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June 16, 2003


How is it possible to have such deep, intense feelings for a sweet little munchkin after spending only a week with him?

I know that I have spent time with Quinn before, but it wasn't until this--his first week with us in Los Angeles--that I went from being "Dad's girlfriend" to being "My Bonnie."

See, Quinn, in his non-traditional family back home, has "My Mom" and "My Amber." And he's always had, in LA, "My Dad." Well, during dinner with his West Coast extended family, he made sure to list "My Bonnie," when explaining who his parents are.


My heart melted a million times over.

And now, as I remind myself I don't have to tiptoe around at this hour to keep from waking the angel and as I am constantly surprised to not hear him asking me questions or telling me stories throughout the day, I am simply amazed at the pain in my heart over his absence.

How is that possible?

What a precious boy! What a delight that we were able to spend this past week together! I'm going to miss him every day for the next 51 weeks we spend without him here. That's just too long. Wow. I can't even articulate properly how I feel right now. Sad. Yes, that.

Posted by bonnie at June 16, 2003 9:20 PM