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April 30, 2004

Mac OSX 10.2.6 to 10.3 Upgrade

For those of you who love to read about people's journeys into/out of sanity with computer issues, here's where I detailed my experience in getting my PowerBook G4 back up and running after an 11-hour odessey.

Goals for next week: perhaps buy a new hard drive, definitely partition it (and look into partitioning this existing hard drive... is that possible, this late in the game?), buy DiskWarrior for next time.

Anything else I need to add to my list for taking care of my baby? Anyone?


I slept. Went to bed early and slept 'til just before 5am. Excellent. Cancelled my casting meeting for later today (which turned out to be a good thing for the producer too... proving what my mom always said, "When it's not working out for you to be there, it's not working out for them either. Just ask. You'll learn they're just as relieved as you are about rescheduling." Yup. Sure enough, 100% true). Will head over to Angus' in a few hours and then go to Mitchell Fink's first LA film screening. Can't wait to see him up on the big screen at Raleigh Studios. Awesome. Glad to be a part of his journey. This guy kicks acting ass, baby!

Goal for today: no drugs. No aspirin, no Excedrin, no Benadryl. Nothing. I've taken so much over the past week that my tummy is torn up. And the Mountain Dew hasn't helped (have to high-dose the caffeine when fighting a migraine, y'know). So, today is all about ice water and good foods and an easy-going pace hanging out with Angus. Oh, and Mercury goes Direct today!! Yeeeeee hawww! It's been a TOUGH month with that planetary whatnot!

Made this funny thing at this funny site (the site's not saving mine, for some reason, so I just uploaded it here).


And with that, I start my public day. Headed over to Angus' soon and I plan to be achy and sniffly (allergies beg for Benadryl, y'know) but happy to give my tummy a drug break. Does that make me three of the seven dwarves?

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April 29, 2004

Angus Update, Computer Update

You'll recall the post from a few days ago about our dear friend Angus and his spinal surgery.


I can report that he is doing very well. I've stayed with him the past two days (and will be with him again tomorrow--quite possibly for a few days next week too) and he is doing GREAT, in fact! Very spirited, happy, and not at all groggy and sad like I thought he would be, after such big surgery. Still needs help getting around (and really is cage-bound for most of the day, while he recovers) and doing his "business," but he is still so very "Angus."

Michelle (his mom) is very pleased. I am too. My kitties, on the other hand... not so much. ;) Ah, they'll get over it. They always do. Hee hee.

Computer Update

The G4 PowerBook running 10.2.6 is no more... well... is no more running 10.2.6, that is. Yes, I know I took a big risk installing 10.3 on an unstable version of 10.2.6, but I didn't have an effin' choice. It was the ONLY thing that would boot from the CD drive (EVERY other CD wouldn't even mount or, if it did, would freeze up the computer upon double-click). If I never see the spinning pinwheel of death again, it'll be too soon.

Anyway, I have LOTS of helpful links to share with Mac OSX users who may, someday, find themselves in similar situations. Just can't post them right now. I'll come back and add them in. Right now, I have GOT to get my ass back into bed. I am still very sick (post-migraine queasy) and achy. Staying up ALL NIGHT on the first night that should've been a GOOD night's sleep (thanks to good drugs for the migraine) in order to fix my computer (yes, the fix was an 11-hour process) is exactly NOT the right way to get healthy.

I've cancelled my big casting meeting for tomorrow (just can't do it. Next week) and will sleep with Angus all day tomorrow if I have to, in order to prepare for my huge weekend (screening Friday with Mitchell, screening Saturday for the first film I cast followed by a play at Sacred Fools, party Sunday for a filmmaker/friend). Keith is in Sacramento 'til Saturday morning. Good vibes, pointed north.

More updates to come. G'nite! And THANK YOU, JONATHAN. Tonight's sleep is brought to me by the letter V.

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April 27, 2004

The Suck That Is a Migraine

I swear, a migraine is a life-sucking bit of hell. This was a FIVE DAY MIGRAINE. Ugh. I can only hope it is ACTUALLY over. I did leave the house tonight. Had to. I hope I don't have a rebound. I did on Sunday. Hardcore. Ugh.

