’t assume the sole responsibilty for a cultural archetype, I am certain the demise of generic action movie villians by falling to certain death from a frightening height
    is a mark on the cultural landscape that was no doubt initiated by a Turnage somewhere, for falling from a height was a common way for ancient Turnages to dispatch their foes, who were affectionately referred to as “The Boogerbreaths.”

    Having said all this, it is perfectly ok not to name a Turnage a Turnage. Many people, including the person from the state issuing the marriage liscence, think Turner and Turnage are one and the same. Since we are not an arguing people, we just let bygones be bygones, limiting our family pride to only the occasional blog comment.

  2. courtney says:

    And I tried to correct that immediately–I noticed the typo right after I posted. Phooey. Sometimes MT shows I’ve made a correction but it doesn’t show up. I rebuilt my site and everything. Oh well. Sorry Will!

  3. wubbahed says:

    It’s okay, sometimes I don’t mind being Will Turner. In fact, you can click here to see a picture of me with Elizabeth Swann, the love of my life.

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