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February 2, 2004

Planning the Plans

Okay, folks. I need you to weigh in on our travel itinerary for later this month. Don't be shy... remember, I'm not from around those parts anymore.

Thursday, February 19th: Taco Stand, 247 E. Broad St., Athens. Arrival time... yet to be determined. We'll be driving up from Hotlanta (family time with the pops and SM) mid-day, so I'm guessing 4pm would be a good gathering time.

Friday, February 20th: nothing way social scheduled. Any ideas? We will be doing some errands and visiting my former place of employment, Athens Academy (do I even KNOW any of the students there anymore??).

Saturday, February 21st: Hotlanta gathering... and here are the top three choices. PLEASE VOTE using the comments function, below. I have no preference which of these places we gather. This will also likely be a 4pm gathering time, since that allows us to disperse before it gets really crazy (or not... tee hee).

Option 1: Fadó Irish Pub. This is where we met up with everyone back in May 2002 when we last were in town. Mellow. Good drink options. Appetizers. They didn't run us off for staying for hours and hours.

Option 2: Atkins Park. This was suggested by several of My Cousin Joni's friends. It's the oldest bar in Atlanta (and it's in the Highlands). I've never been, but it's named after the guy whose diet I'm following, so it can't be bad, right?

Option 3: Twist. This one is in Phipps Plaza, which makes parking a breeze. The menu looks amazing and quite hip and trendy. Not sure that matches everyone's style, but I'm up for trying it out. This comes at the suggestion of one of my Mr. Personality guys, Mr. Orange Mask (an Atlanta local). Hee hee.

Weigh in, people. Before the Saturday gathering, I'll be playing Chicken Foot and drinking Orange Crush with my second cousins Reid and Liana. This is a very important date. Hee hee.

Sunday, February 22nd: that's the big anniversary party for my aunt and uncle. Very excited. Looks like Kris Burtt will do on-camera hosting duties, should the NBC coverage of the party come through. Hee hee. Very excited.

Monday, February 23rd: New York, baby! Planning just to arrive and loaf around like tourists. Resting up for the big event.

Tuesday, February 24th: 5pm at the Drama Book Shop, free book signing and speaking thingy. The flyer is here in PDF format. Looks like Kris Burtt will be with us on this little book tour too. Woo hoo! We'll probably go out after with some of our NY friends. Yippee!!

Wednesday, February 25th... wah. Vacation over so damn soon? Boo hoo! Oh well, I'm sure we'll do it again in a few years. Can't wait to see y'all. Yay!

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