I have news, but none worth risking the rebound-migraine-from-staring-at-the-screen-so-long to share. Yet.

Lemme get through the next couple of hours in order to see whether I'm stable enough to catch all up.

Oh, the one cool big thing is... the first film I ever cast will have its big screening on Saturday night. I am SO. DAMN. PROUD. *contented sigh*

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April 24, 2004



Hate migraines. HATE. MIGRAINES.

Did a rescue mission for my old comments on Haloscan and got them back up, even if the export feature didn't deliver. *shrug* What do you expect for $12?

Since I'd sprung for the upgrade in order to get my old comments back, I decided to add Haloscan Commenting to my Shows I've Seen blog. We'll see how that goes. Need to add details about Thursday's show (and there are plans for another show tonight... but I have to get vertical first).


Doing homework on phpBB for a new forum/venture I have starting up.

Need to write my next Showfax column (which they tell me is actually The Actors Voice with NO apostrophe--kill me now).

And need to effin' feel better. That's the main thing. Dammit.

Oh, and we were out of power for most of the day yesterday. And it hit 90 degrees. Ugh. No wonder, the migraine!

Back to bed.

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April 22, 2004

Aw, man!

We were so set to win the California Lottery tonight. Dammit! And we hear our writer/director is in Boston playing the multi-state. Man, is that the it takes a village to make a movie analogy or what?

Shoot. Was really looking forward to waking up to a couple hundy-thou. Oh, well... that's what I get for considering sleep!

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April 21, 2004

Response to Comments

...and a funny.

Holy cow, this is great. Thank you, Tony, for the hook up on the 10 Worst Album Covers.


I think that's my favorite. HOWL!

Okay, now let's get to some of these long-neglected comments!!

This post on Zen Shopping (as Joni called it) got the most comments, recently.

Joyce Isaza said: Bon, Can't blame for wanting that Jacket!! It is absolutely adorable!..Great color too!

Isn't it gorgeous? I am still wanting it. Seriously. It's pretty sad when you cannot stop thinking about something for a month! Damn, where's my Lotto winnings so I can go back and buy such a silly, expensive thing?

Ali said: It definitely canNOT be said that you have a bag full of nothing!!! SMF #1 approves, my dears, good job! XOXO

That's the highest praise. As with all shopping, you are my mentor! I thank you for the stamp of approval! That means I wasn't wasteful AND that I got a good bag. Excellent!

Susan Jones said: The link to the kitchen gadgets!!! ohmygawd! They have a sponge bob cookie jar! a must have. *hehehe*

Wasn't that GREAT? Did you order it? ;)

From yesterday's entry about my new best friend, the Grammar Nazi, I got these comments:

Joni said: I saw this yesterday on CNN and immediately thought of you. I've already got the book on order to pass on to you. :-)

Yay! Happy happy happy!!! Can't wait!!!!! Yay! Thankee muchee!

Def Jam Becca MC said: EatsShootsandLeaves.com is the website. You should play the punctuation game - great fun. I'm emailing EVERYONE I know. The only downside - I live in fear of improperly punctuating my punctuation diatribes! Does a Def Jam Becca MC cease to exist once she has two kids and grey hair? Am I now just (sigh) Rebecca?

First off, THANK YOU for the link. I'm sooo sending in photographic evidence of poor punctuation for their Hall of Shame. OMG, that's some good stuff.

Haven't played the Punctuation Game yet... shall soon. That could be the rest of my night, dammit! Oh yeah, I'm sooo avoiding doing our taxes! LOL

Next, you are now and will always be Def Jam Becca MC. That is what I dubbed thee in 1988 and that name does NOT expire! ;) Two kids... yeah, you owe me some photos, woman!

Finally, thank you for doing a comment. Sadly, I lost all my (former template) Blogger-Haloscan comments when Haloscan died and we merged over to Movable Type. Hm... or did I? Lemme check some archive stuff.

