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July 17, 2003


Yup. I've been hired to cast a feature film. I've been going non-stop since booking the job on Tuesday evening. Calling actors, meeting with the crew, scheduling auditions, answering a zillion questions...

This is sooo much fun!

Oh, I did get a little break to have lunch in Marina del Rey with Chip, James, Sara, Susan, and Sean. It was GREAT to see the Athens gang in LA. Of course, Chip promised all sorts of postings by now... and I haven't seen a dang new thing at his Blog. Coolest of cools: I received a two-year-old birthday present. It's a customized keyboard! The letters spell, "Happy Birthday Bonnie!" It so rocks! Thanks, Chip!

Okay. Back to work. Loving it!

Posted by bonnie at July 17, 2003 9:44 AM