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January 31, 2002

Could someone...

post the recipe for yeast gravy until I get my Grit cookbook?

Posted by bonnie at 9:54 PM

Okay, the brilliance...

was something like this:

Chip - the Chiplist entered my life at a time when I couldn't handle that kind of volume. Hell, I couldn't even get out of bed. Do this: go to Somesuch-Whatnot using the webbased option and only read my posts, they're the only ones that matter. That'll get you all set for the volume.

Yes, I'm completely jealous that you got to hang out with our kids. I am terribly nostalgic.

Yes, you need at least two rooms, as the bathroom is no good place for a self-respecting comic book collection. You will only find a place like that in your price range if you buy a building downtown and rent to yourself. It's just too prime, that real estate.

Why why why why cannot Blogger recognize that I want to stay logged in and what the eff is that box for that says "remember me" if it's just false advertising anyway? But I'm pouting at Blogger until they give me back that 1/2 hour I spent being brilliant.

You can buy my fiancé a gift certificate if it's something that will help lower his heartrate if he gets cast on The Chair. We need that $200k. BTW, if anyone wants to buy a house in Grand Rapids, MI, that's totally cyber-ready and on an 18-hole golf course, be sure to let me know.

Susan - I am sorry I referred to your Bennie as if he were Tina's Bennie. It won't happen again. Oh, and 90210 dreams are so not lame! FX has been my friend these past two days, as Brenda has been arrested for breaking into the animal lab and freeing the captive cats. Wow. That's some major acting.

Trevor - Happy birthday, Sunday! 28, eh? Enjoy! And yes, I so totally know the joy that is more RAM for the iBook. Pep, pep, pep... but be careful if/when you decide to change out for a larger hard drive. Keith snapped the track pad's cable when he removed the faceplate. Dammit. Does anyone know anyone who can get me a new faceplate for my tangerine baby? Sniffle.

Today... long day. Went to the paper and picked up checks for three columns, then to Sundance for a little post-festival archive work. Spent the rest of the day doing emails. A gazillion. Here's a little-known fact, BTW: When you send out your Year-End Thoughts to your friends and family (or, say, 500 contacts in your address book), approximately 10% of those people will follow the link to the page and read the words that indicate you are engaged. When you send out an email to friends and family asking them to check out a dear friend's new book (and casually mention that said friend will be conducting your previously-revealed wedding), 95% of the recipients will email back saying, "What?! You're engaged?! Tell me everything!" And, having OCD, you (read: me) will answer each and every email personally.

That's all I have. I am beaten down by the whip that is the login timeout of Blogger. Console me, someone.

Posted by bonnie at 9:51 PM

Where do I even begin again?

Perchance in a word doc? Grrrrr.

Posted by bonnie at 9:36 PM

I am so mad...

at Blogger I could spit tacks! I have been typing a novella for thirty minutes and when I hit Post & Publish... I get this bag o' crap:

You are not currently logged into Blogger. Perhaps your session timed out and didn't get restarted properly. This shouldn't happen, so we've made a note of the event and will investigate it. Feel free to send us any other information that may be useful. Meanwhile, trying signing out and back in. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Inconvenience? Try brilliant drama and prose lost to the underworld! I am so wounded.

Posted by bonnie at 9:36 PM


Okay. I am the most thoughtful friend on the planet.

If your birthday is in January.

See, every year, I promise myself (since I don't make resolutions) that I will stay on top of my correspondence, beginning with remembering my friends' birthdays. So, if your birthday is in January and I know about it, you will receive a card from me.

Pretty sad that none of my other friends will ever know this side of me, as they may or may not receive acknowledgment of their birth.

I'm glad that, with email greeting cards, I can set up birthday cards to go out on a certain date. Maybe now, I can just try to visit the greetings sites at the beginning of each month or something, and get all of my cards done at once. Hmm, that's a good goal. Still, I know folks like receiving cards in the mail. I do.

I also drink more water in January. Another of those pledges to myself... a gallon a day! This year, I was in Utah for most of January. The Park City altitude really did a number on my body, so it's a dang good thing I was over-doing the water intake. I've been told that most of the water I drank left my body via my mouth as I breathed. Damn. All that work for nothing.