Anyway, point is, it had been far too long since you stalked me. Thankee.

Regarding the announcement that we completed casting on The Moor yesterday...

Joni said: Cool - The guy playing Warren in the MooPs is Catherine's dead ex-husband on CSI. Still hoping you find a role to cast Nearly Naked Spike for me.

Since I don't watch CSI, I'll have to take your word for it. ;) Oh yeah, or I could check his resumé. Duh. LOL Wait... he's dead? Like there's a ghost on CSI or something?

I still love calling it The MooPs. Think I always will. LOL They're having their first cast meeting/read-thru tonight. *sniffle* My baby's all grown up. Tee hee.

Nearly Naked Spike... I'll see what I can do. I'll need a naked mid-20s to 30-year-old guy for this one movie I may be casting soon. Butt-shot only, but there's also the sex. We're looking at Scott Speedman, but if you'd prefer I check out Spike, I guess I can. ;) What's his real name, for the uninitiated-to-the-Buffyverse-that I am?

Two comments from the Hollywood Happy Hour roundup post:

Amy said: Hey Bonnie, I met a really cute, funny, nice and talented actor the other night. He gave me his information and I was wondering if you could help him out? He lives in LA and I met him because he was visiting family in Boston. What do you think? Let me know - amyingalls at yahoo dot com.

Okay, you've also asked for an email, so I'll do that too... but yeah, in general, I'm always happy to meet up with actors. Depending on where he is with his career and all, I can share some advice, make some introductions, whatnot... or perhaps bring him in for an audition at some point. All my contact info is on the Cricket Feet website. Thanks, Amy! Oh, and HHH would be a wonderful event for him to try and attend, if he's free for our July 6th extravaganza!

Cindy K. said: Hey Bonnie! I agree, HHH was great fun last night. Thanks for bringing such an interesting group together. I actually got to gush at Fred over how funny he is on S.O.
Good luck with the casting!

Excellent! I'm so glad you got the chance to chat with Fred, Cindy. Isn't he wonderful? We should see about having you help out on the set of Perfect, if you want (shooting in your neck of the woods). That would give you lots of time with him. ;) And it pays! Lemmeknow if you want the hookup. Debra McCarthy would be your boss. Tee hee!

From this post about needing to hire an assistant or saying no to work...

Susan said: I vote for hiring an assistant!!!

Hee hee! Yeah... we'll see. Right now, none of the films are "go" yet. I have four in the queue, so to speak. I'll let you how things progress. ;) You rock.

And from the post about a cast member from Perfect bailing on us...

Susan said: Ick Ick - cast member of Perfect. You know who would love to work with you & your team Bon! ;)

Yes, indeed I do, Susan! Sadly, it's not a cast member who can be replaced with "you-know-who" and "I-know-who." ;) Don't worry, there will always be a next time! I can't wait to work with your son. Someday!!

And that's it...

for all the catching up on comments. Now I'm gonna go back to some old-version archives to see if I can resurrect some of Def Jam's old awesome comments from the stalker days. Ah... memories. And the things I'll do to keep myself from getting the taxes done tonight.

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April 20, 2004

My New Best Friend

Yep. Keith was right. He said, this morning, "I just read this story about your new best friend on CNN.com trying to keep the world in proper punctuation." OMG, you aren't kidding me! This is soooo my new best friend. No doubt.

Lynne Truss' new book, Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation, is totally going on my Amazon.com wish list. But it's not that *I* need to read it... I need to force others to read it. People are driving me crazy with their lack of regard for its vs. it's, your vs. you're, and whose vs. who's. What IS it with people?? Didja NOT go to school?

Okay... rant concluded... for now. And I totally worship my new best friend.

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More Jobs?

Good Lord, at all the jobs I'm getting!

I just signed on to work with the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners in their certification testing program. Pretty dang cool little gig every six months.

Looks like my first column for Showfax will go up next week. The Actors' Voice moderated by Bonnie Gillespie shall debut soon! Remember to fire up your questions and shoot 'em to me by email so that I can get to work on the next one! Woo hoo!

