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March 28, 2004

New Blog

There's nothing more fun than a list. Well... maybe that's just me. Either way, I'm in the process of creating my Shows I've Seen blog.

I figure, I've seen soooooo many shows by now that I really should start archiving them in ways other than "hanging on to a stack of programs forever" and the few notes I may have placed in my Palm or whatever I was using as a datebook at the time. That way, I can track certain actors' careers, keep up with where the best shows are that I've seen, and check back when I need to recall what the heck that show was that I'm trying to remember for whatever reason, etc. And I can do it all from my blog.

Woo hoo!


Lots of activity lately. Very very very busy and also sleeping, which is weird for me. I guess I'm still adjusting to all of the new vitamins and supplements I'm taking and the new prescription too. Everything I'm reading tells me that I'm monkeying pretty hardcore with my brain chemistry. That makes sense. I'm so moody right now and really all over the map with my reactions to just the simplest things. Very odd... except that it makes perfect sense, screwing with my endorphins and adrenaline and serotonin all at once. Ugh. Weird and disconcerting. I'm just trying to stay patient with myself.

What else can I do, y'know?

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March 24, 2004

Shopping = GOOOOOD

Oh, man. We really found some deals. I certainly feel better now. Way better.

Details on the take: Okay, so after a late breakfast, Keith and I hit the Citadel Outlets which has a parking area that is undergoing renovations right now. Still very easy to get to, no bad traffic, and great great great selections. No big crowds or anything. Great option. Much better than the MALL.

First stop: Old Navy Outlet. In our bag: 9 pairs of socks for Keith, 2 ringer Ts for Keith, one gorgeous ribbed crew-neck shirt for Keith, one short duster for me, and one kick-ass $5 plunging-neckline paisley blouse for me. Total spent: $57.31.

Next stop: Eddie Bauer Outlet. In our bag: 2 pairs of shorts for Keith, in two colors. Total spent: $48.50.

Third stop: Some random Fragrance Outlet that doesn't have Donna Karan Chaos, the one and only fragrance I've ever loved SO MUCH. No one has it, though. It isn't made anymore. So, while I continue to ration out the few remaining drops from the bottle I bought in 1997, I will also always pop into a store that sells fragrances on the off chance they have ONE LAST BOTTLE stuck away somewhere, hiding, waiting for me. I did buy two lipglosses there, though. Total spent: $2.11.

Next stop: Max Studio Outlet. This is the place that was my FAVORITE source for nice clothes when I lived in Los Angeles in 1993 and 1994. Man, I LOVE their clothes. And... this was where I really started feeling a little mood elevation. In our bag: this GORGEOUS duster in bone, a lovely camel sweater with ribbons and lace, and--HOLY CRAP--an amazing chocolate brown suede tank top for $18!! Of course, what I REALLY wanted to buy, we left on the rack. And someday, she will be mine: the (originally) $700 long, suede coat. Holy crap, it felt like butter. Total spent: $138.56. We got away soooooo easy.

Next stop: Kitchen Collection Outlet. This was less about fun and more about needs. In our bag: grater, a spatula, a few wooden spoon-like things (including a plain ol' wooden spoon), a serving bowl, and some ginger wasabi sauce. Total spent: $23.29, but $2.99 plus tax doesn't count, as we were charged TWICE for the grater. Grr.

Finally, we hit For Pets Only, which doesn't seem to have a website... and it wasn't part of the outlet store area anyway. But Keith had long wanted to get the kitties some corner-mounted self-grooming thingies and it was definitely time to replace the cardboard panel in their Alpine Cosmic Catnip Scratcher. Man, they are high as kites now. LOL.

So, the whole day turned out to be really wonderful. Bags and bags of goodies for less than $300. Considering we were going to do a getaway (to Mammoth or Palm Springs or San Diego) for a few days, I'd say we got off WAY cheaper and I have clothing to wear for Hollywood Happy Hour, Keith's set for Ts and socks and shorts, kitties are happy, and there's new stuff in the kitchen.

Rock on, Citadel!

Time for our walk. Then I'm back to organizing headshots for hours. LOL--Salema is falling asleep standing up. So funny!!

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Getting Organized

I finally have a chance to organize all of the bins of headshots in this apartment. Of course, I keep coming up with new systems within subsets of systems and the categories are never-ending, it seems. LOL

OCD is a funny thing.

I'm just glad I got over the keeping EVERY SINGLE HEADSHOT I'd ever received EVER thing. That was getting a little... well... walls-closing-in-ish.

I think, to blow out a funk I've been basking in the past couple of days, a trip to the outlet stores is in order. I'm not usually a shopper. In fact, I only ever seem to shop online, really. But I somehow feel that finding anything for around 75% off will improve my mood.

