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May 26, 2002

Second Blog of the day.

Man, I am so on this twice-a-day routine!

Chip, I do not have your "Can't Hardly Wait" DVD, but I do have your "10 Things I Hate About You" soundtrack.

Chip and/or Jocelyn, which Dunkin' Donuts died? Not the one next to the Milledge Taco Stand... that would SUCK. Why? What are they putting where it was?

Chip, where are the bear chairs?

Chip, how cool... Shamp money is good money! Is Mike the same Mike who came after me? Is he the football coach yet?

Chip, do I know Ellis? How about Colleen?

Chip, Coconut Kiss sounds good.

Chip, Summer of Funner is my kind of slogan. What's the goal for this year?

Courtney, I am happy you're moving to CA, just b/c it increases the chances we'll intersect... but you don't seem too happy about it. I'm sorry. What can I do besides invite you down to LA for some social fun??

Courtney, if they could move all the stuff that makes LA LA to Athens, I would so move back there and be with you for drinks and conversation. I am a big fan of Athens, as everyone knows... but just as DC people need to be in DC, Hollywood people need to be in Hollywood. Alas, it's true. But we can always raise a glass via Spynotebook.

Courtney, can't wait to hear your tales of the Baltic Sea.

Courtney, I watched X-files and I hadn't in a few years. I didn't feel caught up, b/c I've missed so much, but I also didn't feel cheated of anything they left out. I thought it was pretty good. Not the kind of review you'd hope for... but that's what I have to say on the subject. I still really enjoy reruns of my favorite old episodes on FX. Oooh... FX is also where my old 90210s live... so that's a happy channel for me (until that Ally McSkinny comes on... I never got any of that drivel).

Oooh, I loved the prom pix too. That backdrop was genius. Makes me want to have a prom in LA just so I can fancy the place up a bit. How very very cool! And yes, what the hell was Cash? A Star Wars thing?

Oh... did anyone see the Conan O'Brien Triumph the Insult Comic Dog sketch with all of the people in line at Star Wars? Greatness. Get a copy of it, if you can. Brilliant.

Courtney, you made me sad, saying you've been halfway in a coma for two years. I so get that. Hang in there, baby. You'll wake up. Soon.

Stephanie H., I too was a big fan of Felicity mainly for The Box. I haven't watched in years... so I really gave up and bailed on it... so, I don't know what they ever said about anything... but I recall an interview with JJ Abrams in which he mentioned that The Box was along the lines of the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. Does that help?

Stephanie H., I love that you can sit outside and knit at work. That is great! Oh, I shipped all of Mom's knitting- and crocheting-in-progress back to Dawn here in LA. She does that yarn craft stuff that I do not do... and she is finishing one of Mom's crochet blankets as a wedding present for me. Very sweet. I can't tell what Mom was knitting... not far along enough to decipher.

Shelley! I'm Fozzie too! I want to apologize for dropping off the face of the earth after you were so great to get us all of that wonderful bike-wreck attorney info. Keith talked with the guy here that was referred by your guy in SF and he (the local attorney) said we should self-claim rather than filing a lawsuit, since it's a lock of a case... and we will end up with more money if we do the settlement directly. I thought that was a pretty decent thing to say. He was pretty cool, talking about how anyone would want the case, since it's an easy one. But... that means we have work to do to make it all happen. Translation: I have to do it. Anyway, it's all writing (letters, claims, etc.). I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Shelley, what is wrong with your poor back? I'm so sad! Can you still bike? When faced with Naproxen vs. Vicodin, I personally would go with Vicodin, but I'm a junkie like that. My friend with cancer (who has been on just about every drug in the past few months) prefers the Naproxen b/c it doesn't hurt her tummy nearly as much. Be careful.

Oh, and I have to put my shoulder blades together too (and, being a 38C, that's a nice big boob-sticking-out situation) for a car accident I was in back in 1991. I'll never be all fixed, in my spine, but that is a good posture to work on. Yoga is good. Pilates too.

Congrats on the new iMac. Has anyone seen the ad for the Mac toilet? I should post a link. Hang on... lemme look for it. Ah... here 'tis. Remember the iBrator? Tee hee.

Okay... here are the photos from my trip to Florida
and Georgia (including connecting with Chip at T-Stand... man, I should've eaten more. I still crave it). Enjoy.

