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April 29, 2004

Angus Update, Computer Update

You'll recall the post from a few days ago about our dear friend Angus and his spinal surgery.


I can report that he is doing very well. I've stayed with him the past two days (and will be with him again tomorrow--quite possibly for a few days next week too) and he is doing GREAT, in fact! Very spirited, happy, and not at all groggy and sad like I thought he would be, after such big surgery. Still needs help getting around (and really is cage-bound for most of the day, while he recovers) and doing his "business," but he is still so very "Angus."

Michelle (his mom) is very pleased. I am too. My kitties, on the other hand... not so much. ;) Ah, they'll get over it. They always do. Hee hee.

Computer Update

The G4 PowerBook running 10.2.6 is no more... well... is no more running 10.2.6, that is. Yes, I know I took a big risk installing 10.3 on an unstable version of 10.2.6, but I didn't have an effin' choice. It was the ONLY thing that would boot from the CD drive (EVERY other CD wouldn't even mount or, if it did, would freeze up the computer upon double-click). If I never see the spinning pinwheel of death again, it'll be too soon.

Anyway, I have LOTS of helpful links to share with Mac OSX users who may, someday, find themselves in similar situations. Just can't post them right now. I'll come back and add them in. Right now, I have GOT to get my ass back into bed. I am still very sick (post-migraine queasy) and achy. Staying up ALL NIGHT on the first night that should've been a GOOD night's sleep (thanks to good drugs for the migraine) in order to fix my computer (yes, the fix was an 11-hour process) is exactly NOT the right way to get healthy.

I've cancelled my big casting meeting for tomorrow (just can't do it. Next week) and will sleep with Angus all day tomorrow if I have to, in order to prepare for my huge weekend (screening Friday with Mitchell, screening Saturday for the first film I cast followed by a play at Sacred Fools, party Sunday for a filmmaker/friend). Keith is in Sacramento 'til Saturday morning. Good vibes, pointed north.

More updates to come. G'nite! And THANK YOU, JONATHAN. Tonight's sleep is brought to me by the letter V.

Posted by bonnie at April 29, 2004 10:12 PM