Now I'm back in LA and peeing a lot.

I suppose that can't be bad.

Oh! I've got it! I'll start bringing a stack of birthday cards and postage to the bathroom. That way, I can use the extra time on the can to keep up with those birthday cards all year 'round.

Better hope I have your email address!

Posted by bonnie at 1:46 PM

January 30, 2002

For the love of God

Andy, you are one GMF. Thank you so much for the link to Hill Street Press. I love them. Now I need a $100 gift certificate over there!

Chip... this was the closest template to Hello Kitty I could come up with over here on the still-won't-let-me-stay-logged-in Blogger.

Chip... will you EVER post on somesuch-whatnot? They love you there! You have dirt on me!

Chip... why did you buy my fiancé a gift certificate? He's shooting an episode of Six Feet Under right now, BTW.

I'm watching the whip that is That '80s Show. WHAT were they thinking?! Ugh.

I'm out.

Posted by bonnie at 8:26 PM

Okay, I just checked Amazon.com

...for The Grit Cookbook and it's all special order and limited availability and surcharge and all that.

Who in Athens will get me a copy and let me just pay them for the trouble? Huh?

It's not like I cook.

Posted by bonnie at 6:08 PM


1. I keep telling Blogger.com to remember me, but I keep having to log in. What's up with that.
2. I want a Grit Cookbook.
3. I got my Amazon.com order today. $100 gift certificate from daddy, so I got eight books and one DVD for $15.59. I am happy.
4. No wine. Pear cider.
5. Psycho kitties are killing each other over a satin ribbon.

Posted by bonnie at 5:57 PM


Okay... so here's what I LOVE about Blogging... I can hit EDIT and go back and fix my lame-o mistake and look like I know what I'm doing.

Oh joy! Oh rapture!

I think I'll still have wine.

Posted by bonnie at 3:54 PM


I posted this whole thing about three other films...

1. One Hour Photo. I loved it. Others couldn't get past Robin Williams being anything other than Robin Williams but I totally bought him as a creepy non-violent clean-freak in a violent suspense thriller. Very intense.
2. Human Nature. Very good low-brow sex comedy with Tim Robbins, Patricia Arquette, and Rhys Ifans.
3. The Kid Stays in the Picture, from Bob Evans' same-titled autobiography.

I think that's the sum total of what I wrote that got eaten by my lame attempt at code. Whaaaaaaah! I need a glass of wine!

Posted by bonnie at 3:52 PM

In addition...

In addition to all that I'd typed that didn't make it due to my crappy code... AUGH!

Posted by bonnie at 3:49 PM

God dangit!

Excuse that pitiful insert of HTML! AAaaack What a lame-o!

Posted by bonnie at 3:48 PM


Okay, so here's what ELSE I learned about Blogging... Sara (no H) wrote to welcome me too! Love those Mason Sisters!

Pacific Coast Crew rules! Did you hear about our series of earthquakes? Tons o' fun!

I guess I casually mention Sundance because it's one of my jobs. I work in the LA office of the Sundance Institute, so to me, it was just making a business trip. But, it's also very cool... and I'd be lying if I said I was "SO over those celeb-sightings" and all that. Tee hee.

My favorite films were a short called "I Lost 20 lbs. in Two Months... Ask Me How" (non-info available... drumroll, I'm going to insert some HTML here... here), "One Hour Photo" (others were unable to see Robin Williams as anything other than Robin Williams but I totally bought his creepy character and really liked this non-violent (but essentially violent) suspense thriller), "Human Nature" (a really funny low-brow comedy with Tim Robbins, Patricia Arquette, and Rhys Ifans), and "The Kid Stays in the Picture" (documentary from Bob Evans' same-titled autobiography).

I also saw Frank Whaley's "The Jimmy Show" but didn't like it because it was SO sad. Ethan Hawke was good in it, though.

