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October 31, 2002

Dangit... I'm not done.

David, yes. Go ahead. Share my contact info. I'm always über-friendly to transplants and visitors and such. I have lots of advice about fun stuff to do and such (ironic considering I never leave the house).

Okay, I'm done. Really!!!!!

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Chip... LOVE the Halloween photos.

Looks like it's same ol' Athens. Very cool.

Hey, is that SJWhatley with SRemel in the angel/elf photos? Dayum. Kids are growin' up. Sniffle.

Please explain to me the kid's costume with the Barbie doll on his collar. What's that?

Nice Alf lapel pin, dude. You done me proud.

Okay... I'm really done. Really.

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Okay, just did a li'l sprucin' up.

Try out the Comments thingies and let me know how that works for ya, okay?

Yeah, I've been surfin'. What of it?!

Click here for punk kitties.
Click here for a freekin' great race car.
Click here for a Whopper & Fries!

What lesser-known Simpsons character are you?
Brought to you by the good folks at sacwriters.com.

Tee hee. Man, I just have way too much fun on my own.

YES... I'll get back to work, sheesh!

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What a day!

And the exclamation point is only there because of grammatical correctness, not because I mean it excitedly.

I want to thank Keith for everything he is and apologize for everything I am.

That sucks.

Moving on...

I attended a really neat comedy show last night at the Comedy Union. It was supposed to be some sort of chick night, but somehow there were more men than women on stage. What the heck is that about? Anyway, cousin Faith was brilliant, as usual. A young lady named Christa was phenomenal. She's already gotten in touch with the 15 Minutes of Fem folk about next round. Good. I'm glad she acted on that suggestion. She's got something pretty amazing. Melissa was excellent too, although very blue. Totally wonderful stuff, though.

I have to check the website to see if it's officially announced yet, but FEM is... oh shoot, it's not officially announced yet. Scratch that. Gotta edit. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH Outrageous! I can't wait.

It's tres cool, some of the stuff that's been happening. When the press release went out about the casting director panel I'm hosting next week, I started getting calls from casting directors who want to be involved in future panels. One of them is the head of casting for Oxygen Network. Well, I realized, when we set up our plans to meet next week, that she would LOVE the FEM thing I can't talk about. So, she's coming to check out Faith! Woo hoo! Love how the universe works!

I've decided I'm going to contribute to the online tributes to Faith by creating her official site for her. She was so flattered when I told her about the plan, but honestly, it's just something I feel I MUST do. I mean, c'mon! She just became a "tradable life form" on the official Star Trek trading life-form site, or whatever. That's huge, right?

I guess I've decided I'm too lame to enjoy the Super Hero Generator thingy. I didn't like any of my choices, nor did I understand them. Damn, I'm literal.


We've designed a color postcard to promote the book (scannable ISBN barcode and everything... so very hi-tech). Oh, its blue lines came and went in the last 24 hours. Dammit, if there weren't changes to make AGAIN. I am very sad that I didn't catch EVERY LITTLE THING as I did the last 20 freekin' edits. Of course, last night, Faith gave me a very glass-half-full way to look at it: "Your OCD isn't so in-control of you anymore." That's probably true. There are pluses to being over 30.

What else? Keith got cast in TWO plays last week. One is a holiday play in which he plays some cool city-slicker Santa who sings. Another is "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," which, of course, is perfect for him. I'm thrilled that he has so much work under his belt in such a short time in this town. Really amazing.

Y'know that whole "definition of insanity is trying to get different results by doing the same thing over and over again" thing? Well, I've decided that that's the point I've reached with the paper. I keep turning my articles in WAY EARLY and providing more than enough information about the schedule, photo needs, etc., and effin' EVERY week, I get an email from my editor asking where the story is. DUH! IT'S IN YOUR INBOX!! I'm just so "Hoochie Momma!!!" about it. Isn't that what they yelled instead of, "Serenity NOW!" on "Seinfeld." I think that's right.

I wonder what Keith's son is dressing up as tonight. I think he's into some new character I don't know about. Earlier in the year, it was SpongeBob SquarePants, but I think now he's into Johnny somebody. Can't recall who. Last year, he went as Picachu. Adorable.

I miss baseball. Already.

Chip, I loved your Googlism, so I tried it too! Googlism for: bonnie gillespie
bonnie gillespie is excellent
bonnie gillespie is excellent as the john's aggrieved spouse
bonnie gillespie is a regent university
bonnie gillespie is now a regular contributor to backstage west
bonnie gillespie is the plumber's straight

Items one, two, and five are all reviews from the same play: "The Secret Nymph of New Hyde Park," a farce I did in the summer of 2000. Item four is true, and has been since June of 2000. Item three... that ain't me. I never finished my PhD. No regrets.

