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September 18, 2004

Must Be Excited

I keep not sleeping despite the fact that I'm a zombie by now. So so so so much work going on and getting an hour of sleep at noon today was my one "thing" to get ready for the big afternoon meeting.

Why is it so hard to put the brakes on something (for the purpose of SLEEPING) when you're so dang excited? You KNOW you need the sleep... but it's just so frickin' awesome to keep working you don't want to stop doing so.

Or is that just me?

Man, I'm wiped out. And in such a delicious way!

Thanks for all of the book suggestions, everyone. Blake and I have already gotten a handful of YESSES for our book, so it's a "go." One interview already "in the can" and being edited (hence the all-nighters). It's really amazing how we set our sights way high, asked, and were told, "Sure! I'll do it! Sounds great!" by people we were calling our long-shots.

Is this Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting living or what?!? Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaw!

Oh, one more update: Keith's quick trip to Sacramento was uneventful, which is EXACTLY what we were hoping for. Court went well and everything is in motion now for the best outcome possible. It'll be a few weeks before there's more news. Thanks, everyone, for keeping those amazing good vibes coming! They really help!

Okay, now bed. Really!

Crap... one more thing. Keith got a new job at Google. THANKS, ROSE!!!

Posted by bonnie at September 18, 2004 3:55 AM