Can't hurt.

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March 22, 2004

Hollywood Happy Hour

Hollywood Happy Hour is here again! Woo hoo!

Please join us--Nelson Aspen, Bonnie Gillespie, and Kris Burtt--on Tuesday, April 6, 2004 for our next Hollywood Happy Hour with special guests, industry news and reviews, networking, loads of great prizes, yummy food, and adult beverages!

Who: Jewelry designer to the stars, Jonathon Arndt, will join us for some hot dish! His dazzling gems bejewel everyone from Queen Latifah to Beyonce! Now he'll "shine" at the HHH on April 6! Also with us are the stars of the new NBC Studios improvised sitcom for Bravo, Significant Others, Faith Salie and Fred Goss! How did a "favor job" on a short film turn into a series gig? Find out at HHH!

When: Tuesday, April 6, 2004, 5:30pm arrivals, 6pm program start, 7:30pm schmoozefest

Where: Alessi Ristorante & Bar, 6602 Melrose Ave., Hollywood (corner of Highland; valet parking available)

How Much: $5 plus two drinks... also, plan to take advantage of the half-priced Hollywood Happy Hour appetizers and pizzas! Yummy!

What Else: goodie bags from our sponsors for winners of our trivia contests and grand-prize business-card drawing (make sure to bring your card) and lots of freebies from the good folks at Showfax, Breakdown Services, ActorsBone.com, Theatre District at the CAST, Pampered People Spa, E! Online, California Poultry Federation, Goblin Gifts, AquaHooks, Holdon Log, 123 Headshots, ARK Theatre Company, Bleeding Edge Goths, 15 Minutes of FEM, FreshProduct... and books from Judy Kerr, Stuart Stone, Nelson Aspen, and Bonnie Gillespie too! Welcome our newest sponsor: Dealights Candles!

And don't forget that everyone's uncle, Uncle Bob, will be putting the whole show--interviews, news, reviews, and the hysterical Couch Potato Corner segment--on "tape" for our audio archives... Yay!

RSVP: with your name, number in your party, and any suggested questions for the Q&A segment to info@hollywoodhappyhour.com ASAP.

See you next Happy Hour!

Woo hoo!

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March 21, 2004

Shows Every Night

It seems I'm going to shows pretty much every night, even though casting is pretty much wrapped up for Perfect now (BTW, some REALLY cool offers out).

Last night, we went to Colleen's amazing show #1 and #2 and got to hang out with Jonna a bit (always a joy) and went to Foxfire after with Eric, Jonathan, and Hal. Keith happily watches me play with these boys and laughs when people comment that I have NO girl friends. LOL I have girl friends. They're just male.

Tee hee.

Tomorrow night (or, technically tonight) we're going to Fluffy Bunnies again. That's a VERY good sign of a very good show.

Spent most of today dealing with the SAG Modified Low Budget contract paperwork, which is cool. I am just so very astounded that more of that good stuff doesn't live online somewhere. I s'pose I'd be breaking some kind of rule or something to link to the agreements and forms I've uploaded somewhere. Hm. We'll have to see what kind of resource center I can put together without getting into trouble. Hm...

Also today, I attended the AFTRA Senior Showcase. Pretty cool. Saw some very talented actors and met some folks I'd only known online before. That was fun. Glad to do it.

Now watching the tail-end of Some Kind of Wonderful on TNT. I've said it before and I'll say it again: God bless Ted Turner.

Sleep soon. Yes. I think so.

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March 19, 2004

At Casa Vega

Posting from Casa Vega... waiting for Eric. Either he's late or I was too late and he bailed.

Eh, I was only 15 minutes late and he's the one coming from OC. I just have NO idea where this show is we're hitting at 8pm.

Wow this place just got really crowded. I need to get faster at my thumb-typing. Do they teach this nowadays in computer class?

Ooh! Eric just walked in! Yay!

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March 17, 2004

A New Deadly Sin

I have a new mistress. Her name is Walnut Shrimp. Her source is Kung Pao China Bistro of West Hollywood. She is delivered.

I am unrepentant.


We had callbacks a dozen hours ago or so. Wow. Just wow and wow and wow some more. I am truly blessed to know the talented people I know. Wow.

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March 13, 2004

Things and Stuff

I am not currently at Debra's house, after the memorial service for her sweet mother. I am still too close to all of the feelings I have over that kind of loss. I wrote her a long email a few days ago and cried the whole time I typed it. Couldn't stop. Just too hard, losing Mom. Keith reminds me Debra will need me MUCH more in a few weeks and months when everyone else has gone away. That's true. I remember those days.