Chip, how was "Punch-Drunk Love?" I like your DC pics. Are you using PhotoTimeSaviour? Susan looks great! So do you, as always. ;)

David: I SO miss ORT. And Ballard. Gotta miss Ballard. This, that you said, is brilliant: "The fact that Susan and Sean were drinking Pepsi leads me to believe that there was at least one person trying to annoy another. On the positive side, it wasn't in Ottawa." Absolutely ADORE your publishing/editing superhero names. Truly.

Trevor, I'll see what I can do to back-link or whatever. I am SO into your whole "Joe vs. the Volcano" luggage set. I worship that movie. Greatness.

Stephanie W., Tina, I am so into y'all dressing up. LOVE that spirit. Really. Also, I agree on the whole Pilates WITH folks issue. Oh, man, can I tell you how happy I was when Krispy Kreme deemed Southern California worthy of a store. < homer drool>ahhhhhhhh. Krispy Kreme< / homer drool>

Oh, poor Courtney, I am so sorry about the Italian words and the proof! Ack! Having just dealt with my own blue lines, I cannot even IMAGINE facing someone else's and having to hope to catch more the next time through. I was SO happy to just fax the changes (we compromised on FIVE at $15/each, and saved the other few for the second edition) today and SIGN OFF!! Augh! So ready to have it done. I've been sequestered for the past three days. Pet sitting for the five-cat-lady and I chose NOT to take the laptop. Instead, I took the huge box o' goodies for the second book and spent a TON of time doing the initial organization. Still much to do, but getting there!! I realize that the ONLY time I can devote to the second book is the time while the first book is being printed. After it's out, I'm on tour!

Courtney, when you say, "Chicken Pot Pie," over and over again, are you doing it like the character Donnie in "Just Shoot Me?" If not, you MUST become acquainted with this genius character. Just brilliant, and a reason for ME to love saying "Chicken Pot Pie" over and over again.

I love that you're going to town for Chip's b'day. That's so awesome! Absolutely 100% agree on what the best time(s) of the year is/are in Athens. You nailed it. I used the make-your-own-splint thing for my TMJ and teeth-grinding. Didn't break my jaw. Ended up on the floor in the middle of the night a few times. Drat! Hey, use grits for your ants. Seriously. I've seen it work! They eat it and expand and die. They tell each other through their death pheromones and they never come back.

OMG, Big Mike, I almost split my pants laughing over your "I got a ROK." For those of you not in the know, Big Mike is in Korea and that makes that saying/spelling just effin' brilliant! Woo hoo!

I'm sorry I have no advice on the digital camera buying thing. I got mine as a gift from someone who was "upgrading and didn't want to lose money on an eBay sale," so she took the higher write-off from giving it away. I do like it, though. It's an Olympus Camedia thingy. Very nice. D-340-R is the model number. I like it a lot.

A friend from way back (hey, Deb!) said she found it really weird that I "have my whole life" out here on the Internet. I was like, "Huh?" I guess, if you really know me, you know that there is only a FRACTION of my life actually "out there," but if you know me only a little bit, you think, "dear GAWD, how could that woman put so much of herself out there?" I can see that. Still, trust me... this ain't nuthin'!

Oh, for the coolest holiday decorations, check The Wolfesden. It's an actor's board, but dang did Beth make it purdy!

BTW... I know my "Blind Date" episode was really boring, but why the heck could it never be aired, if they could air this evil witch woman's date and this scary "Mercury Man Gets Naked" date I just saw? Ugh. TV.

All righty, I think that be it. Happy Halloweeny, folks! It's soooo spooky! Tee hee!

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October 27, 2002

Gotta Admit It...

I got the rally monkey fever. Yesterday's game was effin' greatness. Hopin' for more of the same tonight.

Keith just called from the car. He's driving behind an SUV with a jumbotron screen on its butt, broadcasting the pre-game show.

Gotta love LA.

Wait... he just called again. Turned on Melrose and saw a wall of hot pink in a store window. Bobby Trendy has opened a store to capitalize on his Anna Nicole Show fame. Ugh.

The good and the bad and the ugly. I choose the munkee!

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October 26, 2002

Must. Not. Fire. Up. Credit. Cards.

Soooo tempting. I crave the toys that know what "I got a rock" means.

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October 23, 2002

Sharing two quick things.

One, Quinn, Keith's precious son, was on the phone with me when his step-sister hurt herself. I could hear her crying in the background and asked, "Quinn? What's going on?" His reply (he's three-and-a-half, BTW), "Oh, she hurt herself. But it's no biggie." So adorable!

