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February 13, 2004

Headed East, Y'all!

Here's the deal.

Wednesday: late late late, arrive in Hotlanta. Staying at le'dad's house.

Thursday: 4pm, meet up at the Taco Stand in downtown Athens (247 E. Broad St.). After that, we'll wander around doing downtown Athens kind of things and then crash at Chip's pad unless it's easier for us to grab a hotel room. Either way.

Friday: I have a morning appointment in Watkinsville, and then at 12:20pm, I'll be speaking at UGA's Department of Drama for a couple of hours. After that, we'll head back over to Athens Academy to visit some of my old students and coworkers. At some point in there, we want to hit the J-school to donate copies of my book to their departmental library. Not sure how late we'll stay in town on Friday, but I'm thinking we'll most likely head back to Hotlanta sometime after Friday traffic (oh, I'm so excited to be somewhere that actually has "rush hour" as opposed to lifetime high-traffic).

Saturday: noonish, a date with the Harbins for Chicken Foot, karaoke, Orange Crush, and Chick-fil-A. 5pm, Twist, 3500 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta (in Phipps Plaza). We'll be there 'til whenever. At the end of the night, we'll head back to dad's and SM's for an overnight.

Sunday: 2pm, Aunt Maxine and Uncle Bullet's 50th wedding anniversary party in Hapeville. Very excited. Sunday night, after much hanging out with the Harbins, we'll head back to dad's for one last overnight.

Monday: NYC, baby! So very very excited. Nothing but touristy stuff planned for Monday, as we're not sure which flight we'll take or into which airport we'll choose to fly. *shrug* Just happy to connect with some folks, do some visits, do some touristy stuff, act like we know what to do in cold weather, etc.

Tuesday: morning, a cool VIP taping of The View compliments of a way cool friend-of-Joy (Behar) who saw we were headed to NYC and wanted to make sure we got to meet one another. How effin' cool! 5pm, I'm speaking and signing books at the Drama Book Shop, 250 W. 40th St., New York. Afterwards, we'll go out with some NY locals and working actors we've befriended online (and folks who contributed to my latest book) as well as some casting directors I'd interviewed by phone for my first book. So excited!

Wednesday: headed home. Looks like we'll have to take two long flights to get home, rather than just to a non-stop to LAX from NY. *fingers crossed* that we can do the latter, but the numbers on those flights, even this far out, aren't looking too promising. Oh, the joys of being a Delta brat! Tee hee.

Okay, huge thanks to Jeana for babysitting our monsters while we're gone. We really really really appreciate it! And YOU!

We'll return to a buttload of submissions on Perfect and then get going on scheduling auditions for the week of March 8th. Woo dang hoo!!

Lots of cool stuff going on. Very very very happy.

Oh, if you want to try and reach us while we're on the road, use the cell number listed on our website and that'll do. I'm also trying to get my email set up on my new toy (the Treo 600, methinks, shall be named "Sixhundy") so that I can stay in touch that way, while travelling. We'll see how that all works out.

Of course, I could just take this as a vacation. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

Hope to see y'all (my Los Angeles friends) at Hollywood Billiards tomorrow night (7pm) and look forward to seeing my NY and Hotlanta/Athens friends in just a few days. Wooooo hoooooo!

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