Chatted with our buddy Craig Susser at Dan Tana's last night (spied George Clooney and Conan O'Brien--not together--there) and learned that, while he was on the set of the new Elmore Leonard adaptation Be Cool, The Rock got Punk'd. And in a big way. They blew up his trailer. LOL

Saw a showcase last night and will go to another tonight, plus a show Thursday night and another showcase Sunday afternoon. Details at the Shows I've Seen blog. Yay!

This is the week we get shooting scripts to the actors cast in Perfect. Woo hoo! Still need to know what the Significant Others season two shooting schedule is in order to lock in contracts, but I have a very good feeling about it all. I do have to give a drop-dead deadline to the name we have an offer out to for one of the roles this week. Can't delay any more! Stop dragging those feet!!

Ah yes, Mercury is in Retrograde. Silly Bonnie! Tee hee.

We have finally completed casting on The Moor. Hooray! Life is good.

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April 18, 2004

A Weekend of Animal Love

Three Dogs To Discuss.

Friday night, I came home from our night-walk obsessed with what will be our first dog, once we are in a home with a yard and ready to start a family.


It's a Shiba Inu, which is Japanese for "dog from Shiba." They are small--great for inside--and have that cat-like undercoat I love so much. And... they're the color of Archie! He'll be so pleased! ;) Warnings about socializing early, since they're so very loyal and in charge... so we have to be ready to do it right, once we make the plunge.

Next, yesterday, we went to Marina del Rey for orientation for a pet-sitting gig we'll do in July and August. Jackie's Chihuahua, Lily Rose, is very sweet. Very little and friendly and a big hussy, according to her mom. Not at all fickle. A great little tramp! Very eager to stay with her by the beach for a few weeks this summer. It's gorgeous there. Lily Rose looks a little like this cutie.


And finally--and this is very important--let's all say a prayer for Angus, our favorite Corgi. He has been having some trouble this week with his hind legs and spine and it turns out he's going to have to have surgery for a disc disease that is impacting his spinal cord. Let's all send happy, healthy puppy vibes over to Momma Michelle and her sweet baby Angus for a very speedy recovery.


New Neighbor

Very quickly, we have a new neighbor subleasing the place next door. Day two here and he was on crutches. Oops. Not sure what happened there, but he seems okay. Has a "job-job" that he goes to every day (that makes him the ONLY one of that ilk living in our building) and leaves his door open/screen-door latched like we do. He likes the Beatles.

Casting Continues

We had an actor fall out of Perfect, so there's some recasting going on. Otherwise moving forward very happily. Attended a standup show of the cast of Significant Others at the Improv Thursday night (congrats on the season two pickup!!!) and did some karaoke singing after with the gang. Will post photos soon.

The Moor is almost completely cast. Working out details for our male lead. Looks good. I'm very excited about having been a part of all of these wonderful projects--and about moving forward on the next two (details to come once ink is on paper).


Attending some League Schools' showcases this coming week. A bunch of graduate students and graduating students from all over the country are coming into Los Angeles to show off their work here in town. I'm very excited to see what they bring to the table. Yes, I will keep updating my Shows I've Seen blog as necessary. ;)

Cool New Thing

In addition to the kick-ass new gig with Breakdown Services, Showfax, Actors Access, et. al., I've now come into a great little gig with a bicoastal conservatory. I'll spend some time this summer creating the course I'll teach to graduating students in their final semester (both NY and LA students) on the Business of Acting and this crazy industry. That's gonna rock. Very very very excited, and yes, of course, Mom is proud.

Again, more details when the ink is dry.

Funny Body Thing

Get this: all day last Saturday, my left arm was sore. Like from my shoulder blade over the top of my shoulder and down to my elbow. Really weird pain that was just baffling me. I was like, "Am I having a heart attack or something?" with the whole left arm thing.

And then I realized what caused the soreness. Get ready to laugh. I threw darts for half an hour last Friday night at the Cat and the Fiddle before my casting meeting. Yes, I am soooooo out-of-shape that throwing darts is a WORKOUT. Jeebus!