Today is Keith's one year anniversary in Hollywood! Wow. What a year it's been!

Okay, here's the second thing (press release for an upcoming event):

Free Casting Director Panel 11/6/02.

Take One Bookstore, 11516 Santa Monica Blvd. (five blocks west of the 405) 310.445.4050 Wednesday, November 6th, 7:30pm, FREE OF CHARGE.

Back Stage West Casting Columnist Bonnie Gillespie will moderate a panel discussion featuring casting directors Judy Belshé; Michael Donovan, CSA/CCDA; Dino Ladki; Melissa Martin, CCDA; and Michelle Morris-Gertz, CSA.

Casting Director Bios:
Judy Belshé--casting director with over 25 years' experience, screenwriter, and three-time award-winning author of "It's a Freeway Out There! The Parent's Guide to the Film and Commercial Industry. More info available at www.askjudy.biz.

Michael Donovan--CSA, CCDA, former actor, recent Artios Award nominee, resident casting director of Long Beach's ICT and New Centre Theatre of Vancouver, currently casting several independent features, and many commercials. More info available at www.michaeldonovancasting.com.

Dino Ladki--casting credits include MTV's "Undressed" (pilot), MTV's "Lyricist Lounge," and game show "You Don't Know Jack." More info available at www.TheCastList.com.

Melissa Martin--CCDA, former actor, cast national campaigns for Ikea, Propel Fitness Water, Pizza Hut, Sony, Cotton, and MicrosoftXP. More info available at www.martincasting.com.

Michelle Morris-Gertz--CSA, Universal Studios Features Casting/independent, casting credits include "American Pie 1 & 2," "Big Fat Liar," "Legally Blonde," Project Greenlight's "Stolen Summer," "Honey" (the new Jessica Alba feature). Artios Award winner for best comedy feature casting 2000.

Bonnie Gillespie--casting columnist for Back Stage West, author of the forthcoming book "Casting Qs: A Collection of Casting Director Interviews," consultant on the business of acting, and owner of Cricket Feet Management. More info available at www.cricketfeet.com.

Hope you'll join us if you're in LA.

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October 21, 2002

Okey Doke, Artichoke (shout out to viv)

It's Bloggin' time!

While the book happily flies through the machine that is Transcontinental Printing, I am enjoying (finally) SLEEP. Yes! For an entire four... or is it five?... days now, I've actually slept 10-11 hours in a row. That's huge! Yay!

Today, Keith came running home from the P.O. Box with this money order.


Yep... The First Sale of Casting Qs: A Collection of Casting Director Interviews. Wow! So awesome! It's just really bizarre that someone I've never met has just sent me money for my words. I could get used to this! Wheeeee!

Management is going great. Definitely gearing up a lot more. Getting requests from people in casting to "send over my people," which I happily do. Today, two of my peeps got called in for an audition based on my submission of their headshots. That's amazingly gratifying for me, as I love to do anything to help others get work (yes, I know, an audition is not "work," in the minds of most, but for me, it's a "yay," just the same).

Keith and I attended the CSA Artios Awards ceremony Thursday night. It was grand! As for celeb-spotting/spying, here's what I can report: Joey Lauren Adams, Catherine Bell, Orlando Jones, Christopher McDonald, Chi McBride, Megan Mullally, and David E. Kelley. Pretty good list. I only saw Tommy Lee at the Best of FEM show Sept. 30th. This was definitely more celeb-intensive. Of course, the people I'm most interested in chattin' wid are the casting directors. Booked for later this week, the Artios Award-winning team that cast Scrubs. I'm excited!

Keith's anniversary of LA Livin' is Wednesday. We went ahead and celebrated yesterday. He baked a cake. It was yummy!

Blog Response Time (I know, I said weekly, but I gots stuffs to say.)

Trevor's Spytop RULES. I really like it. Of course, I looked at the list at first and thought, "Hmm. Am I really that old?" not even noticing that the date was not my birthday and that AGE didn't refer to MY age. Yeah. I'm bright like that. I really like that the Blogs don't open up in new windows. That's way cool for my happy Netscape life.

Courtney: I'm thrilled your TMJ visit proved to you you're not a hypochondriac. Yay! And I love the idea of superheroes with lives/lies to maintain. You ARE a mild-mannered copy editor by day! LOL. I understand the not wanting to turn down work for fear of not being called again... but I also know that I HAVE TO turn down work, at some point, because I just say yes to way too much. You'll know when it's crossed a line. 'Til then, say yes to the work you enjoy! Hey, how was the asparagus pizza? Thank you for your description of Xander. I feel better now. I'm sorry my Blog blinks for you. What browser and OS do you use? Just wonderin'. Oh, and your pumpkins are GORGEOUS. I really like the white one with stars and marbles. You are SO creative!

