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February 28, 2004

And here are the photos...

Of course, there is no such thing as leaving the house without photographic evidence of some kind.

Photos of the entire trip are available here. Enjoy!

Where did this one happen? You'll have to click to find out. ;)

Oh, is anyone else disturbed by the upcoming MTV series, I Want a Famous Face (where people get plastic surgery to look like celebrities)? *shudder*

Okay... enough of that. Enjoy the photos. We had a blast!!

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February 26, 2004

Home Home Home

Oh, it is so so so very delightful... sleeping in my own bed. Ahhhh. Very very nice. Of course, I sprung awake after just a few hours' nap, but wow... what a nap it was!

Glad to be home. Our trip was just amazing. Truly wonderful, in every regard. Just every happy hope we had for the best possible outcome in every situation came true. EVERY best possible outcome.


Athens: Taco Stand yumminess and a possible "crack-the-recipe" experience with their delightful queso spinach dip; wonderful catch up visit with Chip, my niece Tiffany, former Athens Academy student of mine Ann, and got to meet Joshua and Jocelyn; the talk at UGA's Drama Department was so very rockstar that the head of the MFA program asked if I'd be willing to come back each semester and teach two weeks of cold reading and business of acting as an adjunct professor (holy crap, that's cool!); donated books to my former home, the J-School, and to the Drama Department; saw my awesome doctor who tells me I'm insulin resistant and need to follow the Schwarzbein Principle rather than Atkins; got my second tattoo re-colored at Pain and Wonder; weather was gorgeous and photos will be forthcoming.

Atlanta: fantastic gathering of old friends at Twist (a great martini and sushi bar--thanks for the suggestion, Pete); good family time with Dad and SM--I finally saw my first ever episode of Sex and the City... yeah, it was the series finale (Dad said, "Oh, wouldn't it be neat to see your book in the store window like that?" My reply, "Yeah, Dad. It is." Tee hee); looked for awhile like we were going to fly to DC and then take the train to NY, but we were able to book a flight on Song (what a rockstar airline--I ranked second in the all-plane/all-flight music trivia tournament... damn that Josh in seat 3B); the most amazing family gathering in honor of my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. Got to catch up with so many wonderful people I love so much. Just delightful! And we went back to Joni's with Reid and Liana for the now-regular-whenever-Bon-visits-event of Chicken Foot and Orange Crush. Excellent! Again, photos to come. Thanks for all of the gorgeous weather! Also cool... got word right as we left Atlanta that I will be appearing live on Australian TV (the show is called Sunrise, for those of you down under) via remote from Los Angeles on Thursday (Friday morning, their time) in a pre-Oscar sketch with Nelson!! Woo hoo!

New York: Amazing!! So very very very amazing! Beautiful weather and just enough snow to make me feel like I'd had a little winter (one of those happy moments when we exited the subway and, at some point during the ten minutes we were underground, snow had begun to fall); a fantastic VIP taping of The View compliments of rockstar Subhash; walks through Times Square at night, a delightful hotel right off Broadway--and an amazing surprise at the airport: a Towncar to pick us up and escort us there!!; the talk and booksigning at the Drama Book Shop was inspired--the actors in attendance were receptive and happy to share their toys, filled with great questions, and the few we went out with after were just awesome to get to know; Sara--an old friend from LA--came out to play as well. So very cool to get to see her again! Of course, also wonderful to meet online friends and make new friends altogether; yesterday we visited the World Trade Center site. Sorry. There will be no photos of that. Wasn't right.

But I'm glad we went. *moment of silence*

As for the folks we couldn't/didn't hook up with, I'm not exactly sure why... but a few folks have emailed to say I DIDN'T HAVE YOUR NUMBER! Um... well... this very blog was the source for all the info anyone ever had about our trip... and there was a nice happy link in the big official post about it all to our Cricket Feet Contact Info. Bummer that we didn't connect, but hey... we tried!

