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June 27, 2002

The Eighth Deadly Sin

Did you ever see the movie "Se7en" starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt? Well, without giving away the ending for anyone who hasn't seen the dang movie yet and is still counting on the element of surprise, let's just say that I am a less-violent version of Kevin Spacey's character. If I had the time, I would keep a library full of notebooks in which I'd written down every infraction every idiot I've ever encountered has made. Of course, I would have a better organizational system than Mr. Spacey, but that's not the point.

I had this epiphany while driving. I became so annoyed by the poor driving habits of Los Angelinos that I decided I had to come up with a way to vent my anger. I cannot keep my fury bottled up. When someone doesn't signal when turning, I actually take it personally (I know, I know... I am NOT stable... I own that fact). When someone changes lanes in an intersection, I scream at the top of my lungs. And when someone parks in such a way that I cannot park near them, I want to key my dissatisfaction into the paint job of their hood.

So, I began thinking: why not keep a list of license plate numbers of these evil-doers? I mean, not to call the cops on them or anything, but just as a reference for those of us who are PERSONALLY offended by idiot drivers. My fellow obsessive-compulsives and I could cross reference our lists and make sure that we have as much information as is possible to share about these bozos. We could start a message board for reporting driving infractions.

Yeah, I know that this could end badly. Vigilante OCD'ers could decide to take out some form of retribution for the infractions we've collectively listed by those idiots in SUVs and other vehicles worth more than the house I grew up in. But, is that REALLY such a bad thing?

I mean, isn't the world a better place when we all arrive alive? I mean... all except for those of you who really do need remedial driving class and a big "Watch Out, I'm an Idiot" bumper sticker. Wait... I know. We don't need to hurt these folks. Let's put them all on their own island and let them drive around together. Darwin will win out and they'll be extinct before too long anyway.

I like that. Someone get on that.

See... I'm definitely not a Kevin Spacey-caliber villain. I am too lazy to execute my evil plans. That's probably a good thing.

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June 23, 2002

Okay, so...

What is up?

So much.

The other night we had a big bash to celebrate the launch of Cricket Feet Management. Officially going live July 1st (shh). Rob Kendt, who is my boss at the paper, is also my client in the music world. Several of my actor clients and a few wannabe clients and a ton of just good ol' friends (even one on crutches) came out in support of Rob's show at The Mint that night.

It was an amazing show. We sold tons of CDs and I felt like a real manager. That's a good. Rob did a great job. There were many label people there, so that's also a good thing.

The main problem with managing, at this point, is the cost. It's $500 to join the Talent Managers Association. It's $400/mo. to get Breakdowns (the list of what's shooting and what's casting and where to submit, etc.). One of my clients advanced me money against future commissions (totally unsolicited and very much appreciated) but it's still not enough for what the start-up costs really are. Man... and we thought we were getting away with murder, being able to incorporate for $100!

Still working away on the book. Planning to have it to the printer by August. That's stressful, but exciting. Need to get it out to the printer and then up on the shelves very soon, as it's the main source of income scheduled for the first few months of management. I do expect to get my clients some gigs, but 15% ain't a lot of cabbage.

Keith and I are still working on our problems (and, really... they're HIS, not mine... and he owns that). It's hard, but it's something I'm willing to do. Dammit, I love the guy. That so sucks!

D's doing great. Her treatment cycle #4 was the best so far. The bad news is that she's having to go in far more frequently for those shots now, and the ones I give her are now EVERY day during week two, not just a couple of the days. That's all part of a deteriorating system, which goes with having been exposed to the cumulative effects of all of the chemo. She's in great spirits, though. We're down to like 31 days before she gets the PICC line removed. She is a very happy lady!

RE: Car Moving... I used the same company twice. Once in 1994 (no problems), once in late Dec. 1998 (major problems). So, All-America Auto Transport, while affordable ($750 coast-to-coast), messed me up big time the last time I used them. Just know that, no matter who you use, you can't get them to deliver the car when they promise it's coming. Be prepared for that.

RE: House on Holman... I almost bought one there. Which one?

I am going to live to be 88 (dying on Jan. 24, 2058). I think it was Sept. 9, 2049 the last time I took that test... so this is a good sign. See, quitting smoking is a good thing!

Okay, back to work. If any bloggers know how I can find a black spaghetti strap tank top that isn't an effin' midriff cropped one, please let me know.

XXOO Bloggers all!

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June 9, 2002

More stuff for you to do:

Discover your Ya-Ya Name (I'm Marchioness Weeping Willow).


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June 7, 2002

Okay, so here's how good I am at Blogging:

I take quizzes. More to come!

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?

Which Golden Girl Are You?

Okay, now you! XXOO Spy Types.

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