Home Again

I was away from the internet for a while. Sometimes it was hard. But mostly, it was kind of nice to have a break. I am toying with the idea of not going back to Facebook. But then just now I spent thirty minutes on it. We’ll see.
Here’s some stuff I saw in California.
Coit tower.
Coit tower at night
Seals at Sea Ranch
And some really great art made from junk. On Florence Avenue in Sebastopol, an artist’s works are on display in his yard and neighbors’. I love the cow’s bell here–a rusted Prince Albert can.
A man and his dog and his cow in his truck
I also loved these kitties by the milkman.
Detail of kitties by milkman
Dinosaur in the artist's yard
Waitress, with forks.
Waitress, up close
And Batman! His utility belt includes a toaster.
There were lots more, but those are the main pictures I got. I also got to see the San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker and Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo, and I got to eat at the Slanted Door (where the waiters were gossiping about the fact Justin Timberlake was there that night) and Madrona Manor (where the food was divine and we got to dance in the new year after the decadent dinner), and a dim sum place twice, a Professor’s family tradition. I also did a lot of sleeping and some knitting and some editing, and Sprout did some growing.

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