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August 7, 2004

Dial-Up Bites

I'm so spoiled. Three years ago, Keith tried to convince me to get DSL. I told him I did NOT need DSL, couldn't imagine why I would be so greedy as to think I had to have DSL when dial-up is "just fine, thank you," and assured him the cost was not worth any gain of speed.


Three years after losing that argument, I'm sitting here stuck on dial-up until Earthlink finishes the transfer of our DSL (which, for some reason, takes seven to ten business days) and I am whining like crazy!

Oh, it's just too funny.

Kitties are settling in well. Keith and I have kept our promise to one another that we will walk EVERY DAY and explore our neighborhood. Delightful! Still have a lot of unpacking and placing to do, of course, but it's starting to feel like home. I just LOVE how cool the weather is. Got COLD last night. Had to turn off the fan, close the window, and get the QUILT out! Holy cow!!

More updates once I'm über-connected. For now, just wanted to be sure to check in with a hello. Photos will come. Haven't unpacked the media reader yet. Getting there! ;)

Posted by bonnie at August 7, 2004 10:03 PM