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July 30, 2002

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Question: As a senior Film student at the School of Visual Arts I am curious as to where to start looking for young boy actors. We are looking for a white boy ages 9-14 for a sci fi piece shot in New York and Philadelphia. I am not sure what agencies deal with kids and how to contact them. --Eric

Answer: Hi Eric,

Agencies are a great resource, of course, but you may also find many talented young actors just by posting your casting notice on a few Internet forums or contacting a few local acting schools.

If you are paying actors, of course, an agency or management company would be a great start. Without pay, though, agencies may be reluctant to get their actors involved, as agencies and managers work on a commission-only basis and only earn money when their clients work for pay.

So, assuming you're looking for actors to work on a copy/credit/meals basis (which is customary for student projects), I suggest that you contact a magnet school for acting in your area, perhaps a school for the performing arts, and definitely after school programs that focus on the performing arts.

I mentioned Internet forums as well. That's because there are many, many online discussion groups for parents of child actors. Many of those include open posting sections for casting notices. Since children are involved, you'll need to be prepared to include references (perhaps your major professor's name and contact information).

Finally, my favorite resource is Breakdown Services. While they have a daily listing that goes out to all agents and managers in New York and Los Angeles, they also have an "Actor Access" section on their website. You can submit your casting notice to them (forms are available at http://www.breakdownservices.com) and select to include "Actor Access" as an option. That way, your project is seen by everyone--not just the subscribing agents and managers.

You should include a submission address, phone number for more information, and a deadline by which submissions should be received. All of this will help you have as smooth a casting process as possible!

Hope this helps,


Casting QsBonnie Gillespie is a Los Angeles casting columnist, the owner of Cricket Feet Management, and the author of Casting Qs: A Collection of Casting Director Interviews.

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July 28, 2002

Hi Bloggers

It's Sunday night in Los Angeles and Keith is out shooting a commercial for Saturn. He's been on set since 5:30am which means $$$$$. Yay. He's very happy. Booked a Discovery Channel TV show that shoots next week. My working actor fiancé. Ah.

My wrists are sad. I've been working on my book so much that I have very sad joints and wrists. I used to have a really cool pair of Handeeze Gloves, which I'm guessing I loaned out or lost or packed away somewhere. Can't find them since Keith moved in, so I blame that event for the fact that I can't find something I used to always use. Blast. So, I'm typing with my hands wrapped up in my Krav Maga wrist wraps, which really aren't made for typing support.


Last night I flew into a rage that I don't understand. I don't know where it came from or why it was so intense, but I don't really "get" me lately. Struggling, struggling.

Okay... Blog replies...

Amy: I love the concept of Punk Rock aerobics. I think I could really get into that. Yum... sweet tea. I miss that. And how cool to spy Forest Whitaker like that. Very cool.

Big Mike: It sounds as hot in Korea as in LA. Or at least the Valley. Ugh. Hang in there!

BrYan/BJ/Beej: I so understand the whole "unable to interact with people" feeling. Excellent choice, listening to Robyn Hitchcock. One of my faves. Oh, and for Vegas... I'm a big fan of the Luxor if for no more reason than the inclinator and the slanty-window rooms. Love it.

Cash: So political these days. Wow! Go, boy!

Chip: How was Goldmember? I want to hear about it. Worth's b'day and I missed it? Tell him I said HAPPY DAY please. I so miss him! All of them. I'm glad you hung out and listened to stories of the po' old days. That makes him happy as your grandpa. What a sweetie!

Chip: I am such a fan of correcting people in their emails. I don't do it often, but man if you catch me at the right time... ooh, I cut loose. Way to go on that y'all thing. I get so pissed about that one. My big thing lately is getting these stupid five year old rumor emails with all of our addresses in the TO line to share and share and Spam... and I copy and paste the snopes.com link and reply to ALL to make a dang point. I just don't care anymore. I have no time for that crap these days! 448 unanswered emails in my inbox. Don't tell me Bill Gates is going to send me money or that the government is trying to tax email. Grr. It's like the Internet has become P.T. Barnum's playground.