So so so so so many people with whom we DID connect and spend lots of time... THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming out to join us at all of the various places and events. Just fantastic to reconnect with so many old friends and to meet new ones!

As for those of you in Chicago, DC, Texas, and the other places we thought we might have to tour as a result of busy/full Delta flights, sorry we didn't get to have a happy layover visit. Still, that flight home in Business Class was... wow... so very cool.

If this experience is any indication of the future of Self-Management for Actors and my promotional/touring activities surrounding it, I WILL be in your city soon!

Meanwhile, the Letters of Intent are coming in from our already-cast members of the Perfect cast, one decline from a "name," and a zillion packages to open/calls from agents to return once I get back from the shoot today for Australian TV.

And the third book's initial promotional material and cover artwork are due to our distributor next week. Ack!

Oh... and I need to get our taxes done! Eek!

Wow... was that a vacation? Tee hee. I know the answer.

All right, come back for photos. It'll take awhile to get them ready. There are hundreds!!

Finally, THANK YOU JEANA for taking care of our babies. They are fat and happy as always, and that's a great sign. We'll arrange getting the keys back soon (you're certainly welcome to stop by at any time to leave them... we'll be the ones seated in piles and piles of headshots and resumés, trying to dig our way out).

Great time. Glad to be home! More catching up later. XXOO

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February 23, 2004

For Chip

The first time I recall someone posting wireless, it was when Chip achieved his dream of posting from Waffle House.

I therefore dedicate this post--made from the SixHundy at Waffle House #1570--to Chip, who bravely blazed the trail.

Mmm... good grits!

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February 22, 2004

Update on the NY Thang

We have booked our flight to NY. Woo hoo! We bought tickets... it was just easier than worrying about getting on a plane standby. Woo hoo!

Oh, and we had a blast at Twist last night. Really good fun. Chip has posted some photos from the T-stand night in Athens at his blog. Very cool.

Headed off to Maxine and Bullet's 50th wedding anniversary party soon. It's so dang awesome being here. Probably won't post again until in or en route to NY. Thanks, everyone, who's been coming out to spend time with us as we make our stops around this area. Awesome fun.

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February 21, 2004

Posting from Hotlanta

So, I'm now posting from Newnan (I'll just call it Hotlanta for those unfamiliar with the geography of the metro area and beyond).

Athens was rockstar. Actually went really really well. In addition to having a great speaking thingy at UGA's drama department, I got my second tattoo "refreshed," as the color was fading. Pretty dang cool. Also flirting with the idea of taking the UGA folks up on their offer to have me come back each semester for a couple of weeks of teaching. Mom would be so proud. Wow.

While I'm here at Dad's getting some Internet access, in addition to finding that it may be way way way difficult to get on a plane to NY Monday, I'm checking out Wolfesden and therefore finding something amazing like... a cool quiz.

What Oscar will I win? Animation? Yeah, that's what they say. Why? Because I like to wear jeans to work. Hee hee.

Okay... time to conquer the Delta thingy. Wish me luck!

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February 19, 2004

At the T-stand

There's something sooo way geeky about posting to my blog from the Sixhundy in Athens.

Oh... just learned an ex-beau's band is playing in town tonight. Is there enough alcohol on the planet to make THAT a good idea? Hell, ex-beau Chip is already on his way over here. Bless Keith's heart.

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February 18, 2004

Boarding Pass

I HOPE I can post from the Sixhundy. *fingers crossed* But if not, this will be "it" 'til we return next week. Soooooooooo excited about our trip!

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February 13, 2004

Headed East, Y'all!

Here's the deal.

Wednesday: late late late, arrive in Hotlanta. Staying at le'dad's house.

Thursday: 4pm, meet up at the Taco Stand in downtown Athens (247 E. Broad St.). After that, we'll wander around doing downtown Athens kind of things and then crash at Chip's pad unless it's easier for us to grab a hotel room. Either way.

