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August 17, 2003

Good and Bad

Good: home, doing the absolute final checks of index page number match up-ness of the book, in the A/C, full belly, Seinfeld on TV, kitties at my feet, Keith sleeping in the next room while I stay up way too late on the night before starting a new job.

Bad: spent the weekend in Joshua Tree--which, in and of itself was delightful: lots of wonderful conversation and food, blissful exchange of computer services for business taxes and kitty love--where it was at least 120 degrees and A/C was considered an "in case of emergencies" amenity. Car overheated the whole drive home, meaning I cooked in the TicTac for three hours after having cooked all weekend in the desert.

Good: TV Guide finally stopped showing up in my mailbox. My subscription ran out in April (a year later than I'd have liked it to do so, but I'd pre-paid) and the effers kept sending the damn thing for nearly 15 weeks more! So, please note: if you ever want to get TV Guide, you can time that subscription renewal with this information.

Bad: I'm still really hot.

Good: got the book's printing almost all the way financed. THANK YOU, people who know who you are. THANK YOU indeed.

Bad: probably won't sleep before starting my new job tomorrow.

Good: new job's paychecks will pay back all book loan money in just a few weeks.

Bad: I have big plans for overhauling the Blogs, linking old posts, silly stuff like that. What a time waster! But OCD will require its completion. I've spent many many many recent hours making sure all of my contacts in the Palm (really not a Palm... it's a Visor) are also in my Entourage... and vice versa (is it vice-versa? vica-versa? vise-versa? What is it? I recently learned that it's not chomping at the bit. It's champing at the bit! Who knew?!?) and of course, I must also make sure that the categories match up... that even though there is no way to email someone with no email address that those poor people also appear in my mail program... and that everything is all backed up, matched up, and lovely. It's already become a huge pain in the ass, as I've had to add three new people to both places, just since getting home from Joshua Tree. And then there's the issue of Syncing the device with an unstable connection.

Damn technology!

Okay, I didn't mean that.

Back to indexing. Moral of the story: despite the long-ness of the "bad" lists, above, the "good" always always always outweighs it all. I am supremely happy and just obnoxiously thrilled with how my life has turned out. That's got to be annoying to others. Pff.

Oh!! That reminds me!!!

Spied in the desert: PFF Bank and Trust. What? How safe is my money in a place called "pff"?

Also spied: High-Desert Sushi. Ew. I can't even imagine.

And finally, a whole bunch of those cliché-shaped cactus guys that look like (if you put a cowboy hat on them) they're playing cops and robbers. Love those "little" joy-filled things!

Now I'm done.

Posted by bonnie at August 17, 2003 10:30 PM