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June 25, 2004

Anagrams Are Fun!

I remember Chip having found a few of these for me once (including a couple that aren't here: Spoil Beige Linen and No Eligible Penis) but there are sooo many more Anagrams for Bonnie Gillespie out there.

pigeon bile lines
pigeon belle is in
sponge bin lie lie
ellipse bin ego in (which I think is Latin for "math builds my self-esteem" or something)

Oh, I could do this for hours (and I think I will! Taxes are much less interesting).

Will eventually blog about the showcase we went to tonight... must heal first. Need distance from the experience so as not to come off like a hater. Two shows tomorrow, one Sunday, then a break from show-going while we pet-sit for a few days and I take NO COMPUTER (of COURSE the SixHundy doesn't COUNT).

'Til next time, I'm gospel bini in eel, signing off!

Posted by bonnie at June 25, 2004 11:37 PM