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November 30, 2003

Oh, Crap

I'm sicker again. How the hell does this happen? I'm feeling better, I'm thinking I may be at the end of this thing, and then it hits me: I'm awash in a feverish thud and my head feels like it wants to expose its insides ala coconut begging to be milked.

Ugh. Can't take it. Did I push too hard today? Jesus. Sitting up and coming into the living room instead of staying in bed all day is pushing? How am I to get anything done? This just sucks. I keep hearing that people are needing a month to get rid of the current strain of flu going around... but I keep thinking I don't have THAT flu. God, if I do, this is only the half-way point. Crap on a cracker, that just bites.

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OMG, this is brilliant and soooooo true. It's the Modern Drunkard Index's 86 Rules of Boozing. Of course, there's one missing, and it's my biggest "drinking with others" pet peeve on the planet:


I am SHOCKED at how frequently I see that happen. It's like people KNOW it bothers me and therefore do it just to watch me cringe.

Dear me... I must be feeling better. That felt like a rant.

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Made for Me

It's like this show--Big in 2003 on VH-1--was made for me. Well, except for some of the kids today who I just do NOT know [*shaking my head* When DID I get so old?] it was really great. Got to see some of my old faves from casting Mr. Personality and Paradise Hotel (which Kathy Griffin called the seventh sign of the apocalypse), which is fun. And the Michael Jackson jokes were especially juicy. One question: who the eff are the Hilton Sisters and who the eff gives a crap?

Keith's sick in bed. Since he's a good four days behind me in the full-swing of this thing (I think), he should stay there for at least four more days. Today was my first day out of bed more hours than in, and that's only b/c I didn't want to disturb Keith by being restless in the bed while he's sleeping. Poor kid. Theraflu has knocked him out, but he's not big into drugs, so he's fighting it.

I can hear the helicopters and such from the Hollywood Christmas Parade going on down the street. Ah... I recall ten years ago when I lived here (well, four blocks from here, but near enough) and worked for Joey Lawrence who was in the parade that year. Totally different experience than sitting here in my PJs, watching TV, finishing Christmas cards, and dragging a string along the floor for the kitties. Ah... so good to be 33.

Tomorrow I will be healthy. Dammit!

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November 25, 2003

Tonight's Meeting

Also a huge success. Wow. We are so sooo SO on the path. Another great meeting. So big yay!

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November 24, 2003


The meeting was a huge success. Huge. Success.


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November 23, 2003

Happy TV Stuff

One thing I've done while sick: watch lots of TV. I think.

Bless VH-1 for I Love the '80s Strikes Back and Comedy Central for rerunning the entire series Action starring the greatness that is Jay Mohr. Man, I loved that show. Keith said, after seeing half an episode, that he could see why I loved it and why it was cancelled (two things that generally do intersect at the same quality).

No special occasion to it, but FX continues to air Beverly Hills, 90210, which is never a bad choice on TV.

Other than that, I am prepping for tomorrow's meeting for Perfect (getting lots of headshots together to present my top picks list for each role) and Tuesday's meeting for Hollywood Happy Hour. Prepping includes resting up, since I still feel like death not-quite warmed over. Keith feels worse than that. Poor guy. Ugh... to be the kitties!

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November 20, 2003

Still soooooooo sick

Ugh. Can't even stand it. And now Keith's got it. Ugh... me no likee. Sickee. Ugh.

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November 18, 2003

When Sick... Quiz!

You are SCREAM! Haven't heard of them? That's the
story of your life, underappriciated talent.
You are artistic and creative and carry a very
political edge. You aren't that angry at much
outside of injustice, but that's because you
get all the ladies. If it weren't for the
interest of a few popular kids, you would have
never been able to put out records, but who
cares any ways, right? Laisse-Faire.

brought to you by Quizilla

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November 17, 2003

Sick as a Dog

Why? Where did I get this disgusting ailment? Ugh. Can't leave bed except to visit the bathroom, and you don't want to know what happens when I'm in there. Bleh.

Interesting that this timing corresponds with Der Ahhnold taking office.

No. Comment.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHIP! I love you! Have fun.

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November 16, 2003

Two-Car Household

So, today we became a two-car household. Huge thanks to cousin Faith for passing along the email that became our ticket to a little freedom. Here's what it really came down to:

Every time Quinn comes to town, we have to rent a car (no back seat in the TicTac). Every time Keith drives out to Joshua Tree to visit his computer clients out there, we have to rent a car (TicTac doesn't do long trips anymore). And whenever we both have to be somewhere, we either have to work out a sharing thing or Keith rides the bus and his bike in some combination. This is better. And only $1500.

Do we HAVE $1500? Uh, no. But that's not the point.

The film festival is coming along nicely. I'm very excited about this year's crop and the panel discussion that will take place at the festival is going to be rockstar! Go ahead and mark your calendar for January 3rd in Hollywood. It's going to be a great festival!

Going to see a play Sunday. Very excited.

Developing the course on "Self-Management for Actors" for UCLA Extension and the Learning Annex. Getting great early feedback from my speaking events in which I try out some of the material. It's cool.

Oh, and if you're looking for something amazingly inspirational and cool about this little Hollywood thing, check the contributors page at the Self-Management for Actors site. I'm linking a story Stephon Fuller shared with me about his 119-day journey from dropping off his headshot for consideration in a little Steven Spielberg project to wrapping his scenes in it. Awesome.

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November 12, 2003

What's Up?

