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September 15, 2004

Wish List?

Okay, gang...

I need your help. If you were going to read a book of interviews with "name" (see def. #5) actors that would inspire you (pretend you are a starting-out actor, looking for inspiration from working actors), what would the table of contents on that book look like? Who would be your TOP FIVE actors to read about (their path to working-actor-dom, their advice to starting-out actors, their tips and clever ideas, their favorite thing about pursuing this crazy lifestyle)... IN THEIR OWN WORDS?

Yes, this is like Casting Qs, but with working actors. Actor Qs, perhaps? We'll see.

Blake Robbins (my co-author) and I have already started making contact with working actors to check interest and availability and it looks like we weren't just dreaming when we came up with OUR wish list yesterday. We can actually GET some of these people to sit down with us for an hour, talk openly with us, and then have their stories in our little book (which I'll write up and Cricket Feet will publish).

[Insert a moment when I realize how happy my mother must be that "her daughter, the writer" is starting her third and FOURTH books, simultaneously, and that she has the "cred" to get these folks interested and her national distributor way wired about the level at which this book will sell, vs. "specialized" titles like li'l ol' Casting Qs and Self-Management for Actors.]

[Insert another moment when I realize I switched from referring to myself in first person to third person in the above bracketed segment and laugh defiantly, "Muwahahahahaha! I am a WRITER! I can change the rules on a whim! Muwahahahahaha!"]

Okay. I'm over myself on that now. ;)

List away, BonBlogs readers far and wide! Now's your chance. We start the official interviews later this week!!!!!!! Ack!!!!!!!

[Have I mentioned how much I love my life lately?]

Oh, and the meetings today were rockstar. Onward with new, lucrative relationships with both MXAT and LMU, among other, more hush-hush ones.


Posted by bonnie at September 15, 2004 1:37 AM