Stephanie W.: Great new template! I have no Halloween costume ideas either. Keith and I walked down to Hollywood Blvd. last year for the big parade and just general people-watching. It was a huge scene. I'm guessing we'll do that again this year, rather than try to dress up. I should try to remember to take photos this year. Oh, thank you for the David Sedaris recap. Very cool. Oh, and I SO get the Cheese Nip finger/typing thing. LOL.

Shelley: I want to see the slipcover! I'm so proud of you!

Chip: I think it's super cool to hum the theme to Alias while downloading files from your car parked within the wireless cloud. I swear, if that's not James Bond Come to Athens, GA, I don't know what is!

Big Mike: Great idea about a movie setting having nothing to do with the story. I do recommend that you start with a short, though, just because you will have a less monumental task getting funding for your feature if you have a good short to shop around. I hear ya on the self-search turning up weird things online. There are still replies I've made to Ed-Tech Listservs in 1997 coming up on searches of my name! Oh, and thanks for showing me what my Blog looks like in OmniWeb. I'm glad you aren't having trouble seeing the Blog, even if the color change dealy doesn't work.

Trevor: I LOVE that the "order is rearranged with no sense of what is fair or just" with the SpyTop. Just frickin' awesome! Oh, I just quoted you and then read that you think public Blog bloggers should ask permission before quoting or referencing Spies by name. I'm okay with that. Would you prefer I leave you out? I had to go public with the Blog b/c I was just having a really hard time keeping up with everyone in all the various places I kept in touch with people. I'm sorry. Let me know if I need to go back and delete references to you or anything. I'll totally understand. Oh, but I don't understand what you mean about "links given by Blogs deserve a back link." What's that?

The new Munchies Blog template is gorgeous! Ooh!

Jocelyn: What is the "great assignment" you gave to your students. I want to know! I'm glad you love the colors of my Blog. Yay! Worth keeping, right there. ;) Re: learning darts in Athens... you GO, girl! That's where I learned (and I played on a league). It was SO much fun. Dang, I want a dart board. Do they even sell the "real" ones anymore or are they all those silly electronic ones with plastic darts?

Okay, that's it for responses today.

I need to get back to organizing and assembling the second book. This was my project for the currently-at-the-printer book during Memorial Day weekend. I figure this is a good pace for getting a new book out every six months. This assembling process is a whole bunch o' work, though. Hard to filter out the stuff that doesn't need to be there... it all seems so relevant, but dang, who wants a 700 page book?!?

Oh, the panel discussion I was going to moderate on Oct. 23rd has been cancelled (sniffle), but... drumroll... I'll be moderating a panel of casting directors at Take One Bookstore on Wednesday, Nov. 6th, 7:30pm. Woo hoo! I'm very excited. I sent out a little email to a few of my favorite casting directors and the response has been excellent! We're going to have a blast. I'll post the official roster and press release once it's all... well... official.


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October 16, 2002

Had a really cool dream

Had a really cool dream where my online pregnant friend called in the middle of the night, talked to me about what being knocked up felt like, and then, was in my bed with me, chatting away about how her boobs felt, what her hubby was doing to help out, and when she was expecting (which, of course, made no sense, considering she's preggers now and, in the dream, was due Oct. 24, 2003). Anyway, it was a cool dream and now I'm awake and thinking about her and how it's going. Gonna do the Blog I was gonna do last night (but the weird Blog server thingy was down for my Blog, but not for all Blogs to which I post... weirdness) and then I'm going to email her and see how she's doing today.

Blog and Response

BrYan: I didn't know that "Yoda" was the "Lola" parody by Weird Al. I feel shame. Thanks for the shout-out to my cool new background. I don't know if you're going crazy, but isn't it nice to know--if you are--that my Blog background is not a symptom of that?

Chip: Sorry the color is freaking you out. Maybe because you're sick? I've been sick for two weeks now. Sucks. But... I did finally get some sleep. For the first time since June, I've slept for more than two hours at a time several times over the last few days. I am very happy about that. I am also in a lot of pain. Damn, I miss medication sometimes. Hey, Chip, what's "Clocked" and what does one eat there?

Re: Instant Film Fests, here's the link to the 48 Hour Film Fest, which was recently in LA. Also, here's an article about it from the LA Times, and a link to another of the Instant Fest variety. I am totally in support of you doing such a thing. Let me know if I can help!

