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September 8, 2004

Big Brother

Kenneth came through town on a transport run yesterday. We got to hang out for most of the day (him watching me try to schedule actors for callbacks and going nuts juggling all the different schedules) and then went to Naked Angels' Tuesdays @9, which was very cool. From there, Kenneth left for NY. Great seeing you, big brother!

While at St. Nicks, I was approached about writing a new book with a working actor who had been thinking about putting something pretty special together, but knew he'd need me and Keith to help it actually come to life. Within a half-hour, we had a handshake deal for what will be my third book; a co-authored piece on working actors and their tips for navigating the business. We'll have a meeting this weekend and then the writing begins.

My life rocks. I really do love that, while entertaining my big brother for a few hours, I can work a business deal into the mix. This town suits me fine.

Off to the valley for a pet-sitting gig. Wish for cool weather or powerful AC. Either one will be fine.

Posted by bonnie at September 8, 2004 9:38 AM