As you may or may not have noticed (from the longer list of archives over there), I've recently moved some of my journals from 1999 and 2000 over to the land of the Blog. Also, I found some of my favorite posts from Wolfesden.net from the days when I wasn't keeping an electronic version of a diary at all and added those in there as well, just to bridge the gap between August 2000 and January 2002. Seems to have done a pretty good job of representing where I was with everything back in those days (except that almost all of the 1999 and 2000 posts are about my weight--that's on purpose--I was undertaking a "Babe2000" quest that I'd agreed to chronicle online with my fellow Babe2000 participants).

Lemme tell ya something I learned this morning: I've become addicted to iced tea. The reason I know that is that I just went through the drive-thru of Del Taco at 6am to get a burrito (99 cents of yummy) and an iced tea. And they hadn't brewed any. Boo hoo! I suddenly realized it wasn't the burrito that sent me out at that hour... it was the TEA. Man! Oh well... good to know. And it's a better addiction than a lot I've endured.

Keith comes home from Sacramento today. Yay! I have missed him a great deal. He's in a marrying mood, after having attended his best friend's wedding while up there. We'll see. I could stand an eloping... we'll see. Stay tuned and such. Who knows? We certainly don't!

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November 7, 2003

Love the '80s; Love Quizzes

Ah... now THIS is a reason to stay up all night!


I'm now happy and perhaps able to rest. Hee hee.

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Oh, the things I find amusing.

I just spent the better part of 13 hours compiling statistics on the most prolific posters at Wolfesden in honor of the forthcoming 100,000th saved post. My OCD loves that shit. I even forgot to eat. Typical. I think I'm trying to keep myself preoccupied while Keith's out of town. He's going to be gone so long that I'll get used to it, but the first night or two is always a challenge. I miss my baby.

Speaking of babies...

The TicTac is BACK! Yay! Looks like new, except for where they pressure washed some paint off and tried to cover it up with touch-up paint (c'mon... shouldn't you TELL a person that happened, when they pick the car up? Of course, Keith picked the car up and he doesn't look for such things as that, the license plate frame on upside down on the front end, or the smear of white paint in the shape of a thumbprint on the soft top. That's stuff only a mother notices, I guess). I'm just glad to have it back. No more shop-time for the TicTac in 2003. That's the goal!

I don't quite understand how it is that I stay awake so so so so so many hours. I do a lot of work, but then my brain sort of turns off and I can't really get anything accomplished, but I also can't sleep. So... I play BINGO (God, am I my grandmother's kid or what?), watch TiVo'd shows and catch Kris on ShopNBC for a few hours, let the cats sleep on me and shuffle around paperwork for a little while. Tomorrow, I'll spend the day focused on casting tasks: sending SAG paperwork in, shopping for actors on LACasting.com, looking at demo reels I've been sent, making lists; and then visit with precious cousin Faith for the first time since the second Gimlet Night back in... what? September? August? Ugh. It's been too long.

Saturday, I will speak at the Women In Theatre luncheon in North Hollywood. I'm excited about that. It's a good group and the talk went really well on Wednesday night at Take One, so I'm feeling good about gearing up for the class I'm developing. More on that later. The curriculum development and such is a project for while Keith's out of town.

No Thanksgiving plans yet, which is weird. Usually by now, we're booked to pet-sit and/or have a local gathering scheduled. We are booked for a week or so in December, which will be fun (one cat, one dog). Not over Christmas though, so no idea what's ahead. Matters not. I've got more than enough to keep me busy and I keep acting like I don't. Eesh!

Oh! I forgot to post the link to photos from recent events. Enjoy! We sure did! Also enjoyed a recent visit from an old friend who moved away from LA three years ago. Don't stay away so long next time, Miss Suze!

Guess that's it for now. Not that I've got anything else to do, but I'm out of things to type about that may be of any interest to anyone... so, that's usually when it's best to, well, stop typing. ;) *sigh*

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November 1, 2003

Damn Scary:

When you realize that you have, readily available in your modest apartment, enough '80s gear to dress yourself and three friends as Pat Benetar, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna (several versions), and Olivia Newton John, should you so choose.

What the hell is a 33-year-old woman doing with 50 rubber bracelets, turn-down "collar" spikey heeled lace-up boots, fingerless gloves, and blue-white lip gloss? Handy!!


But the "Blossom" costume is complete. Headed to a party with my buddy the Phantom of the Opera. My fiancé is at Kill Bill with our friend Michelle. *sigh* Different strokes...

Oh wait, that's another round of '80s costumes. Hee hee.

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Wow. Is it really November? Man, I'm so glad this year's almost over. It's been rough, to say the least. Yes, it has also been wonderful and filled with miracles and blessings and gifts for which I will forever be grateful. But I'm glad the year is drawing to a close. I wish I could close my eyes and open them up in January. December brings not only a lovely Mercury Retrograde period, but also the anniversary of my mother's death. Is this why bears hibernate?

So, I'm set to cast a new feature film. And this is one of those things that I have quite a bit of lead time on (shoots in June 2004) as well as being one of those projects that I don't get to talk much about just yet. But, MAN, am I excited! I'm putting together the "dream cast" list right now, as well as preparing for a presentation (10 to 30 actors per role) for the executive producer and writer/director, so that they can let me know in which direction to go, based on those options. THEN I get to put out the breakdown. We should have a final budget by then, so I'll know under what SAG contract we'll be operating. That means I'll know what kind of deals we can make with talent. *sigh* This is fun!

Oh, I forgot to share: a photo of (R to L) Kamali Minter, Rob Kendt (my former boss at Back Stage West), me, and Jeff Lam at the dinner for the Casting Society's Artios Awards.


Yes, I realize my eyes are closed. Eh? What are you gonna do? ;)

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