Friday: I have a morning appointment in Watkinsville, and then at 12:20pm, I'll be speaking at UGA's Department of Drama for a couple of hours. After that, we'll head back over to Athens Academy to visit some of my old students and coworkers. At some point in there, we want to hit the J-school to donate copies of my book to their departmental library. Not sure how late we'll stay in town on Friday, but I'm thinking we'll most likely head back to Hotlanta sometime after Friday traffic (oh, I'm so excited to be somewhere that actually has "rush hour" as opposed to lifetime high-traffic).

Saturday: noonish, a date with the Harbins for Chicken Foot, karaoke, Orange Crush, and Chick-fil-A. 5pm, Twist, 3500 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta (in Phipps Plaza). We'll be there 'til whenever. At the end of the night, we'll head back to dad's and SM's for an overnight.

Sunday: 2pm, Aunt Maxine and Uncle Bullet's 50th wedding anniversary party in Hapeville. Very excited. Sunday night, after much hanging out with the Harbins, we'll head back to dad's for one last overnight.

Monday: NYC, baby! So very very excited. Nothing but touristy stuff planned for Monday, as we're not sure which flight we'll take or into which airport we'll choose to fly. *shrug* Just happy to connect with some folks, do some visits, do some touristy stuff, act like we know what to do in cold weather, etc.

Tuesday: morning, a cool VIP taping of The View compliments of a way cool friend-of-Joy (Behar) who saw we were headed to NYC and wanted to make sure we got to meet one another. How effin' cool! 5pm, I'm speaking and signing books at the Drama Book Shop, 250 W. 40th St., New York. Afterwards, we'll go out with some NY locals and working actors we've befriended online (and folks who contributed to my latest book) as well as some casting directors I'd interviewed by phone for my first book. So excited!

Wednesday: headed home. Looks like we'll have to take two long flights to get home, rather than just to a non-stop to LAX from NY. *fingers crossed* that we can do the latter, but the numbers on those flights, even this far out, aren't looking too promising. Oh, the joys of being a Delta brat! Tee hee.

Okay, huge thanks to Jeana for babysitting our monsters while we're gone. We really really really appreciate it! And YOU!

We'll return to a buttload of submissions on Perfect and then get going on scheduling auditions for the week of March 8th. Woo dang hoo!!

Lots of cool stuff going on. Very very very happy.

Oh, if you want to try and reach us while we're on the road, use the cell number listed on our website and that'll do. I'm also trying to get my email set up on my new toy (the Treo 600, methinks, shall be named "Sixhundy") so that I can stay in touch that way, while travelling. We'll see how that all works out.

Of course, I could just take this as a vacation. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

Hope to see y'all (my Los Angeles friends) at Hollywood Billiards tomorrow night (7pm) and look forward to seeing my NY and Hotlanta/Athens friends in just a few days. Wooooo hoooooo!

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February 11, 2004

You Know You Want To...

...it's time for Hollywood Billiards (and darts, and karaoke, and other alcohol-soaked activities).

Join us Saturday night, will ya? Details here, at the 'Den.

Can't wait!

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No Longer a Member of the MTV Generation

It's sad, but true. I love the concept of the new Choose or Lose campaign from MTV...

...but it's not about me. :(

Ah, well. What are ya gonna do?


Still planning the trip east. Very excited. Looks like the public speaking gig at UGA will be on the 20th at noon. And the event on the 21st will be at Twist. Dateline NBC passed on the anniversary story, but it looks like Today is happily nibbling. Way cool.

The Breakdown for Perfect went out today. Pretty dang cool. Immediate non-stop phone calls and emails once it hit. And... happy news... every one--except ONE--of the "name" actors we've approached (through their reps) is currently reading the script to consider the project. Truly cool.

Okay, enough of that. Much to do and it's way late. Not that that matters. You know... Back to work!

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February 8, 2004

'Bout To Get Crazy

I know, I know... it's always crazy, right?

But man, it's about to get way way waaaaay kicked into high gear. Cool.