Courtney: I did the Buffy character thing too, even though I've never watched the show. Could someone who watches tell me if being this guy makes me cool or makes me really annoying or anything of note?

Which Buffy Character Do You Identify With Most?

brought to you by Quizilla

I love the photos from your trip! Looks like you had a great time. I went to the Jellyfish exhibit in Long Beach last summer and was just mesmerized by the little guys. Stared at them for hours and hours. I want some as pets. They're just really hypnotic.

I'm sorry the background flashes for you. What browser are you using? Is it only on the archive page that includes Keith's son's photo (yes, he is precious)? Did you try changing the preferences in the right-side window? I know you can change font size and stuff. Let me know if this stays a problem... and if anyone else is experiencing such things, please let me know. I'll email you, Courtney. ;)

David: I love your new format, and that I know what "M&P" means. I feel so "insider." You mentioned East-West Bistro and I am so hungry for that. Man... love that place.

Jocelyn: I LOVE your retelling of the night out in Athens. Makes me homesick for experiences I've never had, but ones that are darn-near like ones I've had. I'd bet Athens is like that for a lot of people, though. I don't think my mom ever refused to make my lunch. I had a pretty easy lunch order: carrot sticks, celery sticks, rice cakes with peanut butter, a box of raisins, and money for juice. Man, no wonder I was so hot and skinny when I was a kid. Maybe I need to revisit that menu.

As I'm typing this, I'm realizing that my headaches get worse every time I eat. I'm thinking I must have some pretty big food allergies that I'm not dealing with. It so sucks to not be able to afford to be checked out in a way that would answer questions and fix me up at least a bit. Augh. I'm very frustrated with my lack of health. I'm 32, not 82. Heck, even my neighbor, the yogi, is healthier than I am... and he's 80. Gotta come up with something.

Stephanie W.: How was David Sedaris? I've been meaning to read his stuff. Have some of it on my ever-growing Amazon wish-list... just greatness. Did you have a good time?

Oh, do you know what's really WRONG? That'd be naming a show "The Sunday Night Sex Show" and having it be some lady older and uglier than Dr. Ruth talking to other women as manly as Bea Arthur about sex. Skimmed past it on the Oxygen Channel. Be advised: try and miss it.

Okay, I guess that's the sum of my brain this early morning. Onward! I'm hoping for health and less pain. Wish me luck!

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October 14, 2002

So, obviously

I really like Blogging now. Don't know if it's the new template, the non-passworded access, or the fact that I am stalling on writing a big huge article right now, but I'm just Blogging my arse off and loving every minute of it.

Trevor: I love that you are now a Featured Spy (which, I guess, is a shout out to Chip, more than Trevor). Also, you should definitely make a short film. Enter it in our Shorts Fest next year. Meanwhile, take pride in the fact that you're creating something really cool that is short enough for even ME to sit through. Love shorts.

I slept for about two hours (natch) and then got up to start working on my article. I've organized my raw interview info and now I just need to get to writing it all up. I am somehow intimidated by the task of making 3000 words into one, long, flowing piece. Don't know why. I've certainly put together many thousands of words more than that into one, long... oh, okay, I guess I need to shoot for "coherent" here too. Nevahmind.


Posted by bonnie at 5:00 AM

I attended a really wonderful show tonight.

Yes, I'm biased, b/c several members of the cast/crew are clients of Cricket Feet Management, but DANG, On the Verge was smartly written, well acted, and superbly directed. If you're in LA... GO. It's a very good show.

Still feeling sick as a dog, but happily woke up from my day-of-sleep to be social, now home and back to bed. Of course, when I try to sleep at night, I sleep for two hours. I rest my head for a minute during the day, and I'm out for HOURS. Still worth a shot. I'll see if I can catch a few Zzzs, now that I've taken care of some business with the awesome screeners of the Actors Bone Shorts Fest and prepped my schedule for the day ahead, I can rest a bit.

Wish me luck!

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October 13, 2002

Just changed the template.

I think my little font size issue has been eclipsed by the coolness that is this color-changing groove train. Woo hoo!

Posted by bonnie at 5:53 AM

Okay. So, this is how this is gonna go:

You'll notice, if you've been reading my posts just about anywhere, that there's some redundancy here. Well, that's b/c I merged a whole bunch of stuff into one place, and now... that'd be right here. So, things should be a little more streamlined and more frequently updated from here on out.

If anyone can tell me why it is that the font changes after I insert my first link within my Blogger code, I'd really appreciate it. Yes, I've checked out the code. Yes, I know what to look for. No, I haven't found an obvious trigger.

