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March 24, 1999


I think I'm stuck. I love my life, acting class is phenomenal, work is great, social life is booming, and I'm stuck. What's up with that? I'm not sure. I know that I have some major fear to get past, regarding living my life in weights at which hard things happened to me in the past. My theory is, when you lose weight, you go through the emotions that you used food to cover up when you were going in the other direction. So, I have to be "out" about my long-hidden issues regarding my body, men, sex, and my happiness. This is getting tough... but it's a very rewarding process.

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March 18, 1999


Soon, soon, soon... Daylight Saving's Time begins! That means, I can come home from work, go jog, and still shower, have dinner, watch a little TV, and hit the sheets a few hours before going to work again. Yea!! I miss my daily OUTSIDE exercise.

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March 11, 1999

Geneen Roth

It's now time to deal with the much harder part of losing weight: the emotional issues. I attended a Geneen Roth workshop this weekend. The issues are TRUST and PRESENCE. That's the goal now... trust the process, and stay present in the moment... live life NOW. Not in ten pounds.

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March 1, 1999

Size 12

Well, I'm sitting here in my size 12 Gap jeans (a gift I'd promised to myself once I hit the 160s), a very happy girl. The weight loss has slowed down since hitting the half-way mark, but it's still happening.

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