Love Affair

Y'know what I love? My TiVo. I've been living in the bedroom for the past week, since it's been so so so damn hot and that's the only room with the AC. So, I've been subjected to the rabbit-ears on the 13" TV with no remote for my viewing pleasures while working on callbacks for the film and on promotional activities for Faith's show. (Hey, please feel free to pass that promotional activities link around generously. The show MUST get as-good or better ratings on Tuesday as/than it got on its first night in order to get renewed. AND... Faith gets bizzy with an electric toothbrush, for cryin' out loud!!)

ANYWAY, I'm back in the living room today and enjoying the wonders of TiVo and a cool cross-wind with the lovely windows open. Ahh. It's nice.

Oh, and I'm nursing two major scratches on my forearm from our late-night medicine-giving attempt with Salema. Ow. We went to a great comedy show last night, followed by a very late night dinner and sugar fix at Jerry's Famous Deli with friends. Very good. Home very late, and then there was the Significant Others promo to create. And with my arm dripping blood. Lovely.


Two cool memes from BrYan (oh, and an explanation of What a Meme Is and memories from when I first did memes with BrYan.

"If you know me as..."

If you know me as BonBon, you probably knew me as a kid, a teenager, or a very childlike adult.

If you know me as Bonauello or Bonifred, we went to UGA together and you worked at the Tutor House with me.

If you know me as Bonnifer, Bonathan, or Bonalynn, you have heard me bitch about people who ask me, "What's Bonnie short for?" *thud*

If you know me as Atena, you were in my highschool Spanish class, in which my teacher said I was not allowed to be called "Bonita," as that is NOT the Spanish equivilant of the name "Bonnie." Yeah, sure... whatever, Jabba.

If you know me as ActorsBon, you met me through ActorsBone.com, where I answered questions posed by actors for a couple of years.

If you know me as Scully, you worked for me at WUOG between 1995 and 1997.

If you know me as Bonne Bell, you know I have 28 flavors of Lip Smacker.

If you know me as eBONics, Super BonBon, BonBonarie, or Bonnissimo, we went to college together--most likely grad school--and hung out together at the Engine Room, throwing darts and drinking Dry Blackthorne.

If you know me as Miss G., you were one of my students at Athens Academy in the 1997-98 school year.

If you know me as Bon Bon Jovi, you were in my 8th grade class at North Springs High School in Hotlanta.

If you know me as Bonnie Athene, you either only email me at my Earthlink address or you are a member of my family, telling me I'm in trouble by doing the middle-name thing.

If you know me as Little Bonnie, you also know my great aunt Bonnie, AKA Big Bonnie, age 96.

If you know me as Brat, you are my cousin or my aunt.

If you know me as Precious (or "Presh"), you are Faith Salie.

If you know me as a BonBot, you are a very recent Internet-based friend who may or may not have invaded my real life... yeah... most of you have done that. Hee hee.

And finally, if you ever call me "just like your brother," I will have to kill you. LOL

The next meme

1. Enter your first name only into Google.
2. Then click the "Images" tab.
3. Pick your favorite and post it in your journal.

Wow! That was sooooooo much fun... and there were so many thousands of photos to choose from. Of course, I had to limit my favorites to like a dozen or so, all here, for you to enjoy. But this image is definitely the best of the bunch.


Man, those were some good memes! Thanks, BrYan.

Okay, now that I've been blogging and memeing for FOUR hours, I'd say it's time to get back to work!!!!! LOL

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March 11, 2004

"Perfect" Is Becoming More Perfect

Wow. So awesome. We had prereads for Perfect on Tuesday. Rockstar. Of course, there were the random double-confirmed NO SHOWS that I KNOW people who have worked their asses off to get in front of these agents would like to throttle. Of course, there were one or two unprofessional freakshows. But overall, the group of people we saw Tuesday was just OUTSTANDING. Some very talented people. And, without question, my wonderful actor/friends who came to help out with the preread process are some of the BEST people on the planet. Mitchell, Pamela, Rachel, Debra, Ashley... and OF COURSE Keith; thank you!! Wow. I am so blessed.

As I always say, when casting, it's an embarrassment of riches, how much talent is out there. (Credit where credit is due: I learned that term, applied to casting, for the first time in an interview with casting legend Jane Jenkins in 2000.)

I was able to make a couple of offers today, plus do some follow-up with star-names who already have offers on certain roles. Good stuff. All really, really good stuff.

We'll do callbacks next week, offer a handful of roles after that, and hold on three roles 'til May. I am very excited for what lies ahead. Some really happy, splendid stuff going on.

