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October 13, 2002

Okay. So, this is how this is gonna go:

You'll notice, if you've been reading my posts just about anywhere, that there's some redundancy here. Well, that's b/c I merged a whole bunch of stuff into one place, and now... that'd be right here. So, things should be a little more streamlined and more frequently updated from here on out.

If anyone can tell me why it is that the font changes after I insert my first link within my Blogger code, I'd really appreciate it. Yes, I've checked out the code. Yes, I know what to look for. No, I haven't found an obvious trigger.

Today (the 12th... which I still call today since I only slept for two hours when I went to bed), Keith and I celebrated our Nonniversary. Very cool. I think we'll celebrate it every year. Tee hee.

One of my best online friends is pregnant! I won't out her, in case she's going to go public in a major way later, but wooooo hooooo! I'm so excited!

The radio show went great today. Even better than last week, with call-in guest casting directors and the like. Very very cool. Should have a good reel to shop around now for some projects currently in development (and under wraps... sorry).

I'm still sick with the Hollywood Crud thing. I stopped taking antihisthamines today, just for my own sanity. I really do think my body decided to form a mild addiction to the junk, and that's why I'm in so much pain when I don't take the drugs. Gotta just flush it out of my system and get better on my own. The more I continue the cycle, the longer I'll be dragging. Got WAY too much to do this coming week to let that happen.

Sunday: Coffee with Faith. Dinner with friends and a play starring several of my clients and friends. Very much looking forward to it!
Monday: Coffee with a client.
Thursday: Covering the Artios Awards for the paper (this is the Oscar-like award night for the Casting Society of America... very cool).

Those are the biggies. Anyway, I need a dress.

G'nite, all. SpyNotebookers, I think I'll do weekly Blog replies (or comments directly on y'all's Blogs, as possible). We'll see how that all pans out! XXOO


Posted by bonnie at October 13, 2002 5:24 AM