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May 26, 2002

I'm feeling pretty good.

This weekend I have...

- organized the mountain of papers that was once my fiancé's desk
- acquired a dozen tiny scratches while attempting to show restraint when all I wanted to do in life was kidnap Rose's parents' two new kittens
- rearranged the furniture to have better Feng Shui in our apartment
- moved a few of the non-plant plants outside (shhh... don't tell psycho landlady or she'll call the cops) so that dead soil is now farther away from my open windows
- washed, dried, and folded four loads of laundry (thanks Rose's parents' washer/dryer)
- formatted and printed 100 chapters of my book, hole-punched the pages, and put them all into three binders to begin the organization and editing process (dear GAWD this is a huge project)
- grilled veggies, baked cookies, and washed dishes
- taken two naps
- watched the Indy 500, as per usual (my one guilty alone-time pleasure since 1995)

Okay... now what?

Posted by bonnie at May 26, 2002 09:01 PM