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October 14, 2002

I attended a really wonderful show tonight.

Yes, I'm biased, b/c several members of the cast/crew are clients of Cricket Feet Management, but DANG, On the Verge was smartly written, well acted, and superbly directed. If you're in LA... GO. It's a very good show.

Still feeling sick as a dog, but happily woke up from my day-of-sleep to be social, now home and back to bed. Of course, when I try to sleep at night, I sleep for two hours. I rest my head for a minute during the day, and I'm out for HOURS. Still worth a shot. I'll see if I can catch a few Zzzs, now that I've taken care of some business with the awesome screeners of the Actors Bone Shorts Fest and prepped my schedule for the day ahead, I can rest a bit.

Wish me luck!

Posted by bonnie at October 14, 2002 12:27 AM