I guess, really, my biggest complaint about Sundance is that the festival was so much more corporate and high-financed than I'd anticipated. I couldn't say I saw any film (other than shorts) made for under $2M and in my book, that ain't an indie film! I'm working on a short for next year (submitting under a pseudonym, of course) spoofing the whole film fest culture. It really is a laughable experience.

Parker Posey was snooty, but not in an "I'm too good" sort of way. She just seemed busy and important (sadly, I'm getting used to that attitude being considered the norm, living in LA this long). She was wearing a floor-length fur coat, and that really pissed me off.

Oh, and I agree with you, that Chip's new plate should be HIPPER with a little C sticker in front. I still want to see a pic of this car thing.

Okay... now I'm done. Gotta call casting directors to set up interviews for Friday.

Ooops -- One last thing -- Keith just got back from his audition for The Chair and they told the group that he was the first auditionee to score 100% on the written exam. They wouldn't tell him what his heartrate was, though. Bastids.

Okay, 'bye.

Posted by bonnie at 3:46 PM

Here's what I learned about Blogging

I Blog... then I go read other Blogs... and see that Tina wants to know about her boyfriend, one Benicio del Toro, whom I mentioned in my first real Blog.

So, yay! Here goes Blog #2 from LA.

Benicio... yummy. What a cool guy! He was the honoree for the Piper Heidseck Independent Vision Award at this year's Sundance. The event took place during my shift at my venue (woo hoo). So, I was told that, while I'd see celebs, I'd not be able to attend the event or anything like that.

Well... turns out, they had empty seats at showtime, and didn't want to offend Bennie (as he's called) by not filling the house, so I got to sit... just behind Sir Bennie.

He was introduced, and came down the aisle, all humble and blushing and waving at the crowd. His hair has a lot more grey to it than I'd expected to see, and I don't know if that's for a role or just the way it is. He is VERY handsome.

Kevin Pollack hosted the roast, which really is what it was, and cued the retrospective clips from Bennie's work. The editing was brilliant, with questions he'd posed in some roles being answered by lines delivered in other roles. Very clever. And touching. He is an amazing actor, and it was incredibly touching to see a collection of his work in one place like that... and with him. He was embarassed and soft-spoken, when brought to the stage.

He accepted his award and then sat with Christopher McQuarrie, in the style of Inside the Actor's Studio on Bravo. The Q&A was great. His observations on acting as a profession and its place in the big scheme of things proved that he's a smart guy with a real grip on what's important. He honored his parents, who'd come for the ceremony, and also spoke about every character he'd ever played with respect for the writer who created that reality.

Very cool guy.

And hot. Don't forget hot.

But you knew that.

I should have my photos back, scanned, and up on my website by next week (no, I didn't take the digital camera to SLC... too risky).

Okay, 'bye (oh, I'm wearing my Nurse Bonnie Hello Kitty scrubs today).

Posted by bonnie at 3:20 PM

January 29, 2002


Okay, so here's my first real blog (real = I think I'm doing it right and I'm not just testing to see if this works).

I'm on my newly covered sofa (thank you Surefit.com [do I need to throw some HTML around that or does Blogger just make a link?] still sipping Nyquil, as it's the only thing I can stomach other than water right now.

Got the whole post-Sundance flu thing. I thought it was just the whole change in altitude, weather, and coming home from having been working so hard for two weeks, but I now think I actually caught something yucky.

Here's who I've spied in 2002 (details provided upon request): Reese Witherspoon, John Claude van Damme, Dennis Woodruff, Ray Liotta, Jason Patric, Christina Ricci, Jennifer Anniston, Kevin Pollack, Benicio del Toro, Kelli Williamson, Kyra Sedgwick, Christopher McQuarrie, Mike Ovitz, Robin Williams, Parker Posey, Juliette Lewis, Gena Rowlands, James Cromwell, Fairuza Balk, Josh Brolin, Frank Whaley, Patrick Stewart, and Uncle Bob Redford.

So far, so good.

Okay. Now what?

Posted by bonnie at 10:54 AM

This is Bonnie

This is Bonnie testing Bonnie's blog.

Posted by bonnie at 8:55 AM

This is chip

This is chip testing Bonnie's blog.

Posted by bonnie at 1:28 AM