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August 29, 2003

Migraines Still Suck

Day three. Very very ill.

They caught the blaster worm guy, a 320-lb., 6'4" teenager. Wow. Shouldn't he be playing football?

Archie does not like pugs.

That is all.

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August 28, 2003

Migraines Suck

Migraines suck, but watching Victoria Principal kick ass in Earthquake does not suck. Or, it sucks in a different way. I like watching scenes shot in my 'hood as it was 30 years ago.

Did I mention I saw The Shootist a couple of weeks ago while in Joshua Tree? I'd never seen it before. BTW, Joshua Tree appears to be washing away. Dang. That's some flooding!

Migraines suck. Too sick to my tummy to do anything, can't see anything for very long before it gets a halo around it, can't sleep because my eye won't stop twitching, and I can't take anything to make it all go away. Grr.

Just grr.

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August 21, 2003

Archie, Movie, and the Race

Got Archie out of hock today for $902.51. He's on special food for a few weeks, plus pain pills and antibiotics, and Salema cannot have any of his special food, as it could lower her pH too much (which is also unhealthy).


He's in pain, sad, and his fur is all messy. He smells funny and Salema hasn't decided he's actually her brother yet.

Today we went to the premiere of a film in which Keith played Joe the Bartender. His scene was GREAT. Amazing tape for his demo reel. He was definitely a shining star in the film.

I'm exhausted. I'm not yet doing my "real job" for Fox. Instead I'm doing the job I turned down three weeks ago "until it's time to start the real job." There's a reason I said no to that job. Ugh. I was in tears today.

Actually, this is a happy Blog. I'm home, kitties are home, Keith was great on the big screen, and we bought fudge (peanut butter fudge for me) at one of those "cut it off on a slab" places before we left Old Pasadena to head home. I'm in major sugar shock now. That feels good. Tee hee.

Oh! The dish damn froze again and TiVo couldn't tape the season finale of The Amazing Race. Anyone wanna school me? THANKS.

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August 18, 2003

Ah... Look:

Here it is... the site for the show I'm a part of, this time around. *insert eye roll here* but don't tell my boss!

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Leave Paradise Forever

Oh, how I love Paradise Hotel! Sad thing is, I'd love it even if I hadn't worked on the casting team for it.

Have I mentioned how glad I am that Stompy Stomperson is gone from upstairs? Man... there was a part of me that thought, perhaps, I was just way too sensitive to the sounds of an upstairs neighbor and that I would never ever be able to live under anyone. Well... how glad am I that he's gone and I have learned that is NOT the case! I actually do just fine with a non-Stompy upstairs neighbor? VERY.

And... sad and scary, must share this: Archie Kitty, the big fat oaf of a Maine Coon I inherited from my mom, is in the kitty hospital... has been since noon today and will be until Wednesday at least. :(

When we came home from Joshua Tree, he was especially vocal, and he only usually "mearks" (as opposed to "meows") occasionally. This morning, he was trying to tinkle in the litter box and kept meowing very loudly and sadly... and never could pee.

Turns out he [Do not read if you are especially squeamish about tee-tee parts.] has some crystallized something in his bladder and, since the male feline urethra is so very very narrow, the only way out is... anesthesia, catheter, and time.

And $700+.


Started the new job today. Love it. Will love it even more when payday rolls around. Also love talking with fellow Paradise Hotel employees about the twists and turns going on as they bring on "retread" contestants and disregard people we'd slated for them to bring on board. Eh... whatever. I'm proud of the folks who've come and gone. Miss Beau. Can't wait to hear from "Seacrest" again soon. ;)

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August 17, 2003

Good and Bad

Good: home, doing the absolute final checks of index page number match up-ness of the book, in the A/C, full belly, Seinfeld on TV, kitties at my feet, Keith sleeping in the next room while I stay up way too late on the night before starting a new job.

Bad: spent the weekend in Joshua Tree--which, in and of itself was delightful: lots of wonderful conversation and food, blissful exchange of computer services for business taxes and kitty love--where it was at least 120 degrees and A/C was considered an "in case of emergencies" amenity. Car overheated the whole drive home, meaning I cooked in the TicTac for three hours after having cooked all weekend in the desert.

Good: TV Guide finally stopped showing up in my mailbox. My subscription ran out in April (a year later than I'd have liked it to do so, but I'd pre-paid) and the effers kept sending the damn thing for nearly 15 weeks more! So, please note: if you ever want to get TV Guide, you can time that subscription renewal with this information.

Bad: I'm still really hot.

Good: got the book's printing almost all the way financed. THANK YOU, people who know who you are. THANK YOU indeed.

Bad: probably won't sleep before starting my new job tomorrow.

Good: new job's paychecks will pay back all book loan money in just a few weeks.

Bad: I have big plans for overhauling the Blogs, linking old posts, silly stuff like that. What a time waster! But OCD will require its completion. I've spent many many many recent hours making sure all of my contacts in the Palm (really not a Palm... it's a Visor) are also in my Entourage... and vice versa (is it vice-versa? vica-versa? vise-versa? What is it? I recently learned that it's not chomping at the bit. It's champing at the bit! Who knew?!?) and of course, I must also make sure that the categories match up... that even though there is no way to email someone with no email address that those poor people also appear in my mail program... and that everything is all backed up, matched up, and lovely. It's already become a huge pain in the ass, as I've had to add three new people to both places, just since getting home from Joshua Tree. And then there's the issue of Syncing the device with an unstable connection.

Damn technology!

Okay, I didn't mean that.