Chip: I am such a fan of Big Brother 3. I never saw Big Brother 2... but I'm loving this so much more than the first Big Brother. One thing I hate (two things, really): you have to pay to watch the all-the-time cam online (so sucks) and we don't get to vote off the sparest of them all. Why did they take that away from us, Chip? Why?

Chip: Two more things... tell SMason I said hi while she's in town. AND kill my Athenstown email address (or change it to something else like bonnieg or something). It's nothing but Spam anymore and most of it really icky stuff. Thanks!

Courtney: I tried to check myself in on the 6th floor before. That's still my favorite phrase, when I'm losing it, "I'm so 6th floor!" It just says so much, y'know? I'm sorry you're finding bottles hidden around the house. That's not good. Bless your heart. Hang in there and please keep us posted. I'm guessing this is a well-traveled road for you two and that you will handle everything with love and hope. I'll be thinking of you.

Jane (or Chip): Why does your link stay blue after I've read your blog? Is this some trick to make me think I haven't read yours yet? ;) BTW, nice to meet you.

Shelley: Your drive through Death Valley at 121 degrees reminds me of my drive through Needles at 119 degrees. We were running no AC b/c it overheated the U-Haul... we were towing my car behind it (a 17-footer) and the "we" was my father (from whom I'd been estranged for years) and my 13-year-old cat, who was hyperventilating. I think it was the saddest cross-country trip in August anyone ever conceived of trying. I think being 23 makes one very optimistic. I'd never do such a thing now. LOL.

Tina: Oh my gosh, you're blogging! Is St. Simon's anything like Amelia? It's the one I remember riding bikes around. We could do the whole coastal loop on dirt bikes. Felt so free. I was a kid, but I have fond memories. If I've been to St. Simon's, it's where I went with my ex-beau back in 1992. Can't remember, though. Just know we ate lots of crab, worked crossword puzzles, flew kites, and tried to avoid hearing "Achy Breaky Heart" on the radio. I think we also went to see Batman when it opened. Not that any of this should be of interest to anyone other than me.

I would love Snopes TV shows! YES!

Okay, my latest drama is this: D. The friend with cancer I've been taking care of for the past six months.

First off: I love her. Really really really really I do.

Second: I needed to NOT go take care of her during last week's chemotherapy session and after-care. I've done it every time and really felt like I'd be too broken to take care of either one of us, if I didn't stop and take care of me first. So, I told her I couldn't be there, but because I gave only two days' notice, she got mad. The bummer is, the email she sent to tell me she was mad never got to me. She sent a fairly abrasive email about my "ignoring her" and being one who is "not to be counted on" and I was so mad. Turns out, it's because I never got the first email from her that she thought she was being ignored. Ugly situation all the way around, when all I was trying to do was take care of myself first but was too afraid of hurting her to have just called and talked the whole thing out. I said, when she wanted to fight about this, "Let's deal with all of this AFTER you're well, when we can really understand each other."

She seemed to agree to that (after taking some really low... though well-informed -- damned intimacy -- swipes at me about things she knew would hurt me) and I thought we were going to be okay, even though she was still hurt by my choice to take care of me and lack of communication.

The other morning, I had a series of late-night and early-morning emails from her. Wow. She was lucid and really analyzing our friendship and lessons together. She had some of it wrong, so I engaged her in the dialogue she started.


I have to remind myself that she's operating at diminished capacity on many levels, even if she may seem "all there" for moments here and there. So, after her last round of abuse-filled, ego-bruising emails, I just replied:

"Fair enough. I love you."

I feel like such a bad person, even though I know... I KNOW better.

Anyway, it's been hard. But somehow, I'm better for having taken care of me, even if it means that our friendship is over. I hate to think that all of my hard (and loving) work for her has been undone by the fact that I overestimated my ability to continue taking care of her for this long at the expense of me. Ugh.

So, besides the book (which is awesome at making me happy), that's my deal right now. Go check out my book's site: http://cricketfeet.com/castingqs (I'm so proud). Tee hee.

