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December 12, 2000

Thank You, Everyone!

I really do appreciate all of the warm posts and emails you've sent. This is tough, of course, but it should end quickly, as her cancer is very far along. I've told Mom that people who don't know her are sending thoughts and prayers from LA and she says that makes her happy. Not only because it energizes her, but because it give her an indication of the types of people I've surrounded myself with "out in LA, so far away". There is so much that makes this difficult - but it is such a blessing that Mom has never once, for a moment, doubted how much she is loved. It's not like I have a list of things to say to her before she goes. My only task is to hold her hand (and all the things for which that's a metaphor).

Again, thank you all for everything. I'm coming back to LA next week and will take you up on your offers of "distractions" (ala movies, coffees, walks, hugs). Meanwhile, thanks for being a community I can "check in" with from Atlanta. It helps more than you know. XXOO

Posted by bonnie at 4:51 AM

December 11, 2000

From N. Barry Carver

Swords Are Tempered Slowly
- For My Friend Bonnie, with my prayers.

(Any blade can stab you
Cause damage, give pain,
But the one your trials makes you
Can withstand awful strain.)

The forge is a taste of Hell
Hot sparks, deep burn,
But that lurid cauldron's metal
Is stable, solid, stern.

When returned to water
Sputtering, acrid steam,
Quickly calmed down to murmur -
Then the blast of Hell again.

The anvil tests it further
Crushing, claxon ring,
Beaten into shaped surrender -
Deadly hot and sharpening.

When the trials all give way
Great pressure, bright fire,
A sword is made by close of day:
Deadly tool but purposed higher.

All unneeded torn away,
Charred and wrenched from mire,
Torturous pain tempers a blade,
Gives a resolve, which we admire.

(Hot, bitter tears you've paid,
Suffered unfocusable ire... but,
Hurts and sorrows on us laid
Make us worthy to inspire.)

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December 10, 2000

Good News/Bad News

Hi Gang, I'm really proud of my cast for "The Female Perspective" over at The Next Stage. Here is a link to our first review (two more due out at week's end). The show is on through December 16th and we'll work on putting it up again soon thereafter, if at all possible.

This good review and the strength of the cast helps me briefly feel relief from from the emotion of seeing my mother suffer. Thank you to all of you who helped me execute a speedy departure from LA and let the "show go on" and kick ass to boot. Things are grim here in Atlanta. Please keep those prayers coming.

Posted by bonnie at 10:20 PM