Today (the 12th... which I still call today since I only slept for two hours when I went to bed), Keith and I celebrated our Nonniversary. Very cool. I think we'll celebrate it every year. Tee hee.

One of my best online friends is pregnant! I won't out her, in case she's going to go public in a major way later, but wooooo hooooo! I'm so excited!

The radio show went great today. Even better than last week, with call-in guest casting directors and the like. Very very cool. Should have a good reel to shop around now for some projects currently in development (and under wraps... sorry).

I'm still sick with the Hollywood Crud thing. I stopped taking antihisthamines today, just for my own sanity. I really do think my body decided to form a mild addiction to the junk, and that's why I'm in so much pain when I don't take the drugs. Gotta just flush it out of my system and get better on my own. The more I continue the cycle, the longer I'll be dragging. Got WAY too much to do this coming week to let that happen.

Sunday: Coffee with Faith. Dinner with friends and a play starring several of my clients and friends. Very much looking forward to it!
Monday: Coffee with a client.
Thursday: Covering the Artios Awards for the paper (this is the Oscar-like award night for the Casting Society of America... very cool).

Those are the biggies. Anyway, I need a dress.

G'nite, all. SpyNotebookers, I think I'll do weekly Blog replies (or comments directly on y'all's Blogs, as possible). We'll see how that all pans out! XXOO


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October 12, 2002


I cannot believe it has been SO long since I Blogged. Well, Chip's going to un-password my Blog, which will give me an incentive to keep it up a little more, as I'll use the Blog to keep up with a whole bunch of everybody, not only SpyNotebookers (but I'll always love y'all the most...shh). Hm. Wonder if I need to go through and edit out anything incriminating from the archives. Nah. Anyway, this will now be the main source for news and updates and links of interest, rather than trying to keep all of that in different places on the bonsite.

Boys are so forgetful. I'm not talking about things like dates or silly emotional things that chicks get so caught up on guys remembering. I mean big things. Big, stupid, he-said-he-did-it stuff. Urgh.

I got pissed at the powers that be at the paper this week. They pulled my piece from this week's issue. I'd only put about 30 hours' worth of work into it and it was of the theme of the whole issue, per their request several weeks ago. Bastids. Response: "Yep. That's the price of freelance living. You're not in here pitching for your story to stay in with all the staff writers." Theory: the muckity mucks above are pissed that I own the rights to my work and am going to get rich ("Rich! Rich, I tell you!") from the sale of my book. Keep pushin', punk-ass suckas. I welcome the walking papers!

Ah, don't mind her. She's just venting. ;)

Santa Ana Winds are killin' me! Ugh. My poor allergies. Broke down and took drugs today. I don't care if I wind up addicted to this sinus medication. It's better than the not-breathing option.

Finished the edits on the casting director's book (woo hoo) just five hours before deadline. Pulled all-nighters the ENTIRE weekend. It was rough, but worth it. It's a happy dance-inducing thing, finishing a big project like that. I must say, though, it sure is a hell of a lot more gratifying, editing your OWN work, than editing someone elses.

Let's see... what else to tell?

I've been doing way too much posting over on Wolfesden with this dink who owns a casting director workshop and actor database website thingy. He's sent shills over to pitch on his behalf and stand up for his services. I finally broke it all down for him, since he's clearly not getting it. The board to which he's pitching his wares is filled with cynical, skeptical, seasoned veteran actors who know a turd when they step on one. This guy is definitely one. Anyway, the most recent thing is that he's been publishing a Casting Director Guide that is written by one name (his pseudonym) and edited by his legal name. Smarmy guy. I say run from anyone who has the need to pretend he's more people than he really is in order to make money off people.

The illness that wouldn't die had me sick in bed for a full week, feeling better for two days, and back sick in bed (but editing) all weekend, then dragging hard for the rest of the week. Keith got it and was done with it after five days. Lucky guy.

Today, the 12th, was supposed to be our wedding day. If you're looking for news on how that went, then you missed the announcement of the big postponement decision. Oh, it's nothing dramatic. Keith and I were so overwhelmed by the drama of planning a wedding and all of the chaos involved that we chose to back burner the whole thing and stay blissfully engaged for as long as we can stand it. We'll run off to Vegas and do the hitching thing... or perhaps do the deed at the Beverly Hills Courthouse one Thursday (thanks for the tip, Judy)!

'Til then, you can continue to weigh in on the dress, the ring, etc. over on the bonsite, and I'm sure someone, somewhere, has started a pool for predicted dates. Keith's one-year anniversary in LA is upon us. That's a huge celebration, as he has accomplished SO much in no time, really. Ahh. We're so happy! Being engaged rocks. Really!

