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January 25, 2004

Home Again, Home Again...

It's actually VERY difficult to be at home and AVOID anything that would tell me how things are going on the Golden Globes right now. I really appreciate the FEW award shows that are, in fact, aired live (yes, even at 5pm here), especially ever since that awful Emmy issue on NBC, 2002 (blogged about here, during last year's Golden Globes). Since the Golden Globes will gear up on TV in a few minutes... after they've been going on for three hours down the street... I've been formatting the photos from our trip to San Francisco. And unpacking. And reading a zillion emails. And begging the cats to forgive me for having left them alone for 54 hours. Sheesh! You guys hadn't even eaten all of your food yet! What did you have to be mad at us about?

Getting really excited about our travels to Atlanta, Athens, and New York next month (and for the staged reading for Perfect, which will take place just before we leave). Time to hammer out some of the more major details, but it's all coming together nicely, which makes me happy.

Oh! AND I'm actually getting excited about writing my third book! I had sort of "back-burnered" it, after all of the excitement over the second book. Since I knew there was no way the third could ever be as big as the second, I didn't want to set myself up for any sort of let-down. So, when I found myself REALLY eager to get Casting Calendar: An Actor's Datebook and Action Log started during our trip, it made me very happy. Hm. I guess I am a writer. Cool.

Back to the staged-reading thingy... I need a nine year old(ish) boy. No... not in the Michael Jackson sense of the phrase. So, if anyone knows of a "still has the baby fat on him" type brat character, I could use his help in a couple of weeks.

Okay, go see the photos from the trip. Comment. Have fun. XXOO

Posted by bonnie at January 25, 2004 7:52 PM