So, I've been doing Pilates again, walking every day with Keith (such a delight to have our nightly walks), and really enjoying the feeling of simply being even a tiny bit more active. It's been hard seeing my body put back on the Atkins-lost weight on this Schwarzbein Principle plan, but my doc told me to expect it, so I'm just keeping on with the program in good faith, knowing that--in the long run--it's going to be an outstanding life choice.

Hell, just the fact that I'm consistently sleeping again--for the first time in YEARS--is pretty dang huge, in terms of life-changing body chemistry adjustments. So, I keep on. It's good.

And Finally

HUGE thanks to the God that is Chip. I really appreciate you for getting the BonBlogs back online so quickly. You truly are my techno-god (do NOT tell Keith). ;) Thank you and thank you and thank you some more. It's good to be back.

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April 17, 2004


Holy crap, the BonBlogs are BACK! Woooooo hoooooo!

Thanks, Chip, for all the hard work to get everything moved over to the new server. Good luck for a speedy transition on all other fronts. You're the best!

Lots and lots and lots of news since the last post I made a week or so ago, but it'll have to wait, as there is also lots and lots and lots of work to do right now!

Meanwhile, enjoy this photo from our outing Thursday night (I'll update the Shows I've Seen blog soon too). Good times!


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Why is Chip posting to Bonnie's Blog???

Just testing out the new system. If you are reading this, then I'm sure you will be reading posts from Bon very soon.

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April 9, 2004

Casting Casting Casting

Wonderful meeting today for my next casting project. I'm very eager to get started on it, but there is another round of production meetings before we'll get into casting (those meetings will determine my budget for casting, our timeline, and my rate, so I just have to wait). Will disclose what that film is once we have the official go-ahead and are moving forward in public.

We completed casting on The Moor except for one role, which we'll have decided and announced by Monday. Great film. Wonderful group of people. I am absolutely thrilled with how all of this came together and that I was able to be a part of it. Awesome.

We lost a cast member on Perfect, which really pisses me off; mainly because I went to bat for the actor we cast in that role and pretty much got dicked over and without apology. Luckily, I have faith that we'll end up with a better actor for the role and have an even better project because of this. Everything happens for a reason.

And, the big news... yesterday I was hired by Breakdown Services to write a weekly column about casting for actors for Actors Access. Woo hoo! I'm so frickin' excited. This is going to be a very "reader-driven" service, so get your questions in via email now! Yay! ;)

Good week. Really really really good week.

Tomorrow, another casting meeting. This film, a $1M project with names attached already. Tonight... celebration with the Ladies of the Gimlet. Life is good.

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April 7, 2004

Hollywood Happy Hour Rocked!

As usual. Man... GREAT night. I'm so exhausted, but in that really wonderful, overworked way. Callbacks today, then a little rest. Big meeting tomorrow, SAG contracts workshop tomorrow night, casting meetings Friday and Saturday... it's just amazing how much is going on.

Photos from the photographer Hollywood Reporter sent out are already up on WireImage.com. Thumbnails only, unless you register. We'll have our official photos back in a week or so, if you'd prefer to wait for those. ;)

That's me interviewing Fred Goss, star of Significant Others and Perfect. Tee hee.

Read a GREAT interview with TiVo's Mike Ramsay in this month's Business 2.0 while I was in the bubble bath this morning. Some really exciting stuff going on in the TiVo Revolution. Yeehaw!

Okay, back to work. Callbacks in just a few hours. Woo hoo!

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April 5, 2004

Giddy Up!

Time to get very busy... VERY busy... this week. Tried to get some sleep and ended up succeeding for about four hours and have since been organizing everything for the sessions while watching a bunch of cool stuff I'd saved up on TiVo. Goodness, I'm so in love with A&E's Airline. OMG, it's a hoot! Could be I love it because I'm a Delta Brat, but man, that's some good TV.