It's official. Cricket Feet Publishing's inaugural title Casting Qs: A Collection of Casting Director Interviews is at the printer! Expect it out just in time for Pilot Season, January 2003. You'll be able to buy the book online at CricketFeet.com/CastingQs. Further titles in the works: Casting Director Stuart Stone's new book, Acting Out (due out Spring 2003, edited by me, see above); and my two other titles Self-Management for Actors: Getting Down to (Show) Business (due out Summer 2003) and Casting Calendar: An Actor's Datebook and Action Log (due out for Pilot Season 2004). I'm currently looking at a couple of other manuscripts that have come my way, from folks who have some cool stuff to say.

While the book has been my main focus right now, I'm still collaborating on a few other writing projects. Most recently, I've been asked to contribute to the 10th edition of Judy Kerr's top selling book, Acting is Everything. I'm really excited about that! I'm doing the section on casting directors and on acting in Atlanta. And Keith's headshot will be featured in it, as well as his story on starting acting in his mid-30s. Other writing projects include a series of articles posting to The Actor's Bone. I'm answering questions in the Career Chat area of the BackStage.com site. That's amazingly gratifying. I've also started dispensing advice on ActorPoint.com. Guest lecturing here and there on the business of the business (next up, I'll be moderating a panel on successful women in film at Take One! Bookstore in West LA.

Here's the press release.

Take One Bookstore, 11516 Santa Monica Blvd. (five blocks west of the 405) 310.445.4050 Wednesday, October 23, 7:30pm, FREE OF CHARGE.

Back Stage West Casting Columnist Bonnie Gillespie will moderate a panel discussion featuring documentary filmmaker Mollie Gregory, author of Women Who Run the Show: How a Brilliant and Creative New Generation of Women Stormed Hollywood and several special guest panelists (women profiled in Gregory's book, other women who have made their mark in film).

Review of her book from Publishers Weekly:

Documentary film producer and director Gregory interviews over 100 powerful women who've made their mark in film in this hefty book. She organizes it by decade; thus, the 1970s chapter is called "Beachhead," the '80s is "Securing the Perimeter" and the '90s is "Breakthrough." She investigates the barriers women like The Sting producer Julia Phillips came up against and lauds the accomplishments of Mimi Leder, who directed The Peacemaker. Dense and very thorough, Gregory's work will be important to those in the fields of film studies and women's studies. Photos.

Getting started back up with the management company, slowly but surely. For those of you just tuning in, when I started managing Keith's acting career earlier this year, I had no idea things would take off so quickly for him. I decided I must know what I'm doing, so we decided to start up a little management company. On July 1st, we launched Cricket Feet Management. Keith's been working on two series (one for the Discovery Channel, one for the Learning Channel--check back for when they will air), as well as indie films, student films, commercials, plays, staged readings, and two Spanish-language videos. Amazing!

Have a short film burning a hole in your pocket? Enter it in the ActorsBone ShortsFest (inaugural fest, January 2003). If you're interested in being a screener for the shorts, shoot me an email. I'm the co-founder in charge of that element. We'd love to have your help! The deadline is fast approaching (November 1st), and I am so happy to have such an amazing team of professionals in the industry helping out with this entire process. Wow!

Radio show Back Stage Live kicked off in September on KRLA 870am. I've been the in-studio guest a couple of times. Download the evil listening tool, then go here to listen, and then call 1.866.870.KRLA between 6pm and 7pm Saturdays with your questions about acting and casting. Woo hoo!

A quick response to some Blogs before I sign off (oh, and you'll notice I'm not responding to some of the more intimate issues in SpyNotebook-er's Blogs, now that this puppy's going public.

Chip: Thank you SO MUCH for killing the evil letters. Now I KNOW I love you. I love the idea of an anthropological study based on the contents of a school's Lost & Found. Maybe someone has done this? Don't worry that you missed me on the air last week. I'm on again today (see above). Ironic that I had my return to the air for the first time in five years on the same day as the WUOG 30th anniversary. Greatness. Did you listen to the alumni DJs? Any good? Is long red-haired Blake the guy from punk band Balrog? We studied acting together at UGA in the early '90s. Tell him I said hi.