Okay, bye now! XXOO for tonight.
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July 25, 2002


About a year and a half ago, Psycho asked a group of us single folk to share with him what we considered to be our "Enders" when on a date. I've been in a serious relationship for about a year now, but I did make some notes back then and--finally--I'm ready to share them with you.

Here's how the whole thing started. Psycho said, "Assume you are dating. What counts as an Ender on a date?"

Here's what I came up with.

Me: I'm having fun. Thanks for asking me out.

He: Me too. Next date, we'll go to my bible study class.


He: Me too. You're a much better kisser than your ex-boyfriend told me you were.


He: Yeah, you looked pretty desperate, so I knew it wouldn't take much to impress you.


He: Cool. When do we get to the part of the date where you blow me?


He: Mind if I shoot up?


He: Shut up, bitch, no one cares what you think.


He: I've been dreaming about this moment. I love you.


He: Oh, shit, there's my wife. Quick, get under the table.

Sadly, these were non-fiction accounts I came up with pretty readily. Since then, I've recalled what was the all-time Ender for me.

A guitarist and I had been dating for, oh, about six months or so. We'd known each other for years and years and finally got together for a purely sexual relationship that eventually evolved into some more "traditional" human connections (in other words, we TALKED sometimes). Honestly, I think we both would've been happier had we never attempted to stray from the "fuck buddies" status we began with.


Anyway, when he came to visit me in LA for a week, we had a blast together. Truly. We did all sorts of touristy things that we both enjoyed, drank, saw bands, had lots of sex. You know. On the last full day of his stay, we were at my apartment--hanging out in my room, and he decided he wanted to go downstairs to watch "The Simpsons" on TV. I asked, "Why don't you just watch it on the TV up here?"

Now... here's where it became an Ender. I'm thinking he's going to say he prefers the larger TV... or perhaps he'd like for me to join him downstairs so that we can watch it together away from my room, etc. His answer?

"Nah. I want to watch on the downstairs TV. It's closer to the beer."

Yeah. Every time I wanted to miss him from then on, I just remembered that line.

Hell, I can't fault the guy. At least he knows his priorities.

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July 16, 2002

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Question: I'm sure this is a common question, but I want to act in film or television -- I'm not interested in professional theater at all. After school (some training in theater of course as well as film), should I settle in New York or Los Angeles. I was wondering if Los Angeles was really that much more advantageous for film and TV than New York. --Alex

Answer: Hi Alex,

Well, New York is definitely more theatre-centric than Los Angeles, but I haven't met a single actor in Los Angeles who *hasn't* done stage work. Nor have I met a single casting director who doesn't value theatre for the training, the discipline, and the acting chops it gives its participants.

So, I want to warn you, that if you think you can have a lasting film and/or television career without setting foot on a stage professionally, you may be in for a rude awakening. Good acting is most fully developed on a stage, and because most casting directors come from a theatre background themselves, they value that on a resumé much more than a certain look or on-camera credit.

But, yes, while there is a growing film and television market in several locations, Los Angeles will always remain where the majority of films and television shows are produced. And while theatre actors are respected everywhere, you are far more likely to "get away" without strong theatre credits in Los Angeles--but not for very long.


Casting QsBonnie Gillespie is a Los Angeles casting columnist, the owner of Cricket Feet Management, and the author of Casting Qs: A Collection of Casting Director Interviews.

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I have no idea what is happening.

When I did the chalking thing, I lost most (not all) of my little quiz images. Checked the code... single quotes instead of doubles... fixed that... still no images. Reuploaded them to Lucy.

No effin' idea.

I'm tired.

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I have no idea why I'm doing this...

blogchalk: Bonnie/Female/31-35. Lives in United States/Los Angeles/Hollywood and speaks English. Spends 80% of daytime online. Uses a Fast (128k-512k) connection.
I have no idea why I'm doing this, but Trevor did it... so I did too.

Google! DayPop! This is my blogchalk: English, United States, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Bonnie, Female, 31-35!

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July 11, 2002

All right, dangit.