Also loving Biography's Action! and AMC's Sunday Morning Shootout. These shows are giving me lots of good overnight viewing alternatives (in addition to all of my RR/RW Challenges I've saved up to tape for Dawn). LOL

Saw a great show last night and I'm very excited about prereads starting in a couple of hours for The Moor. Just consuming lots and lots and lots of actors' work and really enjoying it. Nice work!

Lots to do for lots of days in a row. I'm about to have to start saying NO to jobs. That's sad, because of course I'd love to cast all of these great movies. But I guess that's how working for a living goes... eventually you have to select your work and say no to some things. Either that or hire an assistant. Heck, that could be a closer eventuality than I'd imagined. Hm.

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April 4, 2004

Time Change

Ooh, that was cool. I was sitting at my computer when the time jumped forward an hour. LOL I'm so easily amused.

Faith and Fred, plus other Significant Others friends, are in this week's New Yorker Magazine. Or is it a monthly? Man, I need to read more.

Staying up working for Roxbury tonight. Keith and I went to a show earlier tonight. I'll talk about it in my Shows I've Seen blog when I have a chance. Going to another show Sunday night, then start two days of prereads for The Moor on Monday. Hollywood Happy Hour after prereads on Tuesday, callbacks on Wednesday, SAG Indie contracts workshop Thursday evening (after a career consultation session that morning), and Friday is a lunch meeting for one of my next casting gigs, followed by Gimlet Night. And then Saturday is cocktails with another production group for another casting gig, Sunday is another show, and... from the looks of that week or so, I'd say I'll sleep all day Monday the 12th. Good Lord.

No time for foolishness or negativity. I'm all about sharing toys and getting work for everyone. It had become time to peel away a layer or two of foolishness in my life. Done. Sometimes others make it very easy for you to make a clean break. Very easy.

'nuff said!

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April 1, 2004

A Day I Generally Dislike

So today is April 1st, traditionally one of my least favorite days. And what did I receive via email? An invitation to a breakfast celebrating what is a friend's most favorite day. Weird. I guess I just had pranks and jokes played on me way too much once I started going to public school--and even before I left Montessori, now that I recall--and in dance class. Yeah, pretty much all through my childhood, I got all manner of on-pickings and I really hated it.

Wow. Weird way to start a blog.

So, I'm casting another film. This one's a short--an adaptation of an award-winning short story by Russell Banks, writer of the stories adapted into Affliction and The Sweet Hereafter. Pretty dang cool. No idea whether you have to have an account to see this but, here's the breakdown. It's also at Cricket Feet.

It's called The Moor, but of course a friend reminded me that that's a misprint and it's actually called The MooPs which is now the only thing I can think of, even when I'm in serious conversation with the filmmaker and agents. *snicker* I am SO 12.

Anyway, auditions Monday and Tuesday with callbacks Wednesday and of course there's Hollywood Happy Hour on Tuesday night as well. Going to shows tonight, Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night... which means I pretty much have today and tomorrow to get everyone scheduled for the prereads... AND still have to work out the deals with three remaining actors for Perfect.

Wow. I love casting. I really really really do.

Next week I'll meet with an actor who also wrote a screenplay I really like. He wants me to cast it, so we'll meet with his manager and discuss timeline, budget, etc. Very cool.

And another script I'm looking at is one that's going to be done for well over $1,000,000. And they want me. Wow. It's amazing how all of this has built from working as casting coordinator on Mr. Personality in February 2003 and taking on my first indie solo casting project for $300 after that.


Two messages on the machine yesterday. A Canadian production company looking at hiring me for casting several films here, plus that first director who hired me for that above-referenced $300 feature film casting gig last year. That film is now complete and it's time for the big screening in Hollywood.

I'm just so frickin' pleased with how my life is going.

Okay... too much to do to keep acting like this is a day I have to stay in bed in order to avoid pranks. Gotta call New York about a "name" we have an offer out to so that I can get the official yes or no by tomorrow and move to our next choice, if that's a no I get when I call. Actually, that would be a good thing, as I really like our next choice AND it frees up a ton of money for another name we want for another role, which we need.


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