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November 19, 2004

Headed To Hollywood

First, yesterday's showcase ROCKED. Seriously rocked. Can't wait to blog about it in Shows I've Seen. Seriously good stuff!

Second, I cannot believe how little time it has taken for me to get "Santa Monica settled" about having to *ugh* drive all the way to Hollywood. Seriously... it's like I'm making a day trip or something! HOWL!

So, I'm headed to Hollywood for Gimlet Night with the lovely Ladies of the Gimlet (tee hee) at a fireplace-happy home, then two days of prereads for Trees Grow Tall and Then They Fall. Seriously, I may not come back to Santa Monica until late Sunday. That's how much I dislike the trek. Of course, I also dislike packing... so I'm making a "lesser of two evils" choice here in the next little bit. I'll either NOT pack and have to drive back to the beach after prereads tomorrow or I'll pack and stay "over there" in the 323.

Man, I'm twisted.

Okay, I sincerely hope prereads go fabulously well tomorrow. Thankfully, I have wonderful Dalt's Gang helpers which will make things go smoothly. It's just such a NEW genre for me! I love learning all of this.

And is Thanksgiving like a few days away? Wow. Where the hell did this year go? I'm so loving 2004. Rockstar year, as predicted. Can't wait for more delightfulness in 2005. Heck, with a trip to Scotland already on the books, it's looking pretty dang cool.

Oh, yeah! I won't take my laptop to Hollywood. I'll take a couple of scripts I've received (potential casting gigs). THAT's a great idea! Oh, goodie. See... the longer you type the more you CAN think of things to put in the PROS column of the Hollywood Haul List. Heeeeeeeee.

Gimlets, away!

Posted by bonnie at November 19, 2004 4:50 PM