Both speaking engagements last week were rockstar. So much fun. And our trip east is getting more and more jam-packed with activity. THANK YOU to everyone who is helping us make this happen. So excited!!

On my way this afternoon to the staged reading for the feature film I'm casting. Pretty dang excited. Need to make the industry check-in list and make sure my 8mm camera still works. Tee hee.

Oh, and I got a new toy. Yep. That Treo I've been lusting over... the one that--when I saw it in person in January--underwhelmed me completely... has been on my mind non-stop, so I finally buckled and bought the damn thing. WOW. Such a cool piece of technology. What it really came down to was this: I didn't want to take the Chicklet on the trip east. Now I don't have to. I can take the Treo instead (I'll name it later... it took awhile for the Chicklet's name to emerge and even longer for the TicTac's name to become evident).

Okay... work to do. Meanwhile, I took a snapshot of my Friendster profile so that I could enjoy a "moment in history" when I feel blue. Hey... sometimes I feel blue. Pff. You'll have to actually GO to my Friendster profile at Friendster.com in order to have any of the links active. This is just an archive thingy. Got it?

Oh, man... I am just so frickin' happy I can't stand it. That's awesome. Happy Happy Happy and so excited about the trip east!! Woo hoo!!

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February 4, 2004

Drama Book Shop Event

Event RSVP information and details at Drama Book Shop's website. Woo hoo!

And now... happy to announce that I'll be speaking to theatre majors at UGA on Thursday, February 19th. Time and place TBA. Woo hoo!

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February 2, 2004

Planning the Plans

Okay, folks. I need you to weigh in on our travel itinerary for later this month. Don't be shy... remember, I'm not from around those parts anymore.

Thursday, February 19th: Taco Stand, 247 E. Broad St., Athens. Arrival time... yet to be determined. We'll be driving up from Hotlanta (family time with the pops and SM) mid-day, so I'm guessing 4pm would be a good gathering time.

Friday, February 20th: nothing way social scheduled. Any ideas? We will be doing some errands and visiting my former place of employment, Athens Academy (do I even KNOW any of the students there anymore??).

Saturday, February 21st: Hotlanta gathering... and here are the top three choices. PLEASE VOTE using the comments function, below. I have no preference which of these places we gather. This will also likely be a 4pm gathering time, since that allows us to disperse before it gets really crazy (or not... tee hee).

Option 1: Fadó Irish Pub. This is where we met up with everyone back in May 2002 when we last were in town. Mellow. Good drink options. Appetizers. They didn't run us off for staying for hours and hours.

Option 2: Atkins Park. This was suggested by several of My Cousin Joni's friends. It's the oldest bar in Atlanta (and it's in the Highlands). I've never been, but it's named after the guy whose diet I'm following, so it can't be bad, right?

Option 3: Twist. This one is in Phipps Plaza, which makes parking a breeze. The menu looks amazing and quite hip and trendy. Not sure that matches everyone's style, but I'm up for trying it out. This comes at the suggestion of one of my Mr. Personality guys, Mr. Orange Mask (an Atlanta local). Hee hee.

Weigh in, people. Before the Saturday gathering, I'll be playing Chicken Foot and drinking Orange Crush with my second cousins Reid and Liana. This is a very important date. Hee hee.

Sunday, February 22nd: that's the big anniversary party for my aunt and uncle. Very excited. Looks like Kris Burtt will do on-camera hosting duties, should the NBC coverage of the party come through. Hee hee. Very excited.

Monday, February 23rd: New York, baby! Planning just to arrive and loaf around like tourists. Resting up for the big event.

Tuesday, February 24th: 5pm at the Drama Book Shop, free book signing and speaking thingy. The flyer is here in PDF format. Looks like Kris Burtt will be with us on this little book tour too. Woo hoo! We'll probably go out after with some of our NY friends. Yippee!!

Wednesday, February 25th... wah. Vacation over so damn soon? Boo hoo! Oh well, I'm sure we'll do it again in a few years. Can't wait to see y'all. Yay!

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