Of course, I got overheated in the casting space we rented (what is with this 90-degree heat wave in March??) and had to go on migraine watch for a day or so. I was able to attend the viewing party for Significant Others, which was amazing (both the show and the party. Could have some very cool stuff brewing with an executive producer for a show in development at Showtime I spent some time with. Will follow up at a standup/scouting thing on Friday that a small group from that party will be attending. Shall be rockstar. No question about it.

Came home to a follow-up email from the King of Queens costar I hung out with last week. He is definitely interested in negotiating for casting at his new theatre company. Another email was from a producer/director who said the good folks at SAG Indie recommended me to cast his feature film.

I now have too many casting options to handle. I'm going to have to turn something down. Wow. Whodathunk it?

Salema Update

She-kitty is much better, thank you! She wishes we would stop with the every-12-hours dose of liquid antibiotics thing, but the pain has obviously waned, so we've stopped with the pain-killer dose. She appreciates that. Her brother has resumed pounce-attacks on her when she's bathing, so he must sense that we're in the clear too. Love those kitties!!

Online Friend

We finally get to meet, in person, Mare from Somesuch-Whatnot. Rose and I will be headed out to do some touristy things with Mare and her friend Cindy on Thursday. I think this now makes Rose the person on the Somesuch-Whatnot list who has met the most other Somesuch-Whatnot list members. Tee hee.

Back To Work

Hope that's a sufficient update for the next few days. Busy busy busy, which is good... and so damn excited about so many things.

Oh! We've announced the lineup for the next Hollywood Happy Hour. Get those reservations in! We're all-systems-GO for April 6th, 6pm. Woo dang hoo!!

Okay... now... signing off. Really. ;)

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March 7, 2004


'member when Archie had the blood in his urine and had to go to the hospital? Now Salema has the blood in her urine and has to go to the hospital. :( Send good kitty vibes, please.

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Faith Salie in the Press

Not only is Significant Others getting great reviews, but precious cousin Faith Salie's photo will be in tomorrow's Hollywood Reporter!

Sneak peek:

I saw the behind-the-scenes interview segment they're running on Bravo this morning and cried. Seriously. I sat here like a little baby and cried. I'm just so damn happy for Faith, Fred, Hersch, Andrea, Jane, Brian, and the whole dang cast and crew. This show ROCKS. *sniffle*


You're Texas!
You aren't really much of your own person, but everyone around you wishes you'd go away, so you might as well be independent. You're sort of loud-mouthed and abrasive, but you do have a fair amount of power. You like big trucks, big cattle, and big oil rigs.  And sometimes you really smell. But it's not all bad, you're big enough to have some soft spots somewhere in all that redneck madness.
Take the Country Quiz at Blue Pyramid.

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March 6, 2004

Good TV Day

VH-1 really rocks my world. I got up this morning and started watching I Love the '80s (original recipe), which was followed by the Beverly Hills, 90210 Reunion Show, which was followed by a show called The Most Outrageous Game Show Moments Ever and now I'm watching The Best Week Ever, a show that is new to me.

What a great show! Who needs to watch the suspensful final episode of The Average Joe when you can watch this weekly round up? I remember loving the Reality Show Wrap-Up last year, but it's not on the air anymore. This is better anyway.


And, of course, Faith's new show *should* be profiled next week. Yay! We bought the new TV Guide, in which the show is reviewed and cool co-star Brian Palmero has his photo with the blurb!! So very cool!


The cat that ate the pillow.

The cat with the catnip on the floor.

The boy who turned thirty-great!

It's been a great week!

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March 4, 2004

Pretty, Pretty Faith

Oh, I'm so excited for Faith Salie and her new show, Significant Others, airing on Bravo Tuesday, March 9th at 9pm. So so so excited!!!

And... then there's this:

Faith's new photos! Click on that photo above to see them all. Wow!

Gosh, there's just so much to talk about right now, with all the casting going on for Perfect and attending a different showcase every night. Of course, there's just NO time!!

Tonight, connected with an amazing actor who is taking time off from his sitcom to direct some theatre. Great stuff and a fantastic new company that I'd love to consult with, on casting in the future. *fingers crossed* Meanwhile, I have three new feature scripts piled up to read, all in consideration for my next casting gigs. Wow!

What a great year!

Keith's birthday (yesterday) was wonderful. He had an amazing day. I love him so much! He's "thirty-great!" Tee hee.

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March 1, 2004

Oscar Party Photos

Oh... you know how we love the photos!!

Click on the photo of me with sis Debra above in order to see all of the lovely Oscar Party photos.

THANK YOU for the party, Debra. It was GREAT! Congrats, Kathi, on winning the Oscar Pool! 23 out of 24... that's pretty dang impressive.

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