Trevor: Interesting dialogue on copyright issues. I'm sure, if I had the energy, I could come up with actual percentages, but let's just look at the professional writing I'm doing these days, as opposed to the gazillion pages of academic writing, personal creative writing, and other expressions of creativity and angst I've penned or otherwise let escape from me somehow. As for the stuff I get paid to write, the % that is owned by me is 100. That was by design. I get low pay to write freelance, but I do retain my rights. So, it was a trade off, and based on how the book sales go, I'll get an idea of how great that trade off was. The money I get for my column each week is minute, and considering the paper is $3 and goes out to 30,000+ weekly, I ain't getting much of a cut. No royalties, but no reprint without renegotiating the contract either. % of the pieces I've written sold? All of 'em. In fact, even if I broaden the scope to include other works (photography, art, acting, creative writing), I've scored a very unusually high ratio of sold works, compared to most creatives. I absolutely understand how incredibly lucky that makes me! I think, as to your last question, that the work is the same for me, whether I'm paid to do it or not. Obviously, a deadline and someone else's money changes the vibe attached to getting a piece done, but I think the creative joy is the same. At least I hope it is. I think I would stop writing for money if I didn't enjoy it.

Courtney: Big ew on the blood spatters thing. I have so much more I want to say to you about other stuff, but want to respect your privacy on this now-public Blog. Wanna email me?

David: Your string of Braves game, Chick-fil-A, and Steak-n-Shake posts just got me SO homesick. Dang. See the post to Trevor above about item five in the copyright discussion. I don't know that you would feel more creative if paid to write. I think the bliss of it comes from the doing it and the pay is just a huge, unexpected bonus. At least that's the way I see it. Perhaps because I know it could all as easily dry up as it has flooded in. That's the former actor in me, I'm sure. We're always prepared for the downtime between paying gigs. And we still go do free theatre and stuff for the love of it.

Stephanie W.: I am so impressed with your boot camp thing. Wow. Y'know, I don't think I'd ever get anything done if I had Trillian. It's probably for the best that I'm not even going to explore whatever that is. Oh, in software news, Keith used something called Hijack (or somesuch) to record my radio show off the Internet last week. He then used iMovie to edit it down and will burn it to a CD when we have enough tracks to make that worth doing. Then (total side note here) we'll shop that baby around for some other interesting opportunities. Woo hoo!

Tina: Thank you so much for looking for pix of Hello Kitty slippers for me. I'm bummed you didn't find them, but I think I can gather a pretty good idea of what they look like, from your description. I have Power Puff Girls socks. Is that close? ;)

Jocelyn posted! Yay! I must be rewarded for my optimism of checking the "tardy" Blogs by getting to see your story about the blind date and the guy winning bible trivia at church camp. Reminds me of something that happened to my friend Deb when she was living (and dating) in Athens. She was set up with this guy who turned out to be a real bible thumper (which was so not her thing). He had on purple socks and Deb mentioned that. He said, "I wear purple in honor of our King." Deb asked, "Elvis' favorite color was purple?" Of course, all I could think of was Donny Osmond (shows the generation gap) and his saying, "Cute Marie. Real cute."

I am SO obsessed by these online quizzes, I finally made a page just for sharing the experience! More new quizzes just added... again (oh, it's so dangerous)!

Some Interesting Name Statistics for Bonnie Gillespie:

* The Girl's Name Bonnie is shared by ~314,000 people in the USA.
* The Last Name Gillespie is shared by ~41,300 people in the USA.
* The First Name, Last Name Bonnie Gillespie is shared by ~50 people in the USA (there's me, a stripper in Hotlanta, a gym teacher in the midwest, and some really well-published academic).
* The First Name, Last Initial Bonnie G is shared by ~11,270 people in the USA.
* The First Initial, Last Name B Gillespie is shared by ~1,900 people in the USA.
* The First Name Athene is not common in the US and if it exists, the shared population is less than 1,000 (damn straight).

Terribly cool, is this product name random description generator. Here's what it came up with for me.
bonnie is a screwdriver! It waters your plants! (Which is ironic, since I kill plants.)
keith is like a normal key-ring, but it can be used on the move.
cricket feet is a billboard! It weighs anything you put on top of it!
casting qs is a small plastic pyramid that's made of solid gold! It is also available in white and detects harmful gases. (Me likee that.)

Had to do the cats.
archie is a new type of vegetable that looks bigger than it really is! (So true!)
salema is like a normal suitcase, but it sticks to the skin. (Hee hee.)

And a reintroduction, of sorts. Ah, yes... the greatness of Babelfish. Shoulda figured! Thanks, Panj.

or (english to portugese and back to english)

Ampere-hour, yes... greatness of Babelfish. Shoulda appeared! Gratefulness, Panj

Okay, that's gonna have to be it for tonight. Back to work I must go. Or sleep. Not sure yet. Decisions, decisions. XXOO all!
"Welcome to the humiliating world of professional writing." - Homer J. Simpson, food critic, to Lisa, his ghost writer

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