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September 27, 2004

Three Entries in One

Easy Bake Oven

Ooh, I'm oh-so-happy. I had bought some dried cranberries from the produce section at the market the other day. When I had a handful today, I decided they'd taste REALLY good in some biscuits. Hey! We have a bag of Bisquik! Let's see if I can NOT burn down the house (seeing as I burn water).

Holy yumminess! I looooove my hot, fresh, buttered, cranberry biscuits. Yum!

Two-Day Blind

I have an appointment on Wednesday morning that requires I not wear my contacts 'til then. I took them out six hours or so ago (should've had 'em out sooner, but needed to see some important stuff first). Send healthy, ready-for-anything eye vibes to Santa Monica early Wednesday, okay?

Details after the initial consult.

Google Goes Keith

So, on 11 September, at lovely Ashley's birthday party, Rose told Keith about a freelance/work-from-home Google job. On that Monday, he applied, and they hired him. Done.

Today, he got a call asking if he'd like to come on full-time/in-house, which, considering the goodies like 24 Hour Fitness membership (for both of us), health insurance (for both of us), and regular pay at computer-genius level, he said he'd happily consider. He interviews with the bigger-up guy tomorrow.

Vibes toward Santa Monica (again) in the afternoon-ish tomorrow.

Oh, and one more...

Not really another entry, just an update: the book is moving along nicely. Today we got our highest-profile YES so far. Ooh, it's a good one. Looking forward to our interview next month, you lovely, lovely hunk of NYPD Blue man. Yowza! Yup... you ask... they say yes. It's ah-may-zing!

Posted by bonnie at September 27, 2004 07:42 PM


In reverse order:
Will look forward to Thowk's Brain webpage.

Good luck to Keith on the BIG interview and congrats so far with Google.

Congrats on book progress!

Dried cranberries also go well in cooked oatmeal with walnuts and or oatmeal cookies.
But--- buttered biscuits are hard to top!!!

Good luck with the eye-thing too.
a fellow four-eyes,

Posted by: cindy k at September 28, 2004 09:49 AM

Hey - you should check out catster.com! I have all five of my kitties over there - they each have a web page. It's totally silly and fun.

I can't believe how FAST your surgery happened. When I was last in blog-land, this entry sort of vaguely hinted at a consultation, and then....BAM! I come back to get an update and you've got 20/10 vision! Amazing.

Posted by: JeanNINE at October 5, 2004 02:12 PM