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August 18, 2003

Leave Paradise Forever

Oh, how I love Paradise Hotel! Sad thing is, I'd love it even if I hadn't worked on the casting team for it.

Have I mentioned how glad I am that Stompy Stomperson is gone from upstairs? Man... there was a part of me that thought, perhaps, I was just way too sensitive to the sounds of an upstairs neighbor and that I would never ever be able to live under anyone. Well... how glad am I that he's gone and I have learned that is NOT the case! I actually do just fine with a non-Stompy upstairs neighbor? VERY.

And... sad and scary, must share this: Archie Kitty, the big fat oaf of a Maine Coon I inherited from my mom, is in the kitty hospital... has been since noon today and will be until Wednesday at least. :(

When we came home from Joshua Tree, he was especially vocal, and he only usually "mearks" (as opposed to "meows") occasionally. This morning, he was trying to tinkle in the litter box and kept meowing very loudly and sadly... and never could pee.

Turns out he [Do not read if you are especially squeamish about tee-tee parts.] has some crystallized something in his bladder and, since the male feline urethra is so very very narrow, the only way out is... anesthesia, catheter, and time.

And $700+.


Started the new job today. Love it. Will love it even more when payday rolls around. Also love talking with fellow Paradise Hotel employees about the twists and turns going on as they bring on "retread" contestants and disregard people we'd slated for them to bring on board. Eh... whatever. I'm proud of the folks who've come and gone. Miss Beau. Can't wait to hear from "Seacrest" again soon. ;)

Posted by bonnie at August 18, 2003 9:14 PM