It's a zillion degrees in here and Stompy Stomperson has his floor fan on upstairs (and it shakes the whole effin' apartment... including my poor head). I have a wet washcloth draped around my neck. I think I need to store my undies in the freezer. Whose idea was this summer thing?

It's my birthday today. Aack! 32? Dear GAWD, how did that happen? You're next, Chip.

I'm already stuck on Big Brother Three. Never watched Two. But this is better than the first one, anyway. So far.

I'm about over all of my little jobs right now. I'm not paid enough and I'm not respected enough and dammit if I could just finish the edits on my book, I could start making some bank off of it and then tell everyone to shove it.

Man, I'm in a punchy little mood today. I think I'd like to have a Diablo. They were drinking that last night on BB3 and I had some on the 4th at a BBQ. It's good. No idea what it is, though. Lemon Zima, perhaps? Makes me feel like Rusty on MadTV.

Now that Chip has segregated Spies by when we last Spied, I'm so all over posting (especially b/c I'd rather Blog than edit). Way to go, Cash... getting to stay in the top list. ;) Thank you for Blogging on my b'day.

Okay. Must suck on some ice cubes.


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July 9, 2002

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Question: I have 500 headshots. I have absolutely no experience except a class I took for auditioning. What can I put on my resume? How horrible is little or no experience? --Amy

Answer: Hi Amy,

"Little or no experience" is not at all horrible! It's where EVERYBODY started. Don't let anyone make you think or feel otherwise.

Now, you may have put the cart before the horse in getting all those headshots printed up before having some more experience under your belt, but it doesn't mean you can't get somewhere! You just need to be creative.

What does that mean? Well, one actress I once worked with had her resumé laid out with her name, contact number, height, weight, hair color, eye color (all standard stuff) and then a little paragraph that basically said, "Why try to make it look like I have more experience than I do? You either like my look or you don't and, if you want to know if you like my acting ability, you'll have to call me in. I hope you will!" And people did! They said they loved her blunt honesty.

So, first off, I would try to get some student credits (get involved with student-directed projects in your area--which you won't likely be paid to do), take an actual scene study or acting technique class that meets on an ongoing basis (rather than just an audition technique workshop), and do a little community theatre. You'll find that your resumé will build up in just a matter of months.

Meanwhile, you can try the creative approach and see how many doors that opens for you. You never know! Good luck!


Casting QsBonnie Gillespie is a Los Angeles casting columnist, the owner of Cricket Feet Management, and the author of Casting Qs: A Collection of Casting Director Interviews.

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July 8, 2002

Hey, Chip

Hey, Chip, why don't you offer me money to read your Blog?

More useless quizzes:

Take the The "What Teen Label Do You Fit Into Most?" Quiz!
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Which John Cusack Are You?

You are Pepe Le Pew!

You are a suave skunk who lives for l'amour. You may not always get the girl (or guy), but there are always many more fish in the sea, no?

Take the What Looney Tunes Character are You? Quiz by contessina_2000@yahoo.com!

That is all.

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July 2, 2002

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Question: I have heard that sometimes films and soap operas hold auditions in several different cities across the U.S., even though they may be based in New York or LA. I am wondering how I might find out about when and where such auditions are. I am particularly interested in auditions for soap operas that might be held in the Chicago area. --Jeanie

Answer: Hi Jeanie,

In Chicago, you should hear about major auditions coming to your area. Make sure that you keep up with the various Chicago-based online communities for actors as well as staying involved in acting classes. They tend to be very well-informed, when it comes to scouting trips being made by casting directors.

Also, if soaps are your main area of interest, check into http://www.SoapCity.com. They have all sorts of message boards and discussion forums in which insider information is shared on a regular basis..

Finally, I would recommend that you submit your headshot and resumé to New York and Los Angeles-based soap casting directors to let them know that you are interested in being on their radar screen, so-to-speak. You never know when your look might spark interest in a casting director who is planning a scouting trip!

Can't hurt!


Casting QsBonnie Gillespie is a Los Angeles casting columnist, the owner of Cricket Feet Management, and the author of Casting Qs: A Collection of Casting Director Interviews.

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