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September 28, 2004

Thwok Loves...

...sliced almonds.

And she believes the sound of the printer starting up is "calling" her. Send a page to the printer and, from anywhere in the apartment, Thwok goes RUNNING toward it. We got our new printer yesterday and she's learned that there is a button she can step on (on the printer) that prints a test page.

Oh, we are in trouble with this one! I love her sooooooo.

Keith's Google interview went very well. VERY well. Tomorrow's eye meeting should be good. I'm trying to stay relaxed about it all. And tomorrow evening, we meet with the biggest "name" actor so far, to discuss the book. Awesome connection set up through one of Keith's contacts. Very very very cool. And Thursday and Friday, we conduct two more interviews for the book. Woo hoo! This rocks so hard. It's going to come together much sooner than I'd thought. That's awesome.

I hate to lose Keith for a week (he's headed up to NoCal again to deal with family stuff next Tuesday). I may need some company... anyone up for hanging out? But he has to go. It'll be good. He'll do good stuff. He always does. I'll just miss him like crazy.

Posted by bonnie at September 28, 2004 8:26 PM