Back to indexing. Moral of the story: despite the long-ness of the "bad" lists, above, the "good" always always always outweighs it all. I am supremely happy and just obnoxiously thrilled with how my life has turned out. That's got to be annoying to others. Pff.

Oh!! That reminds me!!!

Spied in the desert: PFF Bank and Trust. What? How safe is my money in a place called "pff"?

Also spied: High-Desert Sushi. Ew. I can't even imagine.

And finally, a whole bunch of those cliché-shaped cactus guys that look like (if you put a cowboy hat on them) they're playing cops and robbers. Love those "little" joy-filled things!

Now I'm done.

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August 11, 2003


Okay... the book is on its way to the printer this week.

Click the banner to see the book's site.

Once I laid the sucker into PageMaker, it became 248 pages, which is now a total of 12 pages over the original estimate. Not bad, if you ask me. The release date is also off by six weeks. Had I known about Mercury going into Retrograde in late August, back when we declared the release date, I'd have said October 1st to begin with.

Kind of nice, though, since the release party for the book will coincide with our October 2nd Hollywood Happy Hour. Woo hoo!

I slept for four hours this morning. Outstanding! Phew!

I start up my job with the Fox show Project X (again) on next Monday. It'll be nice to make some money again. It looks like we may have some investors lined up for help with printing the book, though. Pretty dang exciting to have this thing come together. With or without the money my brother owes me. It's almost better to do it without any relatives' (note I did not say "family") fingerprints on it. Feels damn good.

And no, we did not win the $91M lottery. This time.

Oh! I did get a call from "Mr. Purple Mask" of Mr. Personality the other day. Seems he and the "psycho crazy NFL Mascot guy" from the show are painting the town red (the latter is here on a visit--the former and I have stayed in touch and hung out a bit since the show was cast) and want to meet up. Surreal life I've got going on, here. Can I just say that the lobster at The Palm is some of the best food I have EVER put in my mouth? Yes. I can say that. Thank you thank you thank you to Bob Brody for what has now become one of my favorite dinners EVER in Los Angeles. I don't recall having such fun in public!

Okay, so go buy the book. I have life stuff to catch up on while we wait for final word from each of the peer-proofers I've got out there. Also, one last paragraph to add in. Once that happens, the book... she is published! For those of you who expressed regret that you weren't able to help with this one, worry not. Casting Calendar: An Actor's Datebook and Action Log is due out in the Spring of 2004. Sign up now to help. Hee hee. And to everyone who did help with this one, like I said... I owe you something pretty. I hope you like free copies of the book.

Cheers, everyone. I'm loving life and thrilled to share it!

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August 8, 2003

Oh... California

So it's Ah-nohld vs. Arnold (Drummond) in the race-to-replace our current Governor. Good lord, is this what it means to be a Californian? Yes, I've been asked whether I'll soon be throwing my hat into the proverbial ring. No. I declared--back in 1988--that I would run for president in 2024. I stand behind that. No need to rush my leap to political greatness.

I know full well that Southern California and Northern California should be two different states. Anyone who lives here should admit as much.

I live in the state of SoCal, in which voting is not a strong suit.

Let's see... there's the tiny-margin defeat of the SAG-AFTRA merger which--again--passed with no problems in every other state and was voted down largely by Hollywood voters. There's the "free Hollywood" campaign for which many, many residents begged and pleaded publically... and then voted down once behind the privacy curtain. And, while I joke about the Dueling Arnolds, I must say that any campaign that includes the community's favorite "you-gotta-be-kidding-me" girl Angelyne has to show up on anyone's radar screen as a laughing stock.


Checking my options...

I vote "no."

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August 7, 2003

Ah... Blissful

I don't know why it is... but no sleep plus disciplined, concentrated, uninterrupted work on the book is just about some of the most satisfying energy I know.

I did get 2.5 hours' sleep this morning, which was nice. Keith's cell phone woke me up. We have our phone-phone turned off while I finish the book. No time for conversation. No time for screening. We'll deal with it all when the book is in the printers' hands. It's just too close to being done for me to lose focus on the project now.

Major thank yous to my friends who have pitched in to do reviews, edits, and research for the book. Wow! I am blessed to know some really talented, dedicated people who are also very unselfish and willing to work for free. Okay, okay... there's a "thank you" in the credits somewhere, I'm sure.

Now, when we win the Saturday Lotto (estimated currently around $90M), I will buy something pretty for everyone who has helped make this book possible. Won't that be fun?

Okay. Back to work. Glad I love my work. Love my life too. It's good to be... yeah. I'm happy.

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August 3, 2003

Queer and Lovely

Having been burned by TiVo grabbing Queer as Folk instead of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy last week, tonight I am finally getting to see my first episode of the latter.

I have not been so bouncing-up-and-down-happy over TV since the 90210 Reunion Show. Oh, happy happy me.

What a GREAT show! Don't know from Bravo? Well, at least go visit the Fab 5 online.

Next note: I am feverishly editing the final few chapters of the new book. I need the following: a volunteer to agree to read the entire book (240 pages) in just two days, and provide me with notes (edits of content, format, grammar, spelling, punctuation; suggestions for removals, additions, resequencing; and general comments on the book as a whole--its place in the world of "the business of acting" texts) by Wednesday morning. Anyone up for it? Shoot me an email toot sweet and we'll work out a deal for me to get you something pretty when the book starts selling.

Back to the book... Have to get the dang thing indexed and into PageMaker and none of that can happen before the final chapters are done!

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