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April 30, 2004

Mac OSX 10.2.6 to 10.3 Upgrade

For those of you who love to read about people's journeys into/out of sanity with computer issues, here's where I detailed my experience in getting my PowerBook G4 back up and running after an 11-hour odessey.

Goals for next week: perhaps buy a new hard drive, definitely partition it (and look into partitioning this existing hard drive... is that possible, this late in the game?), buy DiskWarrior for next time.

Anything else I need to add to my list for taking care of my baby? Anyone?


I slept. Went to bed early and slept 'til just before 5am. Excellent. Cancelled my casting meeting for later today (which turned out to be a good thing for the producer too... proving what my mom always said, "When it's not working out for you to be there, it's not working out for them either. Just ask. You'll learn they're just as relieved as you are about rescheduling." Yup. Sure enough, 100% true). Will head over to Angus' in a few hours and then go to Mitchell Fink's first LA film screening. Can't wait to see him up on the big screen at Raleigh Studios. Awesome. Glad to be a part of his journey. This guy kicks acting ass, baby!

Goal for today: no drugs. No aspirin, no Excedrin, no Benadryl. Nothing. I've taken so much over the past week that my tummy is torn up. And the Mountain Dew hasn't helped (have to high-dose the caffeine when fighting a migraine, y'know). So, today is all about ice water and good foods and an easy-going pace hanging out with Angus. Oh, and Mercury goes Direct today!! Yeeeeee hawww! It's been a TOUGH month with that planetary whatnot!

Made this funny thing at this funny site (the site's not saving mine, for some reason, so I just uploaded it here).


And with that, I start my public day. Headed over to Angus' soon and I plan to be achy and sniffly (allergies beg for Benadryl, y'know) but happy to give my tummy a drug break. Does that make me three of the seven dwarves?

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