That's it for now. Back to Alias and Chianti. Cheers!
Barry's book

"They've been on three dates! I dated a guy for six years, almost married him and I didn't get anything better than a Motel 6 in Arlington." - Jamie, in Somesuch-Whatnot, 1/28/02

Posted by bonnie at 9:52 PM

I'm feeling pretty good.

This weekend I have...

- organized the mountain of papers that was once my fiancé's desk
- acquired a dozen tiny scratches while attempting to show restraint when all I wanted to do in life was kidnap Rose's parents' two new kittens
- rearranged the furniture to have better Feng Shui in our apartment
- moved a few of the non-plant plants outside (shhh... don't tell psycho landlady or she'll call the cops) so that dead soil is now farther away from my open windows
- washed, dried, and folded four loads of laundry (thanks Rose's parents' washer/dryer)
- formatted and printed 100 chapters of my book, hole-punched the pages, and put them all into three binders to begin the organization and editing process (dear GAWD this is a huge project)
- grilled veggies, baked cookies, and washed dishes
- taken two naps
- watched the Indy 500, as per usual (my one guilty alone-time pleasure since 1995)

Okay... now what?

Posted by bonnie at 9:01 PM

May 23, 2002

That Which Does Not Kill You...

My friend has cancer.

As I write this, I am seated next to her. Between us is a hanging rack of various drugs, all dripping into her body through a PICC line.

During the second of three drugs administered via IV push, she sucked on a Popsicle. The cold is supposed to keep her mouth from developing sores.

Her wig is on crooked, but it's kind of cute that way. She has the cutest wig of everyone in the chemo facility: lovely blonde streaks through a dark brown mass of hair thicker than hers ever was. She was more stressed about losing her hair than she had been about losing her breasts, but she's into being bald now. She's whipped off her wig in public a few times now, and it's always in an inspired show of solidarity for someone else on this journey.

By her 35th birthday, she'll be through with this mess. That will be a huge celebration. But my friend celebrates every day. Even when she's tossing her cookies, she's laughing about it. Even when she can't see straight, she's joking about her hallucinations. She has faced death several times over and still finds joy in her life.

I had to give her an injection the other day. You go through so much with your friends and you never imagine that you will be inserting a needle into a tummy... but then the need is there and you do it. Period.

My friend has cancer - but in a few months, she will have a body in which no cancer cells can survive. And then, if she's lucky, she'll be clean for another ten years. Maybe.

There are no guarantees - but we all know that. So, with each mechanically-measured drip from the Omni-Flow 4000 Plus, another prayer goes forth: that my friend is not just surviving cancer, but kicking its ass.

Posted by bonnie at 1:41 PM

May 19, 2002

Hello again, my Blogging friends.

Wow. Twice in one day! Maybe I actually WILL make a comeback of some kind.

All I have to say right now is... I still have a LOT to read before I can start catching up with comments to each of you. From what I've read, everyone's been very busy and I can't wait to catch up completely. Oh, and Chip... both PROM and the pics from the T-Stand rock! And YOU rock. I hope the Archie comics (or at least the Cap'n D's one) bring you some money or at least some joy!

Meanwhile, I DID go take a few quizzes (I am such a sucker) and here's what I learned about me.


You are Fozzie!
Wokka Wokka! You love to make lame jokes. Your sense of humor might be a bit off, but you're a great friend and can always be counted on.

Which My So-Called Life Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty


Take the What High School
Stereotype Are You?
quiz, by Angel.

Such a cool Me!

Oh, and here's the Anatomically Correct Oscar billboard by Guerrilla Girls. Love it! anatbbd.jpg

Love y'all. Be well! Have a safe and happy Mercury Retrograde. XXOO

Posted by bonnie at 9:59 PM

I'm not dead!

I'm not dead! I'm sorry I've been so out of touch. I've been doing Nurse Bonnie duty, plus had to go out of town for two weeks to attend the Royal Wedding of Clearwater and to have Taco Stand with Chip. The latter was definitely far better.

I'll attempt to catch up on all of the blogging I've missed, plus catch y'all up on me, once time permits. Meanwhile, know I've missed being in touch with you all and hope everyone is having a happy Mercury Retrograde. XXOO

While DeadLaszlo wasn't looking: "I am almost positive we're interested. Needs to be run past the Ninjamunkey, and he's busy building a work bench in the garage with 8 Fingered Greg at the moment. Put us down for a tentative in." [Ali, on Theft of Orange Socks, 13 October 2001]

Posted by bonnie at 10:15 AM