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July 11, 2003

A Little Funny

So, today I'm 33.

Keith sent flowers. Of course, he sent flowers to the casting office where my noon meeting was scheduled. Got a call at 11am that we've rescheduled the meeting for Monday... and Keith hit the road... going to intercept my flowers at the casting office, get a bunch of "aww" from the ladies there, and get them back here to me before I knew what was happening. Very sweet.

Okay, so... the flowers... they're absolutely lovely. There's something like 33 (hey... I get it!) roses and such... just gorgeous! And, of course, Salema has decided that this is the exact nutritional element her diet has been lacking. She did a little chewing, so I moved the arrangement up to a higher spot. And now... she is determined to get up on the bookcase to join the flowers and have her snack.

Just now, she stood up on her hind legs (something she loves to do more than any other feline I've encountered) and reached up three shelves of books, trying to investigate the higher surface on which the arrangement rests. She is now walking around mewing that soft little Salema mew, making sure that I know she needs to be with those flowers. She must floss with the leaves and petals!

What a great day! I like 33 so far.

Posted by bonnie at July 11, 2003 7:04 PM