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May 5, 2004


I'm so proud, I can't even stand it... and I know it has nothing to do with me (or, at the most, it has very little to do with me).

I just came from the AMDA Graduate Industry Showcase (yes, there will be many-a-detail at my Shows I've Seen blog, once I get off my arse and update the dang thing) and saw so much good stuff from these kids, ready to enter the scene here in LA. Of course, some of them are headed right back to NY after having their senior year in Los Angeles, and others are going "home," wherever that is, to be big fishes (I get that), but I really saw some chops that are top-notch, and that makes me happy. All the kids were glad to see me (I'd visited a few months ago, before they even had headshots) and many had chosen material that showed they GOT the whole "type" thing.

Feels good. Regardless. I'm proud to know these kids--and I'll definitely be calling some of them in. No doubt.

In other news...

The rescheduled "big casting meeting" is tomorrow (well, in 12.5 hours) and we're still babysitting Angus (who is doing MUCH better). Gonna hook up with a dear friend from my casting days at Fox tomorrow night over a bottle or four of wine and then Thursday is the hook up with my HHH cohosts for a pow-wow. Always love those.

This weekend, of course, is my debut at Actorfest (tee hee) and the big reveal of my new weekly column over at Actors Access. It's also Mother's Day, followed closely by my mother's birthday. I'll happily be spending Mother's Day with the latest member of the "Dead Mother Club," sweet Debra McCarthy (my sis). Her mom's birthday is a day after my mom's birthday, so we both have the double-whammy. We'll grab onto each other for a good many hours on Sunday while the boys play "Cosmic Encounter." Happily, we'll have booze. And each other. And more of each other. Sucks being mom-less.


There was a hummingbird scene in my film (that first one I cast that screened the other day). And, at the moment Deb was reading my blog, she saw a hummingbird HANG OUT at her window. Yeah. I'm going to try to work a hummingbird into every film I cast from here on out. Hey... it could happen!

Aside from that, feeling way down about my weight (which is up), despite the fact that I KNOW I was told by my doc to expect to gain before losing, on this new plan. Still, I HATE tipping the scales like I do these days. Ugh. Vanity, ego, and self esteem... y'all's a bunch of bitches!

Okay, there's more, I'm sure... oh, in fact, here's one: I've been asked to be the CD du jour at the SAG Casting Committee's monthly CD Workshop next week. Woo hoo! I'm way excited. That so damn cool.

Aside from the whole "size of my ass" thing, I'm loving this life. Truly.

Quinn comes to visit soon. Can't wait. If you have kids and are in my life and want to make sure we intersect while Quinn is here, you'd better hook up with us now. Plans are being made and it's a way full social calendar for that 5.5 year old cutie-pie!!


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