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April 18, 2004

A Weekend of Animal Love

Three Dogs To Discuss.

Friday night, I came home from our night-walk obsessed with what will be our first dog, once we are in a home with a yard and ready to start a family.


It's a Shiba Inu, which is Japanese for "dog from Shiba." They are small--great for inside--and have that cat-like undercoat I love so much. And... they're the color of Archie! He'll be so pleased! ;) Warnings about socializing early, since they're so very loyal and in charge... so we have to be ready to do it right, once we make the plunge.

Next, yesterday, we went to Marina del Rey for orientation for a pet-sitting gig we'll do in July and August. Jackie's Chihuahua, Lily Rose, is very sweet. Very little and friendly and a big hussy, according to her mom. Not at all fickle. A great little tramp! Very eager to stay with her by the beach for a few weeks this summer. It's gorgeous there. Lily Rose looks a little like this cutie.


And finally--and this is very important--let's all say a prayer for Angus, our favorite Corgi. He has been having some trouble this week with his hind legs and spine and it turns out he's going to have to have surgery for a disc disease that is impacting his spinal cord. Let's all send happy, healthy puppy vibes over to Momma Michelle and her sweet baby Angus for a very speedy recovery.


New Neighbor

Very quickly, we have a new neighbor subleasing the place next door. Day two here and he was on crutches. Oops. Not sure what happened there, but he seems okay. Has a "job-job" that he goes to every day (that makes him the ONLY one of that ilk living in our building) and leaves his door open/screen-door latched like we do. He likes the Beatles.

Casting Continues

We had an actor fall out of Perfect, so there's some recasting going on. Otherwise moving forward very happily. Attended a standup show of the cast of Significant Others at the Improv Thursday night (congrats on the season two pickup!!!) and did some karaoke singing after with the gang. Will post photos soon.

The Moor is almost completely cast. Working out details for our male lead. Looks good. I'm very excited about having been a part of all of these wonderful projects--and about moving forward on the next two (details to come once ink is on paper).


Attending some League Schools' showcases this coming week. A bunch of graduate students and graduating students from all over the country are coming into Los Angeles to show off their work here in town. I'm very excited to see what they bring to the table. Yes, I will keep updating my Shows I've Seen blog as necessary. ;)

Cool New Thing

In addition to the kick-ass new gig with Breakdown Services, Showfax, Actors Access, et. al., I've now come into a great little gig with a bicoastal conservatory. I'll spend some time this summer creating the course I'll teach to graduating students in their final semester (both NY and LA students) on the Business of Acting and this crazy industry. That's gonna rock. Very very very excited, and yes, of course, Mom is proud.

Again, more details when the ink is dry.

Funny Body Thing

Get this: all day last Saturday, my left arm was sore. Like from my shoulder blade over the top of my shoulder and down to my elbow. Really weird pain that was just baffling me. I was like, "Am I having a heart attack or something?" with the whole left arm thing.

And then I realized what caused the soreness. Get ready to laugh. I threw darts for half an hour last Friday night at the Cat and the Fiddle before my casting meeting. Yes, I am soooooo out-of-shape that throwing darts is a WORKOUT. Jeebus!

So, I've been doing Pilates again, walking every day with Keith (such a delight to have our nightly walks), and really enjoying the feeling of simply being even a tiny bit more active. It's been hard seeing my body put back on the Atkins-lost weight on this Schwarzbein Principle plan, but my doc told me to expect it, so I'm just keeping on with the program in good faith, knowing that--in the long run--it's going to be an outstanding life choice.

Hell, just the fact that I'm consistently sleeping again--for the first time in YEARS--is pretty dang huge, in terms of life-changing body chemistry adjustments. So, I keep on. It's good.

And Finally

HUGE thanks to the God that is Chip. I really appreciate you for getting the BonBlogs back online so quickly. You truly are my techno-god (do NOT tell Keith). ;) Thank you and thank